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Grape Fruit Juice Diet Can Do Wonders To Your Body

grape fruit juice diet Can Do Wonders To Your Body

A dietician is not necessary every time you want to start a diet. You can find a lot of information on the Internet. You will even find a lot of forums and blogs that provide good information and advice with regards to the best possible diets.

A fruit and vegetable juice diet is the best possible diet. The other popular fruit diet is the grape fruit juice diet. Prior to starting any form of diet you must consult with a doctor. Only when you know that you are fit for the diet should you start on grape fruit juice diet.

The Ways in Which a Grape Fruit Juice Diet Works on You

A grape fruit juice diet has been successful on a number of people. The two main reasons why the works well is because it is used for detoxing as well as losing weight. By detoxing, all the toxins and harmful chemicals in your body get washed away and because of the low calorie intake you gradually reduce your weight.

A grape fruit juice diet that is rich in antioxidants flushes away all the harmful materials and toxins. The grape fruit juice diet helps in activating your metabolism by detoxing first, and this helps in removing all that extra fat from your body. The other reason it is good for weight loss in as mentioned previously the low calorie intake, that naturally metabolizes all that extra fat that make you lose weight.

Impressive Homemade Candy for Your Valentine

Try these recipes out this Valentines Day to impress your valentine rather than buying the regular box of chocolates. These recipes can be prepared even by a novice in cooking and the sweat and love put in by you to make these candies is sure to create an impact on your sweet heart.

Bon Bons

1/4 cup melted butter
1 can sweetened condensed milk
1 lb. powdered sugar
1 14 or 16-oz. pkg. coconut
1 6-oz. pkg. chocolate chips
1/2 cake Parawax

Mix together butter, milk, coconut and sugar and chill it for half an hour. Make small balls out of the dough and chill it for the second time. Melt wax and chocolate in a bowl placed over a bowl of hot water. The wax is added to keep the chocolate solid even at room temperature. Dip the coconut balls in the chocolate liquid and put on greased paper to cool. The Bon Bons are ready.

Bourbon Balls

1/2 cup butter
1 cup powdered sugar
4 tbsp. bourbon
1 cup finely chopped pecans
1 lge. pkg. semisweet chocolate chips
1 tbsp. paraffin

Mix together butter and sugar to a cream. To it add bourbon and pecans. Make small balls from the dough and put it on waxed paper. Freeze these balls for half an hour. Liquefy chocolate chips and add paraffin. Dip the balls in the chocolate and allow it to solidify and become hard on a wax paper.

You have also to think how to present the made candies in an attractive way. You can wrap the candies in a crimped candy wrapper and arrange them in a valentine box. Alternatively you can wrap them one by one in colored cellophane paper. A stuffed small teddy bear or a bunch of roses can be added to the presentation. One should use his creativity in the arrangement that your valentine is full of praises for the gift given with effort and love. These gifts speak volumes than the last minute flowers or readymade chocolates. It also shows reflects your love for her.

The art of cooking is among the most intimate things that we can do for another.
Charlie Trotter

How to Make a Gourmet Recipe

Ordinary Cooks and Gourmet Recipes on the Fly

Irrespective of your ability to cook or not, it is eminently possible for your enjoy gourmet meals. If you enjoy cooking you may think that gourmet recipe is no where near your scope. If you dont enjoy cooking your favorite gourmet dishes are not served at home. It is always possible to prepare gourmet recipes and get much applause on your home cooked gourmet dish. There are eight such dishes easy to prepare and delicious in taste.

At the restaurant, almost every item of the menu may be termed as a gourmet selection. What you mean by gourmet is complicated sauces, fine combination of perfect ingredients which is a reasonable expectation.

Diners generally dont realize that in spite of not being professional saucers, they can make a reasonable replica of the wonderful dish at home. Bottled sauces and marinades from the market can come to your help. Surely your friends and family will love it and enjoy such sauces are pricey and can flavor food incredibly.

The secret of success of your recipes is the freshness and the over all quality of ingredients. Gourmet cooks fuss about this notoriously. This factor is the cause of all the difference.

Three ingredients make over first gourmet recipe. Chicken in pleasant sauce is delightful and easy. Slice two boneless chicken breasts into 1.1/2 slices. Saut the chicken at 425 degrees for just a few minutes, so that there is no pink meat, put the chicken into a bowl and add a few table spoons of bottled Thai styled peanut sauce. Mix till it is well coated. Serve over hot rice. Drizzle warm peanut sauce over the dish. As a variation you can substitute bottled lemon pepper sauce or sweet and sour sauce for the peanut sauce.

