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How Easy is French Cooking?

Have you ever tried French cooking? If you had then you will be one of those who consider French cooking to the best of all other country cuisines. It is not only about the food motley that grabs peoples attention but also the flavor that draws people all over the world to French cooking. The good news is that you dont have to enroll yourself into any French cooking classes to learn cooking French dishes!

So is your taste bud tickling and motivating you to cook a French dish now then you can try this recipe. If you are new to this style of cooking, relax, as it may take you sometime to master French cooking and this can happen only with practice.

French onion soup An Easy to Cook and Easy to Impress French Dish

French onion soup has always been a hit with the beginners who are in the process of learning French cooking. It is simple, easy and appetizing which of course is a well appreciated food in the family and friends circle.

Before you start, you will need
Large onions 4 nos.
Grated cheese – 3 oz
Butter – 7 oz
White wine – 1 bottle
Bouillon powder – 2 teaspoons
White bread – 4 slices
Garlic – 1 clove

First of all, peel off the onion skin and cut them into rings. Add butter into a frying pan and then put in the chopped onion rings. Wait until the onions become soft and then pour white wine and bullion. Stir the content and simmer the flame for 30 minutes. Once you are done with the cooking turn off the flame and top it up with grated cheese. Make sure you transfer the content to a servicing bowls and right before you serve them you can add some more grated cheese that will act as a perfect topping to this dish.

Next, you will have to heat the dish for almost 20 minutes in the oven and wait till the grated cheese topping fully melts. Now the soup is ready to be served. You can also prepare an appetizer to be served along with this soup.

Even though you may feel that French cooking is time consuming and difficult to learn, but you will for use enjoy the flavor and accept it as a part of your daily menu, once you master it!

Eat Healthy While Eating Out

We insist on low calorie diet when we go for an eat out. Here are a few guidelines that you can follow while you dine out.

– Keep a check on the salad dressing or sauces you ordered during your intake.

– Grilled fish or vegetables can be requested to be grilled without butter or oil. Or else ask them to use very little oil.

– Prefer tomato based sauces to cream based ones when you order pasta dishes as tomato being a vegetable is low in fat and calories.

– Avoid drinking soda or beverages that have alcohol instead drink tea, diet soda or just water.

– Share the dessert you have ordered with your friend so that the calories consumed remains half.

– Soups are excellent starters that are low in calories so always choose soups that are not cream based as they are more in calories and are also have high fat level.

– Salsa is a very good option when you order for a baked potato as it is not only low in calories but provides good flavor and taste.

– The moment the body warns you are full stop eating as it is good to heed to your body.

– If you have unfinished portion of food take it home and eat it at a meal later. You pay one price for two meals.

– If your conscious and plan to have a lesser amount of food then it is better to have an appetizer and salad or have only two appetizer only.

– A baked potato or steamed vegetables are the best choice of side dishes for a low calorie diet.

– Choose food that are steamed, poached, grilled or broiled from the menu as very little fat is used in these process of cooking so have less calories.

– Bread or rolls are best when eaten as plain rather than adding butter or oil. The fat added add to the calories.

– Choose fruits and vegetables as the main part of your meal as they are not only rich in fiber but also have vitamins and minerals in plenty.

– Always opt for food like whole wheat bread and dishes made from brown rice and whole grains.

– Fruits and berries are an excellent choice for people who have a sweet tooth and wish to eat a dessert.

– Last but not the least never deny yourself of your favorite dishes. Balance your diet in such a way that all types of foods are included in your diet.

Home Cooking Recipes Are Vanishing into Thin Air

In todays digital era with everyone in the rat race no one has the time to sit and eat good and healthy food. People are always are on the move eating fast foods in the time they get in between not even caring if the food consumed by them is healthy or not. It is time we took a break and restored the traditional homemade delicious recipes made in our families from generation to generation. We should go back to our memories when the slow cooking recipes use to fill the house with its smell and taste and the red velvet homemade cakes. These thoughts make us long for those home made healthy foods. Let us taker a break and shift over to slow cooking process as these important things can really bring a change in our lives.

Those slow home cooking recipes are nothing but the traditional dishes prepared by our mother and grandmother. Their batter stained recipe books fills our lives with aroma of their homemade pies, cakes and jams. Those nutritious recipes are still there but it is we who have left them far behind in our rat race which is the only remedy for our unhealthy food habits.

