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Food Portion Sizes – Some Facts

Food portion sizes and dieting:

People trying to lose weight are generally familiar with the impediments on their way. You begin to wonder some times why your weight loss program ends in utter failure. Are you eating much fat, are you not looking taking enough grains and vegetables? How much problem you should take and from where is it right to eat animal products or should eat tofu? These are all the questions which the dieters are plagued with.

The most significant factor neglected by many dieters is food portion sizes. Whatever healthy food you eat, too much of it, according to research, will not result in loss of weight. The old idea that you can eat as much of vegetables and grains as you wish is a myth and has become irrelevant today and has lost credibility. According to many weight loss experts and gurus food portion size is the most important and significant factor in weight loss.

The disadvantage is that there is no guide to portion sizes of food. Though USDA food portion sizes guideline is available for reference it is not accepted universally. The bureaucratic government may take years to update food guidelines to the latest thinking. Each diet plan appears to have its own guidelines for food portion sizes.

You have to find a standard and stick to it which is an important thing. Many people commit the blunder of deciding food portion sizes through their sight. This causes some of the problems we face in our welfare. We have grown up in an atmosphere where more is considered better. Restaurants, cafeterias and even house holds serve large portion of food that are excessive though they look normal.

A friend of mine, a dieting expert, endorses the rule of determining the food portion sizes. While you all first starting diet, try out a basic type of food- a plain vegetable dish, a breast of chicken or anything and se how much you need to feel satisfied. Two thirds of that, roughly, is the appropriate food portion size. When you start dieting you should feel that you are always hungry. If you dont feel like that you are probably eating a little too much.

How to Distinguish Classic French Cooking From Others

Many cooking experts consider French cooking as an art that is filled with creams and sauces. The look and feel of every French dish makes our mouth water instantly. But the one those stick out are the classic French cooking and baking food items making the recipes and the dish itself special to everyone. But is classic French cooking same as easy French cooking? Well, it is not as difficult as it seems. You can get to read many tips and techniques used in classic French cooking through many reliable sources like the internet or popular French recipe books. You just have to get used to the cooking and baking techniques adopted by the French to make their food tantalizing.

Did you know that classic French cooking is believed to be an anti-depressant? There have been many romantic stories that materialized over a creamy cheesecake or an espresso. Many French lives were made over French crepes, made perfect with chocolate ganache. To be an expert in classic French cooking you simply have to have knowledge on various cooking methodologies, cooking vessels and the ingredients that act as the main component to build a wonderful French delicacy.

Classic French Cooking and You

A chef who is trying to learn classic French cooking should know how crepes are defined in France and also understand the exact method of julienning vegetables. Cooking has a lot more to do than simply blending the ingredients and typically following the given recipe. What is important in classic French cooking is the knack of rolling the truffles and to checkout whether the right ingredients is being used or not. While you are trying the light desserts that are the most common examples of classic French cooking and baking, you will have to be aware of the fact why super strained sugar is used and what other alternates can you find for a given ingredient. But only the right blend of ingredients makes great flavors and dishes.

So the next thing you will have to concentrate on is the main courses. A classic French cooking involves the rich sauces enhancing the main course, the light weight pastries and of course the carefully selected wine for your guests. Believe me if you have mastered the simple and classic French cooking then your culinary skill is going to make you famous.

After a certain period of your cooking, it does not really matter which type of person is having your food, sweet lover or a gourmet. What matters is the learning experience and how much you have customized the recipe to yours and your audiences taste. Make sure, after cooking, you sit comfortably in a peaceful place and enjoy the food you prepared with your loved ones.

Food Calories List – Some Facts

How to use Food Calories List

Dieting includes a number of complex strategies and it is impossible to manage all immediately. I have attempted to use diets with food points, food portion size guidelines, food pyramid charts and others but got confused in the long run. I dont watch and exercise my eating habits and with so many different criteria to keep track of I do not fare better and remain in the same position as before. At length I found a solution though after a long time in the form of a food calories left.

On a particular day, browsing the web for dieting advice I stumbled on an online alphabetical lit of calories in food. With this list of calories in food you have to just keep track of one factor viz. how many calories you consume every day. We know that we should diet by reducing fat; increasing fiber, take in the right amount of protein but very of us have the time and urge to do so according to the food calories list. In a way, you need not do that at all. Irrespective of what you eat, if you restrict and cut your calories you will lose weight 1200 calories of pure fat will bring down your weight while 2500 calories of vegetables every day will add to your weight. So the significant factor is how many calories you consume everyday.

Food calorie lists are not as simple as they are made out to be. The number cannot be applied as it is. A little bit of simple mathematics is involved. A food calories list depends on portion size. A quarter pound of chicken costs more calories than an ounce. So it is how much you eat that matters. By using the list for some time you can measure by seeing the quantity of food. Though you are not exact to the point of count, you can come close enough. There will be a huge difference in your dieting even when use the food calories list casually. Try it yourself and be impressed with the results as it happened to me.