Fish makes for a natural easy and spectacular gourmet recipe. Use six ounces of fish for serving and microwave as per the instructions of the butcher. Top with bottled salsa or chutney. Search some bottled white sauce with capers and white pepper. Top each serving with a couple of table spoons of sauce salmon and hollandaise are a heavenly match.

Portobello mushrooms, crab meat stuffed and with cheese is a stunning dish. Pick very carefully for cartilage. Allow about 3 ounces for serving. For each serving use about 1/3 to cups diced Havarti dill cheese and cup of plain bread crumbs. Mix it all in a bowl. Then divide among the stemmed whole mushrooms. Broil till the cheese is melted and browned lightly. Top each with a spring of fresh tarragon and serve.

Hence there are eight gourmet recipes that you can prepare in no time.

How to Prepare Peach Crab Lanterns at Home

1/2 cup plus 2 tbsp. sugar
1/2 cup water
3 fresh peaches
1/2 tsp. ground cinnamon
1 cup sifted all-purpose flour
2 tsp. baking powder
1/4 tsp. salt
1/4 cup butter
1 egg yolk
3 tbsp. milk

Make syrup with cup sugar and water. Peel and slice peaches with half inch thickness and cook in the sugar syrup. Add cinnamon and keep cooking for two minutes. Cool the peach syrup mixture. Sieve flour, baking powder, salt and the rest of the sugar and mix well. Add butter with pastry blender. Make a mixture of egg yolks and milk and add to the sieved flour with a fork. Take one half of the dough and roll them on a floured board as thick as a pie crust. Take large coffee cups and make circles and cut it. Place drained peach slices on the 2/3rds of the circle. Fold with the half and seal edges. Prick on the tops and deep fry till brown in 350 degrees fat. Drain the fried lanterns on paper towels and sprinkle powdered sugar if preferred.

One can also use apple for this recipe if preferred.

Serves: 12

Useful tips: In olden days people would have considered frying in fat. But todays generation it is better to use a vegetable shortening and avoid deep fry with liquid oils and they can give an oily feeling and taste.

“Laughter is brightest, in the place where the food is.”
Irish proverb

Gourmet Pizza Recipes – its Easy

Gourmet pizza recipes with simple ingredients

Pizza is a mouth watering prospect for most Americans. It does not require much of a sales job for the family to make it to nights dinner. American pizzas are weighty with a dozen or more toppings loads of cheese and sauce. But authentic Italian Pizzerias go a little lighter on all of the ingredients. They believe in the dictum less is more. It is an equally delicious alternative to the American version.

In spite of stiffer competition we are so enamored of pizza that hops are producing the gourmet pizza recipes. Gourmet pizza comes from the new fusion cooking with in conventional ingredients and sauces that taste differently to our palate. The only common thing in to days gourmet pizza recipes is the crust.

As such you can make your own gourmet pizza recipe at home eat to your hearts contact and save money. With a bread machine it is easy to make pizza crust. While making your own pizza a crust you can add herbs to the dough to complement youre topping choices. In case you cannot spend time on it get one at the super market.

You should have seen the new off beat combinations that are standard fare at the chain pizza places. Surely, there is merit in the ham, onions and pineapple chunks combo. That which comes closer to my idea of a gourmet pizza recipe is Alfredo sauce.

If we call these new things gourmet pizza recipes it is but fitting to use gourmet ingredients. We mostly consider gourmet food costly. But pizza requires only small amount of ingredients and it is still economical when we use a couple of morels or an ounce of Parmesan.

Sweet bell pepper, not considered gourmet ingredients just a year ago, is an eligible gourmet food in my book, when a single pepper bell goes for $ 2. Red, yellow, orange and green bell peppers are eminently suitable for any pizza combination. These tasty vegetables can also be diced up and frozen in sufficient water to cover with a table spoon of lemon juice stored in a zipper bag.

A large bell pepper gives out enough material for three pizzas and hence cost is not at all a real problem. Though a jar of fire roasted red peppers cost about three dollars a small amount of it is enough for at least four gourmet pizza recipes. The cost of a jar of capers is $ 2.50. By investing just a couple of bucks every time you shop you will have a nice collection of gourmet ingredients to choose for your next creation.