The Extinction of Home Cooking Recipes

It is high time we passed on those traditional relishing recipes which were prepared by our mom and grand mom. Even if the collection of recipes is less it does not matter but can relive the tradition ny adding our own favorites. Children will cherish the idea and also the gift along with the memories where their parents used to cook together to give their favorite recipes. Whenever they will prepare cookies or knead flour for bread they can opt for the easy an simpler ways used by their mom or grand mom which can make their cooking nostalgic about their home when they were kids.

It is in our hands to make recipes as our familys favorite and hand it down to our children. Children will treasure those recipe books with pride when they see them in their moms handwriting. They will also follow the same and hand over the same to their children. Whatever may be the homemade recipes whether they have only simple ingredients or it is a thanksgiving recipe they are dearer than anything we would have received from our mom.

Easy Tips to Make Kids Eat Healthy

Fast foods have taken the place of a healthy meal in the modern world. People of all ages rely on fast food that it has become difficult to tech the younger generation about the importance of eating healthy. One should remember that the cheapest and quickest meals that are available in the form of fast foods are the least of all healthy foods. So, it is high time that the elders make a choice and cultivate the habit of eating healthy in their children.

Well, getting a child to eat a healthy meal is a little difficult, but with a few tricks you can for sure instill healthy eating habit in your kids lifestyle. Think creative and follow the tips suggested here to lure your kid to healthy eating.

# Include healthy foods where ever possible. Kids do not understand the importance of healthy eating; but they should include fresh vegetables and fruits even if they do not prefer it. However, if the kid is not ready to take in healthy foods, do not force him or her. Instead try to camouflage the veggies and fruits in your kids favorite food items. Try making banana or apple muffins and pizzas with a toping of spinach.

# Label fruits and veggies with funny names. For example you can call broccoli as trees or pineapple as a spiky headed and so on making learning and eating a healthy and an enjoyable process.

# Prepare tasty and healthy food. Ranch dress the broccoli and add peanut butter as a topping for celery. You will have to be creative in choosing the right replacement that is healthy and also adds flavor to the food being prepared. Once in a while allow the kid to pic his/her own topping.

# Presentation is the key. Even if you have prepared the most tongue tantalizing food, a poor presentation can make the kid opt another food item. Decorate the food to make funny faces or characters that your kid adores. Food is not a thing to play with, but at times breaking the rules can help you to make your kid healthy food.

There are many other ways through which you can make your child eat healthy; but remember that adding the fun element can help the kid prefer green vegetables and fresh fruits. It is very easy to go off the healthy eating habit but it takes a lot of time and patience to get the child eat what is healthy for him or her. A little bit of mind game will make the process easy and fun for both, parents and kids.

Healthy Italian Cooking to Start With

Every one loves Italian food but how many try out Italian recipes? Italian dishes are very easy to learn and are also healthy. You have to be aware of a few factors before you learn Italian. Moreover you should also have the interest and time to learn them.

Before the Italian dishes one should know that Italian give priority to food and so take the necessary concern and effort to cook their dishes. To start with you can cook the Italian recipe given below.

Mediterranean and Basil Pasta

The Mediterranean Basil Pasta is one of the healthy Italian recipes which you can learn. You need the following ingredients to cook this recipe:

Red Peppers seeded and cut into chunks -2
Red Onions cut into wedges – 2
Red chili pepper seeded and diced-2
Garlic cloves-3
Superfine sugar, salt and pepper-1tsp each
Tomatoes quartered-2lbs
Pasta-10 ounces
Basil leaves-10
Parmesan cheese-2tbsp

Keep all the above mentioned ingredients ready before you start with the recipe. Heat oven to 400F and roast the cut vegetables in a large roasting tin. Dust with sugar and sprinkle oil. Now roast the vegetables till they become tender.

Take a large pan and cook the pasta in salted boiling water till they become soft. Add the roasted vegetables to the cooked pasta. Shred basil leaves and sprinkle them along with the parmesan cheese on the top of the vegetable pasta mix before you serve.

This recipe is very simple and very easy to prepare. Italian food has many more such simple and healthy recipes which we can prepare with ease which is not only relishing but are also nutritive. This is the reason people love Italian food.

Easy Thanksgiving Recipes – Some Tips

Easy Thanksgiving Recipes for a Relaxed Family Dinner:

Thanksgiving is the traditional holiday in America when people offer thanks to the many blessings showered upon them. Women get up early at the dawn and busy themselves in preparing the feast. My mother is totally exhausted by the time she sits at the dinner table.