How To Develop Easy Italian Cooking Skills

The modern media has an abundance of cooking resources unlike the olden days when traditional cooking was passed generation to generation with very little written documents. This is why cooking has been a widely pursued and loved interest and thanks to all those who share their knowledge, tips and techniques with the common man through the internet, books and television. If you are keen in learning Italian cooking then you should be happy to know that there are many easy to learn classes and techniques for your help. You can also source out easy Italian cooking classes online where you will also an option of viewing “live” courses that offer tips and tricks of the field. There are even websites dedicated to Italian cooking which also discusses about the best wines you can serve with which dishes, the finest store to shop for saut pans and many other cooking related information just to help you cook delicious and easy Italian cooking.

It doesnt matter whether you have just begun or have mastered the skill of cooking, preparing mouth watering dishes, especially Italian delights is quite easy. Rather many experts believe that Italian cooking is one of the most enjoyable of all the cooking forms. With so many alternates and variety of olive oils, sausages, spices and sauce options it is an individuals choice to cook a dish that proves his/her culinary skills and sense of taste.

Learn Easy Italian Cooking With Weekend Cookery Classes

Did you know that garlic can be easily roasted in the oven? You simply have to cut the cloves top, damping it with virgin olive oil, casing it loosely in aluminum foil and then heating it at 400 degree for about 30 minutes. Once it is cooked remove the clove from the foil allowing it to cool for some time and then gently press the pod for the pulp to come out easily. The best part of oven roasting garlic is that you can stock the pulp in the refrigerator for a month or so and use the required quantity as and when you want to add them in sauces or other dishes. You can also prepare a puree of the pulp to use it as homemade bread spread.

Now you must be wondering how easy Italian cooking is. Loads of creativity and the passion to cook delicacies are the main factors that make an ordinary cook a skillful chef! You just have to enroll yourself in one of the weekend courses to learn the tips and tricks of the field and then preparing treats and feasts for your loved ones. You not only learn the tricks of easy Italian cooking but also save a lot on money and time when you attend these classes.

Make sure you register for the class in advance because such special classes often get filled up sooner than the rest. The best part about these cookery classes is that you learn the cuisines in a weekends time which otherwise would have taken a lot of time experimenting in your heated kitchen. So what are you waiting for? Go search on the web for the best cooking classes on easy Italian cooking and become a Chef italiano.

Find Out Whether Atkins Right For You

Even though Atkins diet is popular around the world, people often ask themselves Is this the right diet program for me? Prior to deciding on the diet, take some time to understand which low carb diet is appropriate for your lifestyle. As the adage goes, one mans food is another mans poison a diet that has proved effective for others may not be capable of helping you when trying to lose weight. There is no diet recommended to all because individual needs are quite different from one another. This is why it is necessary to think twice before starting to follow the Atkins diet.

First of all, assess your dieting history. People trying to shed the extra fat from their body for many number of years, would have surely tried a range of diet programs. Make a note of the diets you have been following and write down the basic rules that you had followed on every diet. You should also make a note of the reason why you left the various diets. Also write your experiences while on low-fat and calorie controlled diets. Did hunger bite your stomach very often, or did your cravings for food increase? Did you experience any negative consequence or where you filled with energy? Write them all down.

Write all your experiences with low carb diets like the negative results or difficulties you had to face in the initial stage, your diet pattern and the reason behind not following the prescribed low carb diet.

The solutions of these issues will help you determine if the Atkins diet is appropriate or not. Well it is very easy to calculate. If you have felt good while on low-fat diets and not contended with low carb diets, then Atkins diet is not the right choice. On the other hand, if you had to work out a little more with other low-carb diets, you can be confident that you had opted for the wrong low-carb diet and Atkins can prove to be a better dieting program. However, those who have experienced negative effects can make use of an altered Atkins diet.

The food you eat and the eating habit you follow can also give you sufficient clues to decide whether to opt for Atkins or not. A few people are sensitive to carbs and so their body reacts in a different way, for example, like food cravings right after finishing a meal. One may even have a strong urge to eat all throughout the day. People often feel giddy, lightheaded, and extremely tired because of the sugar and carbohydrates deprivation. However, you may experience cab sensitivity even after a heavy meal that was filled with sugar and carbohydrates rich food items. If these symptoms occur very often then you should be carb sensitive. See how carbohydrates affect your body and switch to a low carb diet if the symptoms continue to occur.

Before deciding on whether to choose Atkins diet or not, look at your medical and family history. People with pre-diabetic symptoms and those who are diabetic, can choose Atkins for it has low carbohydrates intake. Obese or people over their ideal weight can also benefit from Atkins diet.

Genetic always plays a vital role in determining the health condition of an individual. People with genetically inherited diseases like diabetes and obesity are recommended low carbohydrate diet like Atkins. This diet helps one to recover the blood sugar levels and weight to normal.

