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How to Make Lip Smacking Chicken Noodle Soups

Each person has his own definition of comfort food. For some treats like ice cream and candy are comfort foods. For a few others warm food serves the purpose of comfort food. The latter category therefore, should look in to making some soup recipes.

About Soup Recipes

More and more people at their hectic jobs resort to buying microwavable soup or a hot soup from a salad bar at the local grocery store. But these soups are made in haste and do not have the home made taste. Therefore it is necessary that you should spend some time in making a soup yourself.
Of the varieties of soups available chicken noodle soup is one of the most popular soups. This is good with sandwiches and for nutrients when you have a cold. The popularity of chicken noodle soup has resulted in a variety of different chicken soup recipes. This recipe need noodles, small chicken bits and chicken stalk small carrot bits can also be added. As there are only a few ingredients in this soup it is one of the easiest soups to make.

A few varieties of chicken noodle soups recipes have more obvious changes. For instance, at times, chicken noodle soups do not actually contain noodles but rice instead. This variation of chicken soup is called chicken and stars.

Chicken stalk is the base of chicken noodle soup and it varies sometimes. Chicken stalk is usually of thin consistency but some chicken noodle soups have a thicker noodle stalk similar to gravy.

Being health conscious, you should note with importance that there is usually a large amount of sodium in traditional chicken soup recipes. Therefore it is of paramount importance to change the recipe and reduce the level of sodium.

Purchase a cook book on various soups and their making if you want more information on them. Search on the internet and the various websites on it devoted to chicken noodle soup recipes. Through proper research you will surely stumble up on the right chicken noodle soup recipe to your satisfaction.

Learn to make Cream Cheese Dainties easily


Softened butter cup
Softened cream cheese 3 ounces
Sugar 1 teaspoon
Flour 1 cup
Any flavour preserves 1 cup
Nuts as per you choice and taste (this is optional)
Method of Preparation:

Preheat oven to 375 F. Mix the first 4 ingredients namely softened butter, softened cream cheese, sugar, and flour well. Make two equal halves of the dough and chill them for 1 hour.

Sprinkle flour on any even surface and roll out 1/8 inch thick out of the dough. Cut around three dozen bases using a round cookie cutter with a 2 inch diameter. Keep all the cut cookies over an ungreased cookie sheet. Now add teaspoon of preserves in the centre of each base and sprinkle with nuts.

Now with the remaining dough cut out tops using a round cookie cutter with 1 inch diameter. You can re-roll the scrap dough and make tops or bases as the case may be. Place all these 1 inch tops over each 2 inch bases with preserves. And bake for 8-10 minutes. After cooking store them in a sealed container.

These cookies go well for serving with Christmas Tea and you can recreate the warmth and the fondness that out grandparents have showered on you.

Great Cheese Cake Recipes that Melt in Your Mouth

Cheese cake recipe is considered to be the best dessert ever invented though people disagree and support pecan pie and chocolate mousse in spite of much difficulty. While some restaurants are named for cheese cake, none are named pecan pie or chocolate mousse which are famous. There is no nation wide fame or renown for these restaurants where thousands dine every day. But cheese cake recipes in these successful restaurants are numerous. Many cooks have their own top secret recipes for these delicious desserts and this is very serious business.

Some of the famous cooks keep the cheese cake recipes a closely guarded secret to surprise the family and friends pleasantly when the latest recipe is served. The basic cheese cake recipes do not vary but the great cooks have some unique aspects that make them special. They could use some unusual ingredients for the usual graham cracker crusts. Other recipes for a great dessert might easily substitute one flavor for another like an exotic flavor for the worldly vanilla flavor used in many cheese cake recipes.

Simple Cheese Cake Ingredients

Cream cheese is among the similar ingredients in cheese cake recipes and a common denominator in the hundred cheese cake recipes available to potential cooks. A few recipes need a special brand of cream cheese while many require ordinary cream cheese, common ingredients are butter, sugar, graham crackers, and vanilla or other flavorings. The size of the cake needs different cooking time and different vessels.

Different cooks modify the ingredients in the recipes they provide to their followers. Many books with their favourite recipes have been published by the cooks. Flavorings and toppings of cakes have been varied in some cases. Some of the toppings are cherries, blue berries or chocolate. Ingredients of crusts also differ some times. The available recipes, if followed properly will produce great cheese cakes and consumers will be happy that the cook chose a wonderful recipe for the guests to enjoy and appreciate.

Secret Recipes

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