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How Smoothie Recipes can Nicely Complement a Good Meal

Smoothie recipes can be treated as more than just an extra treat. It can be a great dessert at the end of a meal which is delicious. A smoothie serves the same purpose as a fancy cake or a crispy pie. A smoothie, through a good recipe, will provide a rich refreshing desert. Other desserts that take more time to prepare are gracefully replaced by this. The smoothie recipes can be manipulated to the tastes of diners and to the contentment f every body.

To end a great meal, a smoothie will be a perfect treat. A smoothie recipe serves several purposes. A recipe for a unique smoothie will provide the contents for a special treat at the close of a protracted day at work or school. Any one, down and out, is cheered in his soul by the ingredients of a smoothie recipe. It will also reduce the heat on a hot summer day or replenish the spirit after the loss of a coveted championship game. When friends and families finish the chores of the day, a smoothie recipe can express the gratefulness of the thankful leader.

Full of Nutritious ingredients

While smoothie recipes will make a tasty drink, it can be adapted to give the nutrients for a healthy life. One such smoothie is a mixture of carrots, bananas and berries with important nutrients. Children who do not eat their vegetables do not ever realize that the smoothie is full of the fruits and vegetables so important to their diets.

Smoothie recipes are as varied as the creative imagination of the cook. There are recipes that use ice cream for a richer drink. For great energy boost other recipes include coffee needed through out the busy day. They might include even tasty liquor for an exotic flavor. People can make recipes to satisfy their own individual taste. There are no hard and fast rules to make a smoothie recipe. So a creative mixture of ingredients can make the lasting favorite. Some small time and a good blender can make a smoothie a special addition to a social gathering or family moment.

Cookies A Yummy Tour

Cookies are one of the easiest sweet dishes and are loved b all from 6 to 60. Rather for a beginner cookies are the stepping stones to learn elaborate and sophisticated cooking. There are actually six main kinds of cookies that are prepared worldwide and each of it has its own unique preparation style. Here are the six types with their special features listed. You will also find a new type of cookie and a few tips that will help you while making and baking these cookies.

Molded Cookies

Molded cookies are generally prepared round in shape which is done by rolling the dough into balls with the palms. Then it is rolled out with a fork just the way it is done in peanut butter cookies.
Tip: To avoid the dough from sticking to the utensil or your hand, make sure you have them gently dusted with flour or sugar.

Dropped Cookies

Dropped cookies are cookies that need very little effort and no mastery. These types of cookies are made by simply dropping a teaspoonful of soft dough on a cookie sheet. The dough is dropped close to other cookies but one should make sure that there is enough space for the cookies to spread. The general principle is 2 inches between two cookies.
Tip: If you wish to make this cookie consistent in size then try using the cookie scoop.

Rolled Cookies

The dough used for rolled cookies (also known as the cut out cookies) is often firm. Firstly, the stiff dough is rolled out on a finely dusted board. Then, it is cut into the desired number of pieces and shapes with the help of a knife or cookie cutters. To make the process easy, you can use a portion of the dough at a time.
Tip: The lesser the flour the softer the cookie dough will be. Depending on the type of output you desire toll the cookies into thicker or thinner spreads as thicker cookies are soft and easy to chew and on the other hand thinner cookies turn out to be crispier.

Pressed Cookies

Pressed cookies are made using a cookie press, very similar to spritz cookies. The trick is with the dough. It should be decently soft to fit into the cookie press process and on the other hand it should be firm enough to get its shape!
Tip: If you have softer dough, store it in a refrigerator for a while and if your dough is too hard then add an egg yolk to make it ample soft.

Refrigerator Cookies

Refrigerator cookies are also popularly called sliced cookies. The cookie preparation involves rolling the dough into a thick bar. Then, the dough is refrigerated till it is ready to be baked. You can even store the dough for a week before you are ready to bake it. Once it is completely chilled, the dough is sliced into thin pieces and after that is set to bake.
Tip: To prevent the dough from absorbing odors from the refrigerator, nicely wrap the dough in a silver foil.