With a little assistance and professional approach, you can make the maximum out of this diet called Atkins diet.

How Easy Is Italian Cooking For Beginners

Do you want to become an expert in Italian cooking? Then, you should first of all shed all your hesitation and understand the fact that learning Italian cooking for beginners need not be tough for all. To start with you can begin your learning by identifying the various cooking techniques used while cooking Italian dishes. As you get involved in Italian cooking you will slowly get to know the importance Italians give to the food they eat and which is why they dedicate their time and care while cooking.

Italian cooking for beginners is quite simple learn a simple dish and then start preparing the recipe. The best way to learn cooking is to practically cook and find the outcome yourself. Here is an excellent way to get started with Italian cooking that ti meant especially for beginners.

Chicken Cacciatore – An Easy Recipe For Beginners

This recipe is a good one to start with as this Italian cooking is meant for beginners. Chicken Cacciatore is known as the staple food for all Italians and this is why all beginners learn this recipe with complete dedication.

The essential ingredients that will make this recipe complete are:
Chicken – 3pounds (chopped into pieces)
Onion – 1 large (finely chopped)
Mushrooms – 1 pound (sliced)
Dry sherry wine – 1 cup
Chicken broth – 1 cup
Marinara sauce – 2 cups
Olive oil – cup
Fresh parsley – 1 tablespoon (finely chopped)
Salt and pepper

To begin with, place a large frying pan on a medium flamed stove and add olive oil. As the oil is heated, put in the chicken pieces into the pan. Wait till the chicken is completely cooked and fry it changes its color to brown from all sides. Once this is done, you will have to add the finely chopped and sliced onions and mushrooms. Cook the mixture for a minute or so while you stir and blend all the ingredients in the pan.

When the fixings are cooked, drain the excess oil. Add salt and pepper to taste and then add the wine to the mixture. While stirring, make sure, you scrap the bottom of the pan so that you dont leave in any residue in the end.

To complete your recipe, add the marinara sauce and chicken broth. Allow the mixture to come to a boil. Slowly simmer the flame and cook the gravy for half an hour. Finally, transfer the mixture into a serving plate and top it with sauce to give a finished look. Your chicken cacciatore is ready to be served hot!

This simple recipe proves that Italian cooking for beginners neednt always be tough or tricky. All you will need to devote is some of your valuable time and care to make a delicious Italian cooking delight.

Eight Ways to Eat Healthy While on a Budget

Having problem with pricey food items? Do you cook an average meal because the veggies and other food items exceed your budget? If you have a yes to any of these questions then this article will help you understand how easy it is to eat healthy on a budget.

Remove junk food from your list

It would be wise to leave children out of your shopping trip so that you can do your shopping yourself, peacefully and wisely. At times a partner also tends to influence his or her spouse to buy junk food; so make sure you keep them out of your shopping program.

Substitute sodas with water or milk

Drink adequate amount of water or milk, especially when you have the urge to drink carbonated beverages. You can stall these soft drinks for sporting event or night out and even then make sure you have them in a little quantity. While shopping, buy the smallest available soft drink to stick to your budget and also to prevent calorie intake. Milk is an essential beverage for young and old. It also strengthens the bones and teeth making an individual healthy.

Get seasonal fruits

Buy fruits of the current season and stock any excess fruit in the freezer so that you can enjoy the fruit even in other seasons. Clean the fruit with water, remove any damaged or rotten piece, let it dry and then freeze them in plastic zipper bags.

Eat meat and beans

The best sources of protein are meat and beans. Since lean meat is costlier than meats and has excess fat, it is advisable to go for normal meat. You can get canned beans, which are also an amazing source of protein, at a very reasonable price.

Substitute beans for meat

Try substituting beans for meat when ever possible. There is a variety of beans available in the market that can be cooked easily. This way you can cook them in a crock pot and consume the cooked beans once you are back home.

According to USDA, beans should be consumed at least four times in a week. Those who experience gastric trouble after eating beans should wash the beans, boil it in water and then letting it cool.

Add fish to your diet

Do you live in a coastal region? If yes, try adding fish into your regular meal. You can get variety of fishes from the nearby lakes or rivers, that will save your time, and cost.

Substitute butter with peanut butter

Peanut butter can be a great substitute for butter, especially to those who are being health and cost conscious. Eat sandwiches with peanut butter spreads instead of having hot dogs. However, peanut butter should be refrigerated but you get jars of various sizes to choose from according to your need.

Include high water content food in the diet

Have food stuffs like watermelon, salads, and sugar free gelatin that are rich in water content. This will not only keep your tummy full but also keep your body hydrated.

Change your diet for good as eating healthy will help you stay healthy. Remember health is wealth and do not stake your health just to save a few dollars. Explore the nature and include all that is healthy and also fall in your budget.

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