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Dieting and Setting Goals Hand In Hand

Goal setting is essential and an important part in your life while dieting. When you analyze your achievements impartially, you would realize that your achievement is due to a well defined plan and the follow up steps taken to achieve that goal. Now, let us
understand how goal setting is related to dieting and its importance

The first step is you should have a clear understanding of what you want to achieve, otherwise it becomes a difficult task to reach your goal. Sometimes, it may be difficult to identify your success or failure, if you are not sure of the possibilities of your outcome in life. Hence, it is absolutely imperative to identify your dieting goals before the elimination process.

The second step is you can judge your own process by having dieting goals which acts as a measuring yardstick. This helps you in finding out that whether you are following the schedule correctly, or lagging behind or ahead of the schedule you have outlined.

Having come to know why we set goals for weight reduction, we should also know the procedures to be laid for setting those goals that can be achieved for a successful dieting. Here a word of caution. Never set goals beyond your reach as these may lead to frustration and finally you may give up the whole idea of dieting. Instead set your goals in simple ways and take care to ensure that you reach them effectively by following easier steps.

Again, weight loss can be effective only when you are specific in setting your goals. Instead of trying to lose 40 or 60 pounds at a time and finding it difficult to achieve, start with a specific goal of reducing 10 pounds in a month which is easier and much more practical. Once you achieve this, you can gain confidence and try it for the next 4 or 5 months to reduce 40 pounds or 6 or 7 months to reduce 60 pounds. This method is simple to work out and more convincing for effective weight loss.

Another factor to be kept in mind is while setting the goal is to be accountable for your efforts. But do not scrap the entire exercise in case you have reduced only 9 pounds instead of 10 pounds. Be wise to find out the missing gap and set again your target for the next month to reduce 10 pounds.

The main idea of this whole exercise is to create awareness that whatever you do and follow is for your personal goal only and not imposed by someone else. The basic truth is that whatever you do whole heartedly with total involvement for achieving your personal goal is more rewarding than when you do it for someone else. Ultimately it is the desire in your heart which plays a motivating factor than anything else.

Finally, you can motivate yourself for achieving the dieting goals with few rewards other than food items. This can be according to your choice like buying accessory for your wardrobe or have a facial for a new look or anything that pleases you. Be sure to allow yourself for some fun and frivolous as rewards are definitely a booster to accomplish your dieting goals successfully.

Cooking for Sunday Dinner Simple But Sumptuous

I can recollect from my memories when we used to have dinner on the church grounds fro special church functions. During such dinner I have seen people consume fried chicken bought from the stores. I have never understood why the chicken was purchased. Whether it was due to improper planning, improper ideas or due to time shortage I never knew. But this was not restricted to our church alone.

I have been traveling all over the country and have lived in many places with different culture. During the potluck offering it has been like a ritual people bring fires chicken or deli from a neighboring eatery. There is nothing wrong with it but on a Sunday with some many delicious recipes people opt to this traditional cooking instead of bringing something spicy or trying a delicious dessert.

Sundays need not be the only time when you prepare a dessert or a casserole. I talk about these as I have seen them as most dishes from my childhood. When there is a group gathering when people pool their offerings it is the time to show off you cooking skills among your colleagues. You can even provide them with different types of salads on the event which even people who are on diet can eat without fear.

Sunday dinners need not be rich in calories or rich in fat foods. You should cook the food you and your family will like eating. Whenever we prepare foods we like we always put out heart and soul in making it that it turns out to be delicious. We never feel that it is a task to be completed. We should prepare the food we like even for the potlucks so that it turns out to be a success. But remember not to make the same dish for every potluck lest you will be cornered of knowing only that particular dish.

I would suggest you to go online and search for casserole recipes. Your favorite magazines can also provide you with some healthy recipes in casserole and desserts which you can present in the potlucks. The new recipes collected by you from a long time can be used for these potluck parties. Even if your family does not like them it does not make a difference as there will be no leftovers for the week. At the same time if the recipes are like by my family members I can prepare them once in a while to make them happy.

