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Chinese Cook Books: A Quick Review

The origin of Chinese foods in America can be traced back to the 1849 gold rush during which many Chinese settled down bringing with them variety of Chinese cuisines. In the present world, Chinese is the most sought out food in all the restaurants in the US. You can also find loads of Chinese cook books available of which we will have a quick glace on the best selling Chinese cook books.

The Wisdom of the Chinese Kitchen

The Wisdom of the Chinese Kitchen: Classic Family Recipes for Celebration and Healing by Grace Young is a unique collection from the vast variety of Chinese cook book available in the market. Young is the third generation of the Chinese immigrant living in San Francisco and describes her family experiences and about Chinese foods in a story like fashion instead of simply presenting it in the form of recipes. For instance, the book has special chapters on cutting techniques and the art of steaming and then illustrating the resemblance as well as the variation between the Chinese steaming vessels and the French bain marie. Young has been accredited by and is commended to all those who wish to understand the Chinese culture than just learning to cook Chinese dishes.

Chinese Regional Cook Books by Fuchsia Dunlop

China is a very big land and this is why one may find regional differences in Chinese cooking. Fuchsia Dunlop, the first foreign student enrolled in the Sichuan Institute of Higher Cuisine an now a cooking consultant in the London’s fashionable Bar Shu Sichuan restaurant has printed two cook books that talks about the regional cooking differences along with a record that is out of this articles scope. If you are keen in learning Sichuan cookery, Land of Plenty offers 23 flavors and 56 cooking techniques that are named at the back of the book.

The associate edition called the Revolutionary Chinese Cookbook describes cuisines of the neighboring areas like Hunan province (birthplace of Chairman Mao, hence the book’s title) which is famous for its nourishing, spicy, country food. The other features of this book are its 65 color illustrations and a gist of Mao’s favorite dish – red-braised pork.

The Healing Cuisine of China

The Healing Cuisine of China: 300 Recipes for Vibrant Health and Longevity by Zhuo Zhao and George Ellis is a unique cook book of its kind. The specialty of this book when compared to many other Chinese cook books is that the recipes written are not only wholesome and mouth-watering but also connect to traditional Chinese medicine. The author shares Chinese theories of yin and yang, the five elements and the causes of illness. The back cover reveals that there is only a thin line between food and medicine when it comes to Chinese foods. Thus, this Chinese cook book is a hit amongst those who believe in a holistic approach to life.

Effective ways for making Cranberry Hootycreeks


Flour (all-purpose) 5/8 cup
Rolled oats cup
Flour (all-purpose) cup
Baking soda teaspoon
Salt teaspoon
Brown sugar 1/3 cup
White sugar 1/3 cup
Cranberries (dried) cup
White chocolate (chips) cup
Pecans (chopped) cup
Method of Preparation:

Take a 1 quart jar or 1 litre jar and layer the ingredients one by one in the listed order. Affix a label with the following preparation instructions:

Cranberry Hootycreeks

Heat the oven and bring it to 350 F. Take a cookie sheet and either grease it or line it with parchment paper. Take cup softened butter, 1 egg and 1 teaspoon of vanilla in a mixing bowl of medium size and beat together all ingredients till you get a fluffy mixture.

Empty the entire contents of the jar to the bowl and mix together with hand and blend well. Use spoon and drop heaped spoonfuls of dough over the prepared baking sheet with 2 inches spacing between two heaps.

Bake for 8 to 10 minutes, or until edges turn to light brown in colour. Allow to cool on the baking sheet itself for 2 to 3 minutes and then remove to wired racks for complete cooling.

Brilliant Tools of Cooking

People neglect the tools and equipments necessary when it comes to cooking. Of course the best cooking is done with the finest of the ingredients; the tools also play an important role in assisting to make the best of the recipes.

When you choose the pots, pans and the frying pans for cooking it is important that you see that they are all good conductors of heat. Heavy pots and pans are always recommended so that they spread the heat equally which in turn avoids the food from sticking to the pan while cooking. So buying an old set of pots and pans from the market is not the right way to select them for your kitchen. One should keep in mind that quality also plays a role when selecting these pans and pots when it comes to cooking good food.

Another important tool in the kitchen is the kitchen knife. It has a vital role in the cookery process. One can understand the importance of good quality knives if they have been cooking with inferior quality. If you select a good quality with a reasonable price it can serve as a lifelong investment for the kitchen. The handles of the kitchen knives should be convenient for the person using it. The blades should be sharp enough to go about the cutting process smoothly. In all to do the cutting and chopping properly for your cooking the knife should be comfortable tool top be used which should be of a good quality.

Person cooking more of meats should have jacquard. This helps in softening the meat and also pierces the surfaces of the meat which helps to add flavor when the meat is marinated. This tool is really an asset for all meat makers.