Bar Cookies

Bar cookie or square cookie is a softer variety of cookies that is very similar to cakes. Brownies are the best examples for bar cookies. You can either go for the crispy variety or for chewy ones. They can also be found in layers or with fills. These cookies are baked in a pan that has sides. It is very important to use the right size of pan to get well baked bar cookies. After baking these cake-like cookies are sliced into squares.
Tip: Hot cookies break easily. So, cut it into squares after it cools down completely.

No Bake Cookies

No bake cookies as the name suggests dont have to be baked in an oven. Actually these are not a type of cookies. These are generally stuffed and are similar to candies. The best example of this variety is the no bake chocolate oatmeal cookie. The preparation is more like preparing candies which uses a double boiler and a candy thermometer.

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How to make Icings, Frostings and Glazes

Browned Butter Frosting


Butter cup
Sugar (powdered) 2 cup
Vanilla 1 teaspoon
Milk 2 tablespoons

Method of Preparation

Use low heat for cooking butter and heat until the colour of butter turn to delicate brown colour. Then remove from heat. Now add powdered sugar and mix well. Add milk and vanilla and beat in well.

Incase of need you can add additional milk, half teaspoon at a time till you get a consistency that can spread. Frost cookies and store in airtight containers.

Cook Healthy and Live Healthy

An expert cook may cook the best of the mouthwatering recipes but the best cook is one who cooks nutritive cooking to lead a good and healthy cooking. One may want to learn to cook sushi but to learn to cook healthy is more important learning other things in cooking.

Exercise and healthy and balanced food is the key word of the day that helps you to remain in good physical shape even after your childbirths and as you grow old. The metabolism rate in body tends to be sluggish as we grow older so we end up gaining pounds of weight. So to have a healthy living one should have a nourishing and nutritive food and cooking.

Where To Get Started

To start with the process of healthy cooking the first and foremost thing you need to do is to clean your cupboards, pantry, and fridge. Just throw away the things that are not nutritive. The problem starts here. Many of the people do not know which are really nutritive and which are not so end up in chaos.

All the instant, processed, and refrigerated food and juices does not come under the healthy food category. These ready to use food always contain high sugar which are best to refrain. All sweetened items have sugar as the main ingredient and it is always best to avoid them.

To cook healthy means cooking fresh fruits and vegetables preferably garden fresh. The great way for healthy eating is to boil the vegetables and eat them. Fruits can be cut and kept in the refrigerator and eaten as many times in a day. These foods can be used as a healthy snack rather sugary snacks or cookies which are not nutritive for our health.

It may sound difficult in the beginning but as you get into the practice you can feel the goodness yourself of a healthy and good cooking and living.

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Why Slow Cooker Recipes will become a Matter for Rejoice

Why Slow Cooker Recipes will become a Matter for Rejoice

In olden days, when food needed to be cooked early and kept hot, slow cooked recipes were used mostly for special gatherings. This practice has become totally obsolete and slow cooking recipes have made in roads on to the dinner table daily.

Several benefits of slow cooker recipes include the advance preparation of the meal and slow cooking throughout the day s the name implies. It ensures that the food is cooked nice and tender. The most important thing is that it saves time in the evening when most families are tired most. All persons come together after their days work and school and after activities like sports, art classes and ballet.

All people are totally exhausted and require a nice healthy meal to eat and enjoy with gay abandon. The time is quite unsuitable to try and prepare an elaborate meal as there is none to prepare such a meal. Slow cooker recipes, ready when, every one goes home, is a simple matter of spooning the meal in to the plate.

The health value provided by the slow cooker recipes is another reason for the tremendous popularity of slow cooker recipes. These are not only time saving but the best ways to make a healthy meal. Meat which is the base of these recipes is surrounded by any number of vegetables and spices. This is equal to a healthy meal without the need for rushing around at the last minute.

Where to Find Slow Cooker Recipes

To find slow cooker recipes, search on the internet and several sites offering particular pages dedicated purely to slow cookers. Cook books specifically for slow cookers and with section for them are also available.

Slow cooker kits with all the required ingredients are offered by many food manufacturers to make a tasty meal. This further, cuts the cooking time. You can also choose to create personalized slow cooker recipes. Though a process of trial and error, it is worth it to create unique and healthy meals. Slow cooker recipes constitute perfect way to create healthy meals with in a hectic life style. The bright aspect is that the meals are delicious and healthy.

