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Why Did My Cake Fail? Understanding the Process Better

Baking a cake is a very delicate affair. The method, the ingredients should always be proportionate. The recipe should be followed as given. The main components of making a cake should never be altered or replaced with another item. Use a pan as given in the recipe as an altered pan can change the evenness or the texture of the cake. Preheat the oven as said in the recipe. Different ovens have different temperatures. Correct the heat by testing it with the help of a oven thermometer.

Here are a few mistakes made that make a cake collapse:

Holes in the cake
-When the batter is mixed too much
-Liquids that were added very less or falls short
-The oven was not preheated properly

Cake Humped or Cracked in Middle -
-Oven preheated with too much temperature
-The flour add to the batter is more than said in the recipe
-Or could be a blend of both the mistakes.

Dry Cake-
-Less sugar added than said in the recipe or sugar falls short
-Excess baking powder added
-The cake has been baked for too long

-Excess sugar added
-Cake not given enough time to bake

Cake too brown-
-Cake over baked
-Excess temperature in the oven
-Excess sugar

Not enough brown-
-Pan used is too big not as per the instructions
-Old or inactive baking powder or too less baking powder used
-Enough time not given for the cake to bake
-Very less sugar added to the batter

Cake Falls-
-Not baked enough
-Leavening agent added in excess and replaced by self raising flout
-Excess mixing of the batter
– Shaking the cake while in process or opening the oven door before time

Crumbly Texture-
-Improper mixing or less mixing
-Excess shortening agent or excess sugar

Baking a cake is an art. Adjust you kitchen before you start baking a cake or alter the recipe according to the environment of your kitchen when you start with a new recipe. Your previous mistakes can help you in not repeating them again to get the right cake baked.

How to make Cranberry Biscotti in a jar


Cherries or cranberries (dried) cup
Pecans cup
Flour (all-purpose) – unbleached 2 cups
Cinnamon teaspoon
Baking powder 2 teaspoon
Sugar 2/3 cup

Method of Preparation

Take a clean 1 quart jar and layer all the ingredients one by one in the same order inside the quart jar. After adding each ingredient tap the jar gently over a hard surface or over the counter for settling the ingredient. To top up the jar, add additional pecans or cranberries.

Affix a label with the following preparation instructions

Cranberry Biscotti

Add 1/3 cup butter to a bowl and beat at medium speed for half a minute. Now add 2 eggs and beat with medium speed until the mixture is well combined.

Pour the contents of the jar and stir with wooden spoon until a smooth dough is formed. In case of need, you can chill the contents for making a smooth dough.

Make two loaves of dough and lay over cookie sheets. Again, you can chill the dough for making it convenient to handle.

Make each loaf about 9 inches long and 2 inches wide. Bake at 375F for 25-30 min or until a toothpick inserted doesn’t pick any uncooked dough when retracted. Allow to cool on the cookie sheet itself for one hour.

Using a saw-toothed knife or bread knife cut diagonally each loaf into 1/2 inch thick slices. Place the cut slices over an ungreased cookie sheet. Bake again at 325F for 8 minutes, then turn over and bake for 8-10 minutes more or until the slices become dry and crisp. Remove and transfer to wired racks to cool.

Servings: 32

Where to Look For Italian Cooking School

You may feel elated on the thought of joining an Italian cooking school. America has many exceptional classes in Italian cooking if you really wish to join one. The Institute of Culinary Education is brimming with earnest students desiring to learn Italian, American and French cooking. The president of the school Richard Smilow in his survey has found that there is considerable increase in students every year in the past five years. He hopes for positive wave to continue in the coming years.

Todays trend is such that first dates are designed as coking dates. As the old saying goes A way to a mans heart is through his stomach. Most of the Italian cooking classes are available on the weekends which help even the working people and are also inexpensive. These weekend classes are excellent for couples to learn this art of cooking together.