Many people dread a Sunday dinner as they make the day hectic. But in reality it need not be. One can always opt for slow cooking in crock-pots while they relax on a Sunday. All you have to do is to fill your electric cooker with the necessary ingredients and on it. You will be awakened by a terrific whiff in the air stating a delicious meal which is ready. You can visit the church on time with your dinner also ready. This is an excellent way to make a great dinner on Sunday in a easy and simple way.

You can always get the praises of your fellow members, friends and relatives when you choose a simple and easy recipe on such occasions even if you are a novice in the cooking field. Desserts are the easiest dish which can be prepared overnight and kept frozen. You will never be criticized for the dessert you have prepared. One of the website that recommends relishing desserts is The Kraft foods. So when you join the potluck event next time never go for fried chicken rather dish out some of your favorite recipe and amaze your friends and relatives.

Learn to make Buckeyes


Peanut butter 2 lbs.
Butter 1 pound
Sugar (powdered) 3 pounds
Chocolate chips (semi sweet) two 12-ounce packages (note to use chocolate of high quality)
Paraffin bar
Toothpicks – for dipping
Waxed paper

Method of Preparation

Lay wax paper over cookie sheets and keep aside. Take a bowl and add butter and peanut butter and cream until well mixed. Add sugar little by little and mix well. Ensure all the sugar is thus added and mixed well into the mixture. Make out one inch diameter balls with the peanut butter mixture.

You will be able to make around 400 such balls with the recommended quantity of ingredients. Insert one toothpick into each small peanut butter ball and keep them aside. Use a double boiler for melting chocolate and paraffin.

The purpose of adding paraffin is to get a shiny finish when the chocolate cools. Ensure that the chocolate is not getting over heated. Dip all the peanut butter balls into the chocolate so as to get the chocolate coated all over the surface of the balls leaving only a small portion.

Allow to cool on waxed paper and store in airtight containers in a cool place.

Cooking For Special Occasions Can Be Made Easy

There are occasions when we become the true perfectionist and want things happen our way. These can be the special occasions of our life and cooking for such special occasions can be sometimes too taxing. Remember the last occasion where you cooked food for your family and guests and then felt guilty or worried about the food prepared? Even if the foods have been decently prepared the doubt and anxiety spoils the fun of the occasion. This is why you will need to possess a repertoire to make special occasion cooking recipes.

You would be wonderstruck to know that the most affluent and appetizing foods and side dishes were easy and astoundingly quick to cook. A smart chef would choose an uncomplicated meat dish and then dress it up to make it look alluring. Making side dishes is even simpler and is mostly a hit amongst the guest. Try cooking your familys favorite meal and this will add up to the occasion making it not only special but a memorable one too. It is pointless to cook an extremely difficult and complex recipe that none of your family members would ever taste it.

The best way to cook for special occasions is to arrange all the things to the maximum possible beforehand. This helps in cutting down the last minute chaos and also gives less way to be burdened with stress. Special occasions are celebrated to feel happy and enjoy and make sure you keep yourself free instead of cooking even in the eleventh hour. Keep time for cooking and save time to enjoy the occasion as well.

Have you tried to cook foods in advance and then reheat them right before the meal time when it is cooking for special occasions? There are many types of appetizers, entrees and desserts that can be cooked and then store to be reheated later. To know more about these types of dishes do a quick search on the internet or simply go through the collection of cookbooks you have at home. Make sure you dont get bogged down by the whole idea of cooking and try to keep some time off to mingle in the occasion.

However, many may not prefer this idea which is quite understandable. But for such people the main solution for cooking for special occasion is to plan well ahead of the event and then allocating times so as to accommodate the last minute confusions.

Most of the people generally tend to make mistakes out of excitement but the most common mistake as far as cooking for special occasion is concerned it is to cook beyond ones comfort level. If you wish to experiment with ingredients and explore various other cuisines then this is not the right time to do so. Thus, the best time to discover new recipes and improve your culinary talents is when you have lots of time to devote.

Diet Cranberry Juice Nutrition Data

When it comes to a diet, people generally look at easy ways of reducing. Anyhow, this is not the way to reduce those extra pounds. Studying different eating patterns, studying how to portion food, and exercising will only help you reduce. Although a crash diet can be useful temporarily they do not sustain the weight loss.