Cook Anything of Your Choice on a George Foreman Grill

Cook Anything of Your Choice on a George Foreman Grill

I have most of the kitchen gadgets which help me in cooking and among them stand the George Foreman Grill which is beyond comparison. There are different types of George Forman grill available in the market but the one I have is George Foreman Grilleration Grill which can help me cook anything I wish. This grill also helps in making waffles apart from the delicious recipes which I can cook.

It does not matter at what time of day you are cooking when it comes George Foreman grill. This grill is so convenient when it comes to breakfast. Apart from making waffles we can make pancakes, sausages, bacon or eggs anything you want with the flat grill. It helps you to start the day with good mood and with the assistance of the grill breakfast becomes delicious.

Not only does it helps you breakfast your lunch can be prepared with the help of this grill. The flat grill can be again used to make cheese sandwiches or the traditional grills can be used to make paninis or quesadillas which pleases the family member as it is done quickly and also with ease. You can also use the grill to make hot ham and cheese sandwiches. You can also use your creativity to use it for your choice of lunch. You can also put in some pineapple rings on the grill to be eaten after the lunch.

You will never believe that I was amazed when I found out that I can prepare chocolate chip cookies using this grill. Nobody would have ever imagined cooking a cookie on the grill. A recipe book with this chocolate chip cookie recipe comes along when you buy this George Foreman grill. I was astonished to find this. You can also prepare your favorite snack using your own creativity and ideas.

Again come dinner time and this grill gives you a variety of fare that can cook. Another recipe in the booklet to my surprise was I could prepare pizza with this grill. I have also tried to make Shake and Bake chicken with my own imagination. Try making fish sticks, chicken nuggets and French fries on this grill of your choice. So when it comes to kitchen appliances this George Foreman grill comes on the top priority list.

Any other recipes of your preference can be prepared with this grill. You can also try chicken, fish, steaks, pork shops, or any other dish of your choice. The clean up after the cooking is fast and easy as the plates in this grill are removable and are also safe when washed in the dishwasher.

Thus this George Foreman grill is so handy and helps you in cooking things quickly and easily that it is a must for every kitchen. With this grill you can make anything your family members ask to make them happy with your cooking skills.

How to Mesmerize Your Guests with Easy Chocolate Dessert Recipes

How to Mesmerize Your Guests with Easy Chocolate dessert recipes

Since baking is very difficult for many people, boxed cake mixes have become very popular form of home made cake eaten every where. They have the same ingredients as the best chocolate and the desert recipe.

Chocolate, a common item in dessert recipes, is a little hard to work with. A few most common combinations are melted chocolate and dessert recipes. Many of these recipes require the chocolate to be melted in a double boiler.

To set up a double boiler put a heat proof bowl and a sauce pan that fits the bowl on the top without touching the bottom. When the water boils, place the bowl of chocolate pieces on the top of the pan and stir the chocolate constantly till it is smooth.

Chocolate must be cut in to small chips for melting in most chocolate and dessert recipes. By doing this the labour intensity of the recipe will be cut down.

Chunk Chocolate

You get a winning combination with chunk chocolates and dessert recipes. Instead of adding ordinary chocolate chips, chunks of good chocolate can be added for fun to a classic cookie or cake recipe. The chunks of chocolate add a new element of chocolate texture and flavor to a familiar recipe.

Tasty oatmeal cookies are easy to make. For chunk chocolate and dessert recipe twist, make no bake cookies instead of traditional chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. The no bake cookie requires three cups of quick cooling oats, two cups of granulated sugar, one third of a cup of coco powder, one third of cup milk, one stick of unsalted butter, and one and half cups of any chocolate cut in chunks.

For this chocolate recipe, prepare two cookie sheets with aluminum foil and set it aside. Melt the butter in the milk over medium heat and as they melt mix the sugar and coco powder in a small bowl and measure the oats in to a large heat proof bowl.

The last step of this chocolate dessert recipe is to add the coco and sugar mixture to the milk and butter and cook it for three minutes. Next remove it and mix in to oats. After a thorough mix, fold in the chocolate chunks. Spoon rounded table spoons on the prepared cookie sheets and allow it to cool fully. These can be stored air tight best at room temperature. You can then eat and enjoy these dessert recipes to your hearts content.

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