Her efforts have not gone in vain as all the members of the family enjoy her dishes, regale themselves and compliment her. I decided a few years ago to plan and organize better instead of getting exhausted and worn out with easy Thanks giving recipes and do ahead recipes without loss of any taste. The aim is to devote more time with my family on Thanksgiving instead of gluing one self in the kitchen with the hot oven.

The turkey is the star of the dinner table. Why does the turkey take six hours to cook instead of the normal four hours? The secret lies here. Measure a cupful of cube butter and add what ever seasonings you enjoy. Separate the breast and thigh skin from the meat with your fingers. Dont split the skin. Let some one help you hoist the bird up while you pour the melted butter in between skin and meat. Distribute the butter evenly with your hands to touch every bit of meat you can reach. Place the turkey on a rack in the resting pan and cover with foil. The result is the best self basting turkey ever. The oven should not be opened till it is cooked according to the weight and time given on the package. Perfect turkey is now guaranteed.

I went in search of easy Thanksgiving recipes that could be made ahead of time. Just spend an hour a day of thanksgiving week and you can get away ahead. So when Thanksgiving Day arrive just stuff the bird and pop it in the oven. Then you can completely relax and have fun with the family. Green salads and vegetables take only a few minutes. You can set the table on Wednesday night.

Traditional Thanksgiving dishes that can be prepared in advance include Cranberry sauce, biscuits and rolls, pies, rice dishes, appetizers. Many are tasty when seasonings marry for a day or two. For me Thanksgiving recipes are those prepared at my leisure up to a week ahead of time. Biscuits, rolls, and pies are good to start with as these breeze well for a couple of weeks at least. An hour for each is enough. Prepare Cranberry on Tuesday for the bet flavor.

For truly Thanksgiving recipes that appetite you can buy a tray of frozen shrimp with cocktail sauce. Stop by the deli for an assortment of meats for your antipasto. Wrap them tightly in foil and freeze. Pick up the cheeses on Tuesday or Wednesday without freezing, as cheese suffers in freezing. One of the fancy cheese balls coated with nuts is another easy Thanksgiving recipe. You may set it on a plate and surround it with an assortment of crackers! Happy Thanksgiving.

Healthy Cooking Should Be Made Compulsory in Families

View points differ from one family to another when it comes to cooking healthy foods. Each has their set of recipes which have their own healthy value. There are some recipes which are really very healthy but are hidden so it is the duty to cook the right recipe. Food which can create allergies should not be prepared and caution should be taken while taking into account such recipes.

No one wants to spend time and effort for a food which will be rejected by the families not knowing the health value of it so one finds it tough to cook such meals. But to keep the family happy one must learn the new tricks and tactics of cooking for the family to also remain benefited from the dishes.

In modern times, overweight and shedding pounds has become the norm of the day so a balanced and healthy food habits should not only be practiced but also imbibed in children to follow them. So you should always be aware that the cooked food is both healthy and rich in the nourishment necessary for an individual. This does not mean a total cut down on the favorites. You can have it once in a while but always see to it that everything is in the limit and the food we take should benefit our body.

Despite the fact that healthy cooking recipes are limited one can always seek the help of a nutritionist, doctor or books to alter their cooking to a better and a new one. These days plenty of books are available in the market which abundance knowledge about healthy eating and cooking. Your local library can also be of great help in this matter. In todays digital era internet and websites provide plenty of information regarding healthy eating and cooking and healthy living.
Books and magazines are available in plenty which are full of nutritive recipes for healthy living. One can always take the guidance of these books to cook a healthy meal. The best part is the matter of interest that encourages one to cook healthy whether he/she cook for one or for many.

People again fall into the controversy that cooking healthy food is costlier than the packed foods. Yes it is a bit expensive but when compared to the medical bills paid it is not at all costly. When it is properly planned about what to cook and how much nutritive it is going to be and also determining the correct quantity it can be seen that you actually spend less for healthy foods. And to maintain a n active and healthy life in the long run it is always better to have healthy food.

Changing over to healthy cooking cannot be instant. It needs time and proper action. Proper planning and judgment has to be made in every step to inculcate the habit of healthy cooking and eating. Make prudent choice while making the shopping list and also while buying it. So slowly and steadily you can add nutritive recipes in you menu and bring about healthy cooking and healthy eating habits.

These little steps taken lead you to a positive goal of healthy eating. Soon you can find that your family has more energy and good health than you anticipate due to the change in the food habits and healthy cooking. You could also reward yourself with a new dress or two when you start losing excess weight as a result of healthy cooking and eating.

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