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Top Reasons Why Chinese Recipes Rule the World

That the Chinese recipes are greatly popular is indicated by the presence of Chinese restaurants at almost every street corner in almost every city all over the world. Chinese recipes are also many that it is practically impossible for any one to taste all the recipes. Apart from old favourites like pecking duck, there are thousands that others have never heard. There are recipes from different regions of this great country and some people like recipes of a particular region while others like recipes of any region.

While some Chinese recipes are simple and quick to prepare, others require skill and lot of preparation. Chinese recipes contain many wonderful ingredients like shrimp and oysters for the lovers of sea food. A few most exquisite recipes are made with chicken and duck. There are also some made with beef and pork. A few of the best recipes have almond and peanut sauces. Texture and taste are offered to recipes by the mushrooms. The vegetable dishes are made with broccoli and cabbage.

Varied recipes

One permanent Chinese recipe is the one to make egg rolls. They are deep fried pastries filled with vegetables and spicy meat. Some times they are exclusive for vegetarians. The egg rolls come with a dipping sauce making it special. There are different meats with sweet and sour sauce for lovers of Chinese foods. These sweet and sour sauces are simply incomparable. Crispy duck is another of the most delicious Chinese recipes available at the finest Chinese restaurants.
Rice or noodles is sine qua non for Chinese food. They are the main support for all the tasty dishes.

With out these items Chinese food will not be the same, Chinese food includes boiled rice and fried rice that have a unique flavor. Several fish soups like shark fin are special, unique, light and spicy. Chinese tea and fortune cookies are indispensable for any Chinese meal.
Diners never leave the table without drinking and eating these two wonderful treats. Chinese recipes are responsible for some of the greatest meals through out the world.

How to make that ever wonderful Creamy Wafers


Flour (all-purpose) 2 cups
Butter or margarine 1 cup
Heavy cream 1/3 cup
Sugar required quantity
Creamy filling – required quantity

Method of Preparation

Take all the ingredients in a bowl and mix together thoroughly to make dough. Refrigerate this dough for one hour. Take half portion of dough and roll out to 1/8″ thick and cut 1 inch rounds.

Any scraps can be kneaded together and rounds can be made. Now dip both sides of the round cookies in sugar and lay over ungreased baking sheets lined with parchment paper. Poke few holes with fork and bake 7-9 min. at 375F.

After cooking is over, allow it to cool. Once the cookies are cool, fill with filling and sandwich together.

Ingredients for making Creamy filling

Sugar (powdered) cup
Vanilla 1 teaspoon (any other flavour such as peppermint or almond as per your choice and liking)
Butter or margarine cup
Food colour if required
Method of preparation for creamy filling:
Add all the ingredients to a bowl and mix together till you get a smooth filling. You may add few drops of water to get the desired consistency.

How to Give Your Chicken Recipes a Delicious Touch

One of the healthiest sources of protein available, and one of the most versatile ingredients, chicken recipe is a staple food in many societies. But familiarity breeds contempt and the standard chicken recipes have become boring and predictable. There are different ways to cross the worldly and ordinary types and make the recipes exciting and savory.

Very often chicken is baked with little or no flavor. It is only what it baked with the chicken that makes the meal delicious. This can be done easily with marinades. Marinades perfectly work and keep the chicken from becoming too dry. They are also readily available at the stores or they can be raised from scratch. By marinating chicken we get endless possibilities and flavours.

Chicken Recipes that go beyond Baking

There are many methods other than the traditional in baking chicken recipes. One of the best choices is to cook a whole chicken in a rotisserie over. This is great for families as they get plenty of meat that can be used for many different meals. The rotisserie chicken can be used as it is or served with side dished or the chicken can be taken apart for many meals.

Soups and stews are some of the best chicken recipes tastier when home made and include fresh vegetables. Besides changing the cooking pattern, choose different vegetables apart from the usual carrot, potato and corn. Use chick peas or Zucchini or any thing new to create a different flavor. All extra pieces that are left over can make a tasty soup or stew. The whole chicken helps to save money and is a bonus.

Though staple at the dinner table, chicken recipes should not be allowed to become predictable. New ways to cook, new marinades to use, new vegetables and ingredients can create new, delicious and different meals. These can be found in online search, recipe books and sites. Word of mouth from friends and family and trial and error home made chicken recipes will also serve the purpose exceedingly well.

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