Italian Cooking Methods Makes Food Lip Smacking

America has so many Italian cooking schools that it is very easy to include Italian food in our meals. There are varied courses available to suit everyones need. It has classes for a novice and also refreshing courses for experts. Some of the schools offer two or more day courses. There are nine branches of The Institute of Culinary education throughout the country. You can choose from the different types of cooking you wish to learn. It has bread making, cake decorating, sauce making, pastries and other types of cooking.

When the school offers so much diversified cooking the next question that arises is that are they reasonably priced. Yes they are inexpensive and come within our financial resources. A four day course comes for less than five hundred dollars. The short ones come for less than three hundred dollars. They offer discounts for groups admissions and also for an early bird. You can plan these classes with you sweet heart and can have a romantic weekend together learning cooking. If you are single these Italian cooking classes are the best place to meet and make new friends and also suitable individual.

How to Taste Restaurant Recipes without Visiting any Restaurant

How to Taste Restaurant Recipes without Visiting any Restaurant

A restaurant recipe can be copies through a number of ways like printed books and electronic form but it is questionable whether it is legal or illegal. The answer is that it is unlawful to copy music posted by others using services for file sharing to post songs in contravention of law.

The FBI stickers on the DVSs raise the same question regarding the legality to copy restaurant recipes. It is quite likely that you pass on instructions on cooking restaurant dishes innocently or actually cooking those dishes for the pleasure of your friends and relatives. The real answer to this question is that you do not violate the law by cooking up a copy of the restaurant recipe. Thus you need not engage an advocate to fight your case against the restaurant.

But if this copying happens with a private restaurant it will be deemed as violation and illegal act to copy restaurant recipes even if you rename the dishes totally different from their original names. You have to be very cautious in these matters as it will land you in to trouble. If you want to utilize the copied restaurant recipes for commercial enterprise you should consult your lawyer prior to doing that.

Entertaining Friends

Cooking restaurant recipes at home for family and friends and entertaining them is not unlawful and you can go ahead with this harmless private pursuit. Otherwise it is difficult to understand how so many copied restaurant recipes are freely available to a person interested. Surely, the person should have enjoyed the delectable dishes of the restaurant.

It is but natural to make a restaurant recipe at home with the instruction on the website of some online company that provides these restaurant recipes free. A wonderful source that makes it possible is the internet which enables to down load restaurant recipes freely and legally when copying them at home. While feeling free at experimenting at home you should be cautious in making it a business proposition or a commercial enterprise.

Where To Find Easy Cooking Recipe For Two

An easy cooking recipe does not necessarily mean food cooked by someone and you having the time to eat it. Or it could be that you feel that by providing with ingredients and in the stipulated time when the chef brings you the dish it is called easy cooking. It is that you realize that when you cook the food for yourself.

Every recipe has its own basics be it baking, grilling, stewing, or barbeque. When the proper procedure is followed along with the rest of the ingredients the result is good food. Foe a professional baker or chef cooking the recipe is very easy as they are well equipped with the methods but when you prepare them you may feel it as a Herculean task and may be sacred to do it for the second time.

Cooking Made Easy

Easy cooking for two people means preparing food with the readymade available items. You may just place some cooked rice in a dish required for two spread some ready available stew mix with some slices of tomato on the top with some grated cheese on the top. This is either grilled in an oven or kept in a microwave for fast heating. The juices of the tinned food get mixed with rice and are ready to eat. This sounds simple and easy.

This type of cooking is very easy with little cooking to be done. All you had to do was to slice tomatoes and grate cheese. Such recipes can be done by people who are single and need not have to spend too much time in the kitchen. To get difference in taste they can change the flavors of the stew mix that can be heated.

Fast and Easy to Cook Recipes

One more fast and easy cooking can be done with fried items. Fry some chips in a pan and keep aside. Fry some bacon pieces and add it with fried chips. Top it with some grated cheese and load it with some sauce of your choice. Your fried food is ready which is so simple and easy and does not need much cooking at all.

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