A diet rich in cranberry juice nutrition along with healthy eating patterns can help you lose weight as well as remove all the toxins that help you maintain your weight. Diets that include cranberry juice is nutrition rich because cranberries itself is rich in nutrition. Cranberries are very nutrient rich food, which is famous in the world of health and fitness. They are good in getting rid of that extra fat and removal of toxins. By adding nutrients you are also keeping yourself healthy and fit.

The Proper Exercise and Diet Plan

To bear the fruit out of the nutrients in the cranberry juice you have to do some planning. Pure cranberry juice is the best when it comes to nutrients, as there is nothing mixed with it. You will find such juices only at high-end grocery stores, health food stores, or organic stores.

You can consume the nutrients in the cranberry juice diet through elixir that is made by mixing two tablespoons of cranberry juice with a cup of water and a teaspoon of green powder, and this has to be taken first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

The cranberry juice diet has many nutrient rich values. They are rich in vitamin A, K, and C as well as in proanthocyanidin and antioxidants that help remove toxins from kidneys. They are also used to clean out the lymphatic system.

Cooking for One and Eating in Solitude

When one plans to cook for a person they find it very irritating although there are many recipes available in cook books and also in the websites which gives guidelines to cook for one. Death of a spouse or divorce is the reason where people who are used to cook for two are suddenly made to cook for a single person. They need to adjust themselves to the new mode of cooking competently in such a way they do not waste any food unnecessarily.

They should learn to accept the situation with apt and ease and take it as an objective and not as an experimentation. This opportunity can be used more productively by trying more and more new and relishing types of cooking. When you plan and prepare your budget for food you can see that cooking for one is less expensive than cooking for two.

When there is proper planning cooking for one saves a lot of time and money. They can prepare food that can be refrigerated and used at a later point of time. The food kept in the freezer can be used on someday when they find it difficult to cook due to some reason or the other. So with less effort one can plan the cooking in a productive way.

One can enjoy good and delicious food even if they are cooking or eating alone. They are cook books and recipes available in plenty which give more ideas when cooking for one. You can always dine with wine and music even if you are cooking and dining alone. Such enjoyments does not matter if you are cooking many or for one.

A person is what he eats and lives. If one relents to boring and unhealthy meals that will always show on his health and living. So with a broad outlook it is good to try new recipes from different parts of the country even if you are cooking for one. Despite the fact that one should not live to eat never neglect yourself just because you are cooking for one so always enjoy your cooking and eating. The food can be meager or large but that should never be a barrier in ones enjoyment.

In case you do not want to spend money on cook books you have a local library where you can refer for your new recipes in cooking for one. Once you are in your local library you may be amazed to see a vast collection in your library that may add spice to your life. If you check out you can find out cooking classes in your area which can help you in giving ideas when cooking for one. Apart from this you also have the websites in the internet which helps in all ways with recipes, tips and suggestions when you are cooking for one.

How to Spice up your Life with Inexhaustible Vegetarian Recipes

How to Spice up your Life with Inexhaustible Vegetarian Recipes

Vegetarian recipes make the person feel that he is a chef himself as they give him a chance to try a variety of vegetables and cook them in new ways to bring out new recipes and delicious meals. Meat is not sine quo non for every meal. Many people have turned vegetarian and one should have vegetarian recipes to host vegetarian friends or relatives.

Variety is the spice of life as also with vegetarian recipes. You should rise above the standards of broccoli, carrots and potatoes, which though staple foods, will be boring and become predictable. On the other hand a small research will provide hundreds of vegetarian recipes to try. When you prepare a vegetarian meal next, use some excellent vegetables like egg plant, Zucchini and also a corn squash. These are all great bases and ensure that every family will have diverse vegetable meals to make meal time interesting instead of boring.

Protein in Vegetables

The critical issue with vegetarians how to get the needed proteins through the vegetables they eat. Absence of protein off and on, in a vegetarian diet, may not do any harm but it is absolute by essential for the body and should be included as often as possible. Vegetarians have their own way of including proteins in their diet and recipes.