More exotic mushrooms varieties are available in dried form only. They can easily be rehydrated according to requirement. Dried mushrooms have a self life of at least six months and need not be wasted. Fresh white mushrooms can be sliced and flash frozen on a cookie sheet and then stored in a zipper bag in the freezer.

Let us find out how we might improve upon the pizza shops new gourmet fusion style. Can we combine salad shrimp, morel mushrooms, diced red Spanish onion, finely sliced green onions and freshly shaved Parmesan over a base of Alfredo sauce? Additional complex flavor is brought in to the sauce by the extra Parmesan. Add to the dough a few bits of fresh dill. You will then a get a colorful pizza visually appealing and delicious without much expense. You will, thus, amaze and stun your friends and family with your creativity and gourmet skills.

Chicken and capers are really heavenly matched. En elegant, colorful and delectable gourmet pizza recipe is made through a thin coating of white sauce, topped with diced chicken cooked and browned, a sprinkling of capers and a few diced red Spanish onions. Try the gourmet chicken sausages at the meat counter in the place of usual standard sausages. They are fresh and home made with unusual seasonings and additions like apples for increasing the taste.

The more you strain your brain for new and creative gourmet pizza recipes the more your instincts will work. Add ingredients you like and surely it will taste good. Follow a seasoning guide or book online. This will prevent you from choosing herbs that do not match or agree with your ingredient mix.

Gradually a person in the household will realize that the pizzas are recipes you have made up. Then ever one will attempt at his own gourmet pizza recipe. You will be surely
honored and appreciated as the Creator of this excellent fun.

How to Prepare Hawaiian Cake Quickly and Easily

This Hawaiian cake will prompt you to think about the warmer places during winter. Move to a hot place from this chilly winter and enjoy the warmth of this Hawaiian cake.

1 stick butter or margarine
1/2 cup light brown sugar
1/2 cup white sugar
1 egg
1 cup flour
1 1/2 tsp. baking powder
1/8 tsp. salt

Mix butter and sugar till it becomes like a cream. Beat eggs thoroughly and mix it with this cream. Now add the flour, salt and baking powder. Mix well to make a good batter. Grease and flour a cake pan. Pour the batter and put it to bake. Bake till it is done.

Useful tips: Butter and margarine can be used alternatively while baking a cake. Although butter gives a better flavor many people use margarine as it contains less fat and is good for health. Never use a whipped or low calorie butter/ margarine. It may have air in it due to which the cake is not properly baked.


Drained pineapple
2 eggs
1 cup sugar
1 cup coconut
1 cup pecans
Let the drained pineapple be laid out in a pan. Beat eggs thoroughly. Add sugar, coconut and the said nuts. Now scatter evenly the pineapple pieces. Put it in a preheated oven and bake it at 350degrees for half an hour. The pineapple topping is ready.

Facts In ancient times sugar was so costly that it was preserved to be used only for wine and medicines.

“The discovery of a new dish does more for the happiness of mankind than the discovery of a star.”
Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

Ginger Bread Cookies – Its Delicious

Ginger Bread Cookies – Many Functions

Christmas tide is noted not only for opening of gifts but for baking also. Delicious dishes galore are so many that you could spend days together in the kitchen. Your excitement will soar for the dessert when your family is ready over supper. Your selection of baked goods is so wonderful that the guests are amazed at your talent and delicate taste. It is real fix to exhibit your baking power and also to have some one to assist you in baking ginger Bread cookies are one of the most popular baked goods during the Christmas season. They are useful in many ways and are of excellent taste.

For festive delicacies shape the dough into little men called ginger bread men. After baking get your friends and families to decorate their own cookie with different colors of icing and many other little sweets. The group will have a great activity together and can also join them to decorate the cookies. It will elicit true laughter. You can also put them in packages and present them to your friends and relatives as an inexpensive but thoughtful holiday gift.

Another function of the gingerbread soon after baking is to make gingerbread houses similar to gingerbread men but more intricate and executed by a whole group. Icing and other candies still be used to decorate but you require a large number as you have to beautify a little gingerbread house. After decorating the house you can complete the decoration of the front and back yards of the house. This great pastime engages all.

