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Italian Cooking For The Rest Of US

Italian cooking is usually associated with pasta, garlic, tomato sauces and tasty breads. But this type of cooking has many more varieties to taste. Despite the fact that pizzas, pastas and sweet sausages are excellent, there are many more recipes and dishes which are prepared in different parts of Italy which are really delicious.

Returning from a hard days work makes us to eat food from a restaurant although we know that cooking at home is less expensive and is healthy for us. In such cases Italian cooking comes handy as it has many recipes which can be prepared within half an hour in a simple and easy way. Here are few of them:

-Grilled sausages with ginger and fresh Italian peppers and onions
-Angel hair pasta with a creamy wine sauce and parmesan cheese sprinkled on the top
-Shrimp/Sausage/Beef spaghetti (one or a combination of meats) with fresh sauted vegetables and garlic

The other recipes Italian desserts which are creamy cheese cakes with Italian berries, cool sorbets, myriad and other sweet dishes which are very delicious.

Enroll Yourself into an Italian Cooking School

To learn these Italian cooking you have to enroll yourself in some schools which teach Italian cooking. Enquire and search for one in your city. If you do not find one there are many cooking courses available online which can be downloaded or purchased to serve your purpose. These online details offer recipes step by step which will be very easy for you to note down and they guide you with all other details also. The biggest advantage of these online classes is that they can view at ones feasibility. It can be viewed early in the morning before your daily routine or at night after the kids go to bed.

You can include Italian cooking in your routine cooking if you are a novice or an expert. Your family will be happy on you effort taken to dish out Italian recipes. These Italian soups and stocks can be prepared beforehand and refrigerated so that you can serve them later. The advantage of Italian food over American food is that, it can be prepared in advance and kept frozen to be reheated later. This can serve the purpose when you have unexpected guests. Further more motivation to learn Italian cooking is that its leftovers are never wasted.

Healthy Chicken Recipes Are Always Great

healthy chicken recipes – A Great Diet Plan

Chicken is one of the most affordable and healthy meats. Serving fried chicken may be enjoyable once a week but it will soon lose its appeal because of repetition. Many healthy recipes can be prepared in different ways to substitute healthy chicken recipes. In case you want to lose weight chicken can kick start your diet plan with a bang? The rest of the family may be none the wiser. You will have requests from many for an encore of the dish which could satisfy the palate of the most stringent dieter. There are here a few ideas to help you on this economical dish.

By the natural chicken, raised as free ranging with out antibiotics and hormones and on natural pesticide free grains. Though expensive it is worth while for its nutritional value and taste. Even regular smokers can discern a difference in taste. These natural meats cannot be taken in larger quantities for which I have no clue. The healthy chicken recipe should begin with the healthiest chicken.

You can derive more value and profit for the purchase by skinning the chicken pieces and saving the skin and fat for a large batch of chicken broth with flavor. Skin off the fat and freeze the broth for emergency when some one is down with flu. A few scientists anxious to know why