Beans and nuts are excellent source of proteins and must be included in one form or other. Nuts have become a very important ingredient in recipes. In stead of being eaten in front of T.V. nuts are used to flavor and add texture to many dishes which is perfect for vegetarian recipes.
Tofu supplies the needed proteins to vegetarians recipes. Though carrying a stigma earlier, it has fully integrated with vegetarian recipes as well as meat recipes. The wonderful thing about tofu is that it takes over the flavor of the cooked food and excellently increases the protein without any compromise.

Vegetarian recipes are the means for variety in regular every day meals. People can try new recipes and new vegetables. Different sources of proteins are also at hand to infuse the necessary proteins the body needs. Even picky kids can enjoy these recipes by having their favourite greens.

Cooking for Crowds – Tips to Get Over The Show

Cooking for Crowds – Tips to Get Over The Show Smoothly

Cooking for one or two may seem a cake walk for many but when you ask someone to cook for a large crowd and then they back off! With the mere mention of cooking for crowds make all of us visualize of a traditional cooking where there are huge broilers and stockpots that are connected to a huge furnace stove and not to mention the endless sweating hours people have to wait till the ingredients are decently cooked. This is the main reason why people shy away from cooking for a large crowd and also prefer being the last in the dinner line.

Well, to all those who balk away with this idea should understand that cooking for crowd is not as difficult and complicated as it is posed by many. Like any other event, cooking for crowd should be well planned mainly making a note on what is going to be served. This is not it, you will have to also take a note of the number of servings people may have. It is most important and tricky part of the show as you dont know the appetite of your guests. So it is always good to arrange for more than expected that can suffice the crowd even when a few people take additional servings. Make sure you plan double servings, especially for college students and teens.

Then next phase is to decide what variety you would like to present and modify the recipe to accommodate your guests preference and need. A few smartly plan multiple recipes than cooking one single recipe for many. If you think this is a good way to handle your cooking then you can stick to it every time you cook for crowd.

When you are preparing to cook for crowd you should make sure that yo have the right ingredients and adequate amount of it all. This is very important while cooking in bulk than while cooking for a smaller meal. This will help you while making a list of all that you need to before going to the grocers shop.

A few of the experienced cooks keep the cooking for crowds in the same line as their normal cooking practice. This means, rather than cooking lasagna in a massive pan for thrice the number of people than normal, these people prefer to cook lasagna in their regular pans three times. Regardless of the extra time you may have to spend in the kitchen it will for sure make the cooking process easier and comfortable.

Just in case you find one of the portions inconsistent then you have to dump only one third of the meal cooked instead of throwing away the entire meal. People often find cooking intheir own range of crockery more convenient that cooking in big utensil they may not know to handle. All your experience in manipulating recipes will of help to you now when you are cooking for crowds.

The best way to overcome the fear of cooking for crowds is to relax, plan, list and then cook the meals your way. If you are more comfortable with a single dish being prepared at a go then you should go for it. But if you prefer serving a variety of dishes prepared in smaller quantities probably that is a good way too. Determine the techniques you are comfortable cooking for crowds and then plan accordingly.

Another significant matter one must remember before cooking for crowds is to have a good tight sleep the previous night. All of us know that cooking for crowds demands more time and effort and so the person cooking deserves a good rest before and after the preparation though we can understand the stress and excitement you may feel the day before and after the show!

Learn to make delicious Bourbon Balls in no time


Vanilla wafers (finely crushed) 3 cups (crush around 75 wafers to get 3 cups)
Sugar (powdered) 2 cups
Walnuts or pecans (finely chopped) 1 cup (about 4 ounces make 1 cup when chopped)
Cocoa cup
Bourbon cup
Light corn syrup cup
Sugar (powdered or granulated) – required quantity

Method of Preparation

Take a bowl and add powdered sugar, crushed wafers, pecans and cocoa and mix well. Add bourbon and corn syrup and stir well.

Make out one inch balls out of the mixture and roll them in powdered sugar. Store in airtight containers and refrigerate. The balls need refrigeration for several days before actual serving.

Servings: 60

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