Gingerbreads are very tasty with a hot chocolate or a big glass of milk. The taste of gingerbread can never be other than delicious. Any ones mouth will begin to water at the sight of a nice big plate of gingerbread cookies with hot chocolate and hot apple cider on the side.

Promise to yourself that during the next Christmas season to make at least one Christmas dessert. Surely you will not be disappointed and you will go in search of gingerbread cookies recipes of old generations. It is easy and fun to cook when you are baking with some one whom you like and enjoy splash of flour sent the away and a funny little food fight in the kitchen will heighten the taste of your food product in a better way.

How to Prepare Chocolate Mint Sticks

Here is an awe-inspiring recipe that blends chocolate with mint and is one of my favorites!

2 eggs, beaten
1/2 cup margarine, melted
1 cup sugar
2 squares chocolate, melted
1/2 tsp. peppermint flavoring
1/2 cup flour
1/2 cup shredded almonds

Mix margarine, sugar and eggs whisk them well. Add the peppermint flavor and chocolate. Mix them well till it blends. Add nuts and flour to the batter and mix them well. Take nine inch square pan grease and flour it. Pour the batter and bake it at 350 degrees for half an hour.

Useful tip: Despite the fact that double boiler is the best for melting chocolate what should one do in its absence? A small metal bowl can be placed in a bigger pan of water. Care should be taken that the small bowl sits on the larger pan. One can even microwave the chocolate for melting but without burning it. Time should be set short the chocolate should be mixed regularly.


3 tbsp. margarine
1 tbsp. cream
1 cup powdered sugar
1 tsp. peppermint flavoring
1 square chocolate

Mix cream with two tablespoons of margarine. Then add sugar and peppermint flavor. Spread the mixture over the cookie layer and leave aside. Wait till it sets. Soften the remaining margarine with chocolate and spread evenly on the first frosting. Freeze it. Cut them into bars.

Serves: 4 dozen strips

Facts: Half the worlds production of chocolate is consumed by the Americans. Their intake is 3 billion pounds of chocolate every year. This accounts to 10 pounds of chocolate per individual.

If the divine creator has taken pains to give us delicious and exquisite things to eat, the least we can do is prepare them well and serve them with ceremony.
Fernand Point

Garden Salad Recipe – Its Tasty

The most versatile and Healthful Garden Salad Recipe

It is patent that most of us do not get our five to eight servings of fruits and vegetables every day. There are very expensive and so it is not possible to eat them in large quantities. No doubt, these foods are highly beneficial, full of anti oxidants, vitamins, trace minerals, fiber, and anti ageing effects, but the thought of five to eight servings in a three meal days, quite alarming and unmanageable.

Our health will be better if we take these foods regularly. It is a miracle if you can make your child eat green beans. You have to think of ways and means to increase fruit and vegetable consumption in your family. A garden salad recipe is the answer and that is your own creation.

You can hide up a few of the five to eight servings, masterfully by serving a garden salad every night with dinner with a few all through the week in the lunch box. The problem with produce prices is that much of its wasted. You make a garden salad to night with Romaine Hearts, tomatoes and a cucumber and then totally forget these choice ingredients. Tomorrow it is green beans and the next day it is corn. Therefore you dont move towards the fish produce stand as you feel guilty and cannot afford to waste.

This is the sneaky way to force your menus with those healthful plant companions along with your regular meals. Let the garden salad recipe a daily feature at the dining table. It can be small but tasty. The salad is not a whole some dish as to effect eating the main dish you can probably add a few canned or frozen green beans or corn with the attractive meat loaf.

The greatness of garden salad is that it requires no recipe. Any ingredient is suitable an by changing them daily you can use up leftovers, add a couple of sliced mushrooms or a can of sliced olives with a mix of the weeks produce. The only constant in the garden salad is the greens. In the place of iceberg better have garden salad recipes with different textures and types of greens- choose them according to season for their value, nutrition, and cost?

Use tomatoes and green onions when they are at the peak of freshness. Wash and crisp your greens soon after you return from the store putting them in paper towels inside a zip plastic bag to keep them fresh and crisp. You can use these when the fresh produce is exhausted. That small bit of broccoli or three bean salad can go with a few shavings of parmesan and croutons for a brand new garden salad recipe.

Let your garden salad be an appetizer every night. Soon you will find your kid and family expect this addition in your menus. Dont waste, be satisfied and healthy.

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