Grater is another tool very much necessary in the kitchen. Some people have the idea that with all the shredded items available in the market a grater is of no use. But when it comes to grated cheese there is nothing like the fresh ones and the cheese bought from the market are of poor quality and does not give much flavor. Moreover graters not only shred cheese. It can grate chocolates, onions, spices, garlic also fruits. Ad quality grater also helps in baking.

There are many other cooking tools available to make the process a pleasant one. The above mentioned ones are the common ones and also my favorites. These tools differ with ones preference. To peel a potato a good quality peeler is necessary. So basically it is a matter of preference who wants which tool but again the quality depends on ones budget. But always try to buy the best even if it is one pan or one knife. You can start from there and slowly try to equip yourself with the good quality tools one by one. When one invests in good quality products it is more of good expenditure in the long run as not only serves well but the pleasure and the output with these tools brings praises and encouragement with the cooking done with them.

Salmon Recipes, the Tasty Way of Deriving Nutrition

One of the greatest foods in the market is the salmon recipe, a source of great nutrition and also the greatest food source of Omega 3 fatty acids. These nutrients in salmon recipes protect one from heart attacks and strokes. These substances present in every salmon recipe are anti blood clotting and save people from many troubles. Nutritional experts are conducting research to find other food products rich in omega 3 fatty acids because they help in saving people from serious trouble. Many doctors and nutritionists recommend that people take to eating salmon often.

Besides supplying omega 3 fatty acids, these precious nutrients guard against source concerns, depression, and hypertension. A good salmon recipe is not only a supplier of omega 3 fatty acids but very tasty and provides other healthy benefits. There is proof that salmon recipe protects one from blood pressure and arthritis. Tough often recommended by local doctors, eating the same will cloy the taste and different recipes with salmon can be tried which are equally tasty and nutritious.

Tasty Treats of Fitness

Prepared in a variety of treats and easy to make, salmon does not need much to improve taste. It is only some oil that one salmon recipe requires before baking for a short period of time. This dish is generally served with a nutritious salad or other vegetables. Scotland is the supplier of some of the best salmon in the world as well as a few of the best traditional recipes. A few recipes from Scotland use vinegars, creams and special spices to increase the flavor of this great fish.

Though salmon comes from the cool waters of the northern hemisphere, a few international salmon recipes are there that preserve the nutrition and the taste. Mexican recipes capture the flavor of the fish and add spices and flavors to the salmon. Italian flavors are also added to salmon recipes which are highly nutritious. The Japanese are lovers of their own salmon and the cooks know just the right flavors to add to the recipes.

A Quick Look At Vegetarian Cook Books

One of the advent of this modern and fast age is switching to vegetarianism along with exercises and workouts which was looked upon as a diet preferred only by eccentric and crazy people. So with rising demand not only can one see ready made vegetarian foods in the supermarket in their area but also can find many a vegetarian recipes in the menu cards of hotels and eat outs. The markets are full with abundant of cook books with vegetarian recipes to cater to the need of the people. One can find the online stores like Amazon with 2000 titles of cookbooks. You can find below three vegetarian cook books which are very popular and are in demand.

Vegetarian Pleasures

The American Diabetic Association has published a vegetarian cook book named Vegetarian Pleasures. This spiral bound book has plenty of easy recipes which can be cooked in variety for a month. It provides around 20,000 various combinations by mix and match with the recipes which is again very easy as every single page is divided into three parts.

It is clearly noted that each and every recipe has the requisite nutrients and the necessary carbohydrates count remaining the same for a balanced diet. For example For breakfast one needs 4560 gms of carbs, lunch should include 6075 gms and dinner should have 7085 gms of carbs. Some of the vegetarian recipes are Stuffed Zucchini, Vegetable Lasanga, Eggplant Italian, Eggplant Caviar and the Red Pepper Dip.

How to Cook Everything Vegetarian

Mark Bittman has a version of vegetarian recipes with the name How to Cook Everything Vegetarian which has plenty of recipes without meat as an ingredient. His book contains around 2000 simple recipes apart from the easy methods and tips by which even a beginner can cook good vegetarian food. Just like his previous cook book How to Cook Everything this book is also a runaway success with all vegetarian recipes completely devoid of fish , meat and poultry.

Despite the fact that Mark Bittman is a non-vegetarian but feel that the amount of meat consumed by the people in the west is neither good for the health nor for the environment. He wishes to bring about a change in meat eaters through his cook book which has plenty of simple vegetarian recipes that can cut down their meat intake if not for a drastic change to a vegetarian. Bothe the books of Bittman will be of great help for both Catholics and Orthodox Christians during their fasting and meat free diets.


Veganomicon is another vegetarian cook book by Terry Hope Romero and Isa Chandra Moskowitz. Unlike the cook books of Bittman this book covers the basic procedures in the appendix of the book itself. But the common factor of the books is that both provide you with ample vegetarian recipes which are easy to cook along with the mishmash of vegetables, tofu, grains, and beans. This book can be an excellent choice to prepare vegan food unlike the ones which emphasizes mostly on pasta and tofu.

