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Dieting for the Sake of Losing Extra Calories

Most of us want to lose a few pounds and not 20 or more pounds, although we feel happy that we have to lose only a small amount, it is more difficult practically but the only advantage is that to lose this little weight you need not undergo any painful activities and exercises when compared to those who have more weight to lose.

Some good products are available in the market which helps those who have very little weight to lose and can enjoy the whole procedure without a feeling of neglect and the 100-calorie snacks is a very good product for them. You can enjoy the treats you wish to all along the day without actually taking concern of the pounds. The calories can be burnt to any level but if you are short of only a few pounds to reach your desired weight and not pleased with your tight and tone of the new body, it is better to work on tightening and toning than going for dieting.

Sometimes weight training and cardio exercises can only help you to gain the right shape you desire and many people do not remember that dieting all along can get you to only the results when it works on you , although dieting is good to shed your pounds it is not going to shape your body according to your expectations, So remember that exercising and increasing your fitness routine is a proper way to regenerate your commitment to the entire plan and your interest. So keep in mind that this works well if you have chosen a fitness routine that is challenging to you.

The routines of fitness introduced now a days are not like the workout of the 1980s and you have a number of choices like kick boxing, Tae Bo, Yoga, Pilates and even belly dancing for those who wish to try. So there are no limitations as you may think about the entertainment choices for your workout plans and choose one that suits you. It is totally your initiative to do your fitness routine yourself and be active in the attempt to lose your weight to achieve your goals.

If your idea of weight loss and dieting goals are to burn a few pounds or more in the long run it is possible that you may reach a point where you find out that you need to increase your level of physical exercise or burning out the calorie methods or you may need to build up your calorie cutting exercises. Anyway to deal with this situation is important as you decided to lose your initial pounds so be ready to continue with your efforts and you will be losing those few pounds that you aiming to and create the shape you expected your body to be.

Cooking On the Grill With Less Heat Around

Come summer time and the house is heated with cooking. So you should think of ways to cook without heating the house. To use a grill is a great option if you have though about it before. So use grill to do cooking without heating the house.

When you use the grill for cooking it not only keeps away heat from the house as the cooking is done outside the house, it also brings the family together. This way the man of the house helps the woman in cooking. As an old saying goes in good humor Men are more inclined to slave away over a hot grill than a hot stove. Moreover, the chaos and the untidiness done with cooking, remains outside the kitchen. Whether this factor is an advantage for you or not it is a blessing in disguise for me.

Not only the men of the house even the children can kept occupied when cooking on the grill and also to clear up mess after cooking. It is best to use throwaway plates while dining outside the house. There can be a family union over the dining table and you need not bother about spilled foods. This can be taken of the wandering animals there.

Young kids can be of great help by holding the plates, helping you to set the table or utensils necessary for the grill. When the kids are around helping you, opt for kid-friendly objects like napkins, condiments, plastic ware and tablecloth holders, when you are using the grill quite often. Look for containers which are heavy and do not topple off with a blow of wind. Such containers may seem to be a bit heavy for your children but which are actually not.

After a day of hard toil this grill cooking gives great relaxation. Do not plan cooking on he grill on the weekends as you will not get ample rest and break from your daily routine. There are any combinations that can be prepared while cooking on the grill. Rather it has more varieties than when you are cooking on the stove, You can always use your creativity and imagination with meat and vegetables while you cook on the grill.

Cook fresh fruits and vegetables in addition to the meat you cook on the grill. Make the dishes tasty by providing good side dishes like potato salad, baked beans and cool desserts to make the meal complete.

Cooking on the grill need not be only a family affair. You can also include your friends and make it a night cooking. You can have great time with your friends with only cooking and no mess and spills and after cooking cleaning. You can include your neighbors also into the list. Meat and vegetables tastes excellent when cooked on grill with hot charcoal. So, never miss an opportunity when you get to cook on the grill, with your family and friends.

Never think cooking on the grill as an unpleasant task enjoy it as a happy event. Everybody is happy to dine in the open which can be fulfilled while cooking on the grill. Finally if it is ages since you have cooked on your grill then it is time you take it out and have a memorable experience in cooking.