The Veganomicon Book as become so popular that it has got excellent reviews from the customers in The Amazon. A few good comments on the book are that it is The Joy of Cooking for vegans”, the other one says “Forget all the stereotypes you may have heard about vegan food being, bland, funky textured, and boring. This book will shatter them forever…really”. Thus the comments are really very good regarding the book and most of them are 5 star rating. The reader can have a good idea about vegetarian cooking with this book and also try easy and simple recipes.

Great Tips on Right Cooking Recipes that Make Perfect Dinner

Great Tips on Right Cooking Recipes that Make Perfect Dinner Parties

Instead of hiring a professional caterer for your dinner party, you can enjoy it better by arranging the dinner your self. It, however, requires much planning of which choosing the right cooking recipes is an integral part.

About Cooking Recipes

Selecting the right cooking recipe for dinner depends on how formal the dinner party will be. The more formal the party the more courses there are. It also depends upon the party given to your colleagues or to mere friends.

You can bring down your stress by including recipes with appetizer, a soup or a salad, the main course and the dessert. Let the appetizer be not filling too much but matching well with wine. For instance, if you like Greek Cuisine, make a smaller variation of Spinach Pie other wise called Spanakopita.

Many basic ingredients are required to make spanakopita. There are a, considerable amount of spinach, feta cheese, and Filo dough. As Filo dough is light and flaky, you should handle each sheet with care. After collecting the ingredients put them in small sections of the Filo dough and bake them to make a nice appetizer.

Salad needs little preparation. Let it be a salad bar and allow people to choose what they want to put in their salad. Let the soup fit in with each persons dietary needs. Guests who are not health conscious may like Cream or Broccoli soup.

The main course cooking recipes depend upon the time taken to cook and the cooking experience. Try a dish that has steamed vegetables and let the guests season the vegetables themselves.
Purchase a cooking magazine from your local book store for more information on cooking recipes for dinner parties or you can watch cooking shows of variety. Magazines and cooking shows provide many different recipes that tingle and please the palate of your dinner guests. This will make you extremely happy and satisfied.

Why Do Women Opt For Once A Month Cooking

Many dedicated mothers often dont find time to cook healthy and tasty dishes after a tiring day, even if they struggle to make a few for their family. However, a few of the wiser moms invented the idea of once a month cooking which is also known as freezer cooking. This helps them during those evenings when they have very little time and energy to dedicate.

The main idea of once a month cooking is to cook your family dishes in a day or two and then store it so that your family can relish the dishes for a month or so. It would be a good idea to extend the cooking process to 2-3 days which will ease the burden of cooking variety dishes unlike cooking it all in a single day. Those women who have given once a month cooking a try were very happy to find that this not only gave them something good and homely to eat but also saved a lot of money in the long run.

Many of us would instantly look for an alternate in the fast food or junk food meal section and then later feel guilty about eating unhealthy food and also spending a lot on outside foods. This generally happens when they are too tired after a long and stressful day or have an ingredient or two out of stock and are not in a position to quickly go to the nearest grocer shop to find new ones. The idea of buying food from outside will ultimately eat most of your money which could have been used wisely for a weekend vacation.

Nevertheless, once a month cooking needs its own planning and here are a few things that should be taken care of when opting for this idea.
1. Plan well ahead. Make a list of dishes you wish to prepare and calculate how long the process of cooking would take. Block your dates and prepare yourself well in advance not to club any other activity on the marked dates.

2. Make other arrangements like postponing other insignificant tasks to another day, keeping your children occupied with a babysitter. You can also request your partner or spouse to help you with the cooking cutting, chopping, slicing, dicing, or peeling for the whole day.

3. Prepare a menu for the once a month cooking day. Make a list of all those dishes you wish to prepare and also enlist the ingredients and the quantity needed for your cooking. Preparing a menu that has dishes depending on the season can help you save a lot of money and time.

4. Shopping for the ingredients and other stuffs should be done a few days beforehand so that just incase you miss on some product you can get it from the grocer or replace the dish with another one in the menu.

5. Check a day or two in advance for the supplies, dishes and containers that will help you complete your process on time. Choose recipes that are not too sophisticated and the ones that can is durable even after storing it in a freezer. You can even choose those recipes that give an output double the effort and ingredients you put in.

6. Set your mind for the once a month cooking process. A clean and orderly kitchen can give you a mental boost to start your cooking session. Keep the folding card tables ready for they provide a good surface to gather the cooked dishes. Try to make the optimum use of all the kitchen appliances. Dont overload one or two of the appliance.

Even though once a month cooking can be too demanding but with all the tips given above should make your dishes comfortably.

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