Master the skills of making Creme de Menthe Balls


Vanilla wafer (crumbs) 1 cup
Pecans (finely chopped) cup
Sugar (powdered) 1 cup
Light corn syrup 2 tablespoon
Green creme de menthe 1/3 cup
Additional powdered sugar

Method of Preparation

Take a medium sized bowl and combine wafer crumbs, pecans, 1 cup powdered sugar, corn syrup and creme de menthe and blend into a stiff dough. Roll out the dough into one-inch balls. Finally roll all the balls in additional powdered sugar to coat.

Dieting for the Exact Cause

We are very happy with the initial stages in dieting but we later regret for it. But if it really works there is nothing to worry about dieting and you have to find the actual reason that will work out for you.

There are all kinds of first-class motivators to take dieting seriously and the common one is weight loss the main reason. Some really want to wear an outfit they wore when they were in high school while some are just satisfied when they look at themselves in the mirror without a feeling of guilt in them Some of them feel it is vain while some deal with it to overcome their lifelong problems. If your inspiration is to reach the goal with your dieting then it is the best reason to start dieting.

Physical fitness in also a reason for dieting as most of us want to live long and for this one needs a good health and physique so in that urge and getting into shape they lose weight . So, this is how each one of us find our own motivations from within ourselves.

Another important aspect is to save the energy you required to handle little ones and this is a heartbreaking effect for many with obesity . Your energy is drained off by the end of the day to have fun with the little ones who grow very fast. You lack energy to share those precious moments of life If you are a little overweight you undergo even a worse condition where even small inter-actions with the child causes physical pain.

An excellent motivator for some people is Revenge so far as dieting is concerned to shed off the weight in them, although losing a lot of weight is time consuming and you have to hold up with it with lot of hindrances. But remember the way to a new shape is not an easy one and this is especially done by emotional healing and best revenge to erase all old looks and be back looking more beautiful. If this is helpful and fruitful you can try it.

Yet another common motivation of weight loss in Religion as some have a belief that body is to be treated as a temple and this belief is not wrong though many may not accept it easily. Religion and faith are mighty in motivating people as it heals by power of their belief or prayers. So with the will power and strength they also reach the goals in dieting.

If you feel the motive behind your dieting and weight loss is not working as you planned, it is necessary that you search another motive as fast as you can, otherwise it is unconvincing that you will reach your weight loss goals without it.

Cooking Light Soup Recipes Can Be Easy And Healthy

One of the most preferred options for a light dinner, especially during winter is soup. You can fill your tummy satisfactorily with two big servings of soup with wheat buns or wheat crackers. Most of us generally have the habit of storing tinned soups in our store cupboard so that if any of the family members is hungry he/she can make a quick soup recipe. However, one main thing that all of us should realize is that the soup should be boiled in a low flame in a homemade pot and we should actually wait till the aroma of all the ingredients blends completely. With this is mind you can make a hearty soup recipe taste wonderful, be it chicken matzo ball soup or even lentil soup.

Do you Cook Light Soup Recipes for Supper?

So, can we serve a light soup recipe at supper? It depends on your appetite. If you and your family are used to having a light dinner or are traveling then a bowlful of soup is a very good option for a satisfying evening meal. This is because:

1. Soups have to eaten slowly and should be enjoyed with every sip rather than gulping it down at a go.

2. The sumptuous liquid material dominating the soup makes ones stomach feel heavy after having it.

3. The fibrous content from beans, vegetables, and/or whole grains in the soup or stew adds content to the dish, making the person feel heavy.

However, cooking light soup recipes can also be served as dinner.

The Creamy Add-ons

If you are too concerned about the calorie intake while having your soup, you dont have to fret on it if you are cooking light soup recipe, especially with those that are broth or tomato based. A cup of broth has only 25 grams calories and 1-2 gms of fat where as a cup of tomato juice has around 40 gms calories and 1 gram of fat.

On the other hand, cooking light soup recipe with a cream-base is highly rich in fat as a cup of light liquid whipping cream is around 700 gms of calories and 74 grams of fat and so a half cup of the same crme would be half of the calories mentioned. Adding whole milk while cooking light soup recipe with whipped cream is going to be rich in terms of calories and those who wish to put on some valuable weight can relish on this.

A cup of whole milk is around 150 gms calories and 8 grams of fat. When you use milk while cooking light soup recipes you are actually making the soup taste creamier and is much less caloried than the cream soup.

You can always go for low-fat milk and fat-free half-and-half types of milk. But make sure you cook these milk types in a low flame and then have it added to the soup in the end to keep the dish warm.

How to make Cathedral Window successfully for the first time

How to make Cathedral Window successfully for the first time


Margarine or butter pound
Chocolate chips (semi-sweet) 12 ounces
Walnuts (chopped) 1 cup
Mini marshmallows (coloured) 12 ounces
Grated coconut (sweetened) 7 ounces

Method of Preparation

Use a double boiler and heat butter with chocolate chips under low heat and stir occasionally. You will get a smooth and melted mixture. Allow to cool for some time. Take a bowl and add nuts and marshmallows and mix.

Add the chocolate and stir in. Take 5 nine-inch waxed paper sheets and sprinkle with coconut generously. Divide the dough into five parts and place each part over each waxed paper sprinkled with coconut.

Roll firmly to make 2-inch diameter logs and keep in refrigerator whole night until the roll get firm. Unwrap from waxed paper ant cut into inch slices before serving.

Servings: 60

Dieting for Real Success

Dieting is always advanced from the mind as a close failure and there are a number of people who have started and failed with many diets in the beginning and try the next diet again knowingly well that they are not going to succeed in this trial as well. But believe me they will succeed.

As the saying of Henry Ford goes, If you think you can or think you cant you will always be right. If you have a negative thinking and still start with it then you are going to end up in failure, so think about it before you start or no diet will work on you and you will be facing only failures. As Henry Ford has also said Failure is the only opportunity to begin again more intelligently. So it is better you go through the points that have led to your failure and try to avoid them the next time and if you are already deciding to fail there is no point in trying again and again.

The only person who can control your eating is yourself and it is you to decide if you are having for the need to eat or just for your mental satisfaction. So only you can decide about your eating habits and get out of it , although there are medical exceptions and you are just trying many diets and feel nothing is working on you then it is not the diets that are not working it is you to adjust yourself.

We are totally responsible for winning and losing in our lives and there is nothing dissimilar when it is about dieting. You really enjoy when you get a compliment for your achievement after you are noticed. On the other hand it takes time for people to notice your loss of weight if you are obese. Many men and women stop just because they are un noticed and an unbelievable shame for them. You can just have some practices on dieting before you actually decide if it is really going to work for you and you may end up with astonishments and a huge success in the end.

Many people do not hold themselves responsible to their dieting and weight loss programs which mean that they do not consider it seriously and are quit from it without even trying it. If you have a matter which holds you responsible to your diet plans may be you will get along to diet with a partner who helps you to achieve your goal as well as meet the extra challenges all the way. This way the partner also is benefited, as he or she is to perform more to face the challenge, that would not be possible when dieting alone.

Remember that you are the only person responsible for your specified dieting and achieve loss in weight in order to attain everlasting results. If you have not had a proper dieting achievement previously then it is time for you to be responsible and be serious about the matter to make it happen.

Cooking Light Recipes for Health Conscious People

In this modern digital era when people have become more and more health conscious all the nutrients like vitamins, minerals and proteins play a very important role in their lives. Proper intake of these vitamins and minerals help to curb from frequently falling ill. All the vegetables, fruits, cereals and seeds are not only rich in this vitamins and minerals nut also has a compound called phytochemicals which helps our immune system and prevents us from falling sick. This does not necessarily mean that all non-vegetarians should get converted to vegans instead should learn to cook light recipes in non-vegetarians dishes to stay fit.

Cooking Light Recipes is Easy and Convenient

When one consumes lightly cooked recipes it not only improves but also develops our digestive system. Green vegetables are best and good for our health when eaten raw than when eaten cooked. Whole bread sandwiches, green salad, fresh juices and soups when taken in abundance are extremely nutritive. Soups when prepared in correct combination of vegetable and spices are more sought for as they become tasty. They act as an excellent appetizer. Both tomato and spinach soups are very nutritious with abundant vitamins and minerals.

Medicinal value is found in plenty in spices. When these spices are added to our food it not only makes it nutritive abut also flavor to the food. Adding a bit of spice, ginger and less oil makes the cooking not only light but is also good for our health. A dash of salt and honey when added to fresh salads makes it very tasty and great. One can always try different combination to make the food more attractive. Fresh salads along with pieces of orange and mango seasoned with nuts makes a delicious salad quickly.

One can use pasta and half boiled vegetables which are chopped for a filling meal. It can be seasoned with herbs in olive oil. A nutritive sandwich can be prepared with whole bread and stewed fresh vegetables. A sweet tooth can be replaced with fresh fruits, honey and yoghurt instead of candy and ice-cream. Carrots, cabbage, cucumber and raw mange can be used to sweeten and decorate sauces. Top them with yoghurt and a dash of salt. Fresh seasonal fruits can be used to make desserts.

To make custard add cold milk to custard powder and boil it for some minutes. Cool it and then add sliced apples, bananas, plums, and pears. Delicious fresh fruit custard is ready. People today opt for light non-vegetarian dishes like the light chicken recipes. Cooking light recipes are very easy provided you have the interest and desire topped up with some creativity. You need not have to slog for the entire day in the kitchen and can also have nutritive food. So remain healthy one has to concentrate on a particular dish and how to make it light and nutritive with appropriate combinations.

Dieting between Busy Routine

The shortage of time is the main obstruction to the achievement in dieting for most of us, which also includes the preparation of proper meals and snacks required for dieting and it is generally easier to cook the same food for the whole family or to reach out to the fast food outlets than cooking the healthy and nutritious that we have to eat.

There are plans which you can follow and control your desire to eat out and be on track with your dieting needs too. The first step is a weekly cooking where you cook sufficient meals that last for a whole week taking strain on one particular day, by which you have a diet friendly meal prepared every night ready and if the whole family is dieting or eating healthy this is the most easiest. It is also good to set an example to your children about including healthy eating habits and keeping them motivated and avoiding temptations.

In this method the food which is not required immediately is frozen and warmed when you are ready for your meal. This works out well with all your busy outing schedules for the week and at the same time you can also stick to your diet and have a good meal with the members of your family too every night the whole week.

You should also have a good supply of fresh and cleaned fruits, vegetables and salad requirements ready in your refrigerator at least to help you with 5 servings a day to make the dishes readily assessable for fast servings like snacks and quick lunch and avoid the temptations of buying packaged-snacks foods which are high in calorie.

It is also required to have some packed yoghurt, sugar free pudding cups etc for those who require some quick and easy snack. Your weight loss goals can be attained only by proper preparation and planning and by doing this well ahead you will gain the convenience of having high calorie pre packed meals and snacks that so many of us depend on when not dieting.

Yet another time saving method is to work out the fitness activities into different stages of the day, (like climbing stairs for lunch, parking at a distance and walking down and climbing down the stairs and so on) Park your car away from the supermarket and walk through the path marked, all these are good chances of having exercise all along the day during busy schedules and to discover them than the time required to do them is the trick.

With the different kinds of prepackaged plans for dieters, dieting is less time taking than you imagine and if you feel to choose from these plans you can if you think it is the best. There are different kinds of choices to work out dieting and fitness even in the midst of your busy schedules even if you are going with Lean Cuisine meals, Weight Watchers frozen entrees, Jenny Craig, or the Slim Fast program. So if you are planning your dieting practices remember to consider the tips and advice given above.

How to make great tasting and delicious Butterscotch Haystacks


Peanut butter 1 cup
Butterscotch morsels package or 6 ounces
Chow mein noodles 1 large can

Method of Preparation

Over a boiler melt butterscotch and peanut butter together. You can also use stovetop or microwave for melting. Pour the melted butterscotch and peanut butter over noodles and mix well.

Place the mixture over wax paper using tablespoon and freeze for two hours. Store in a cookie jar fitted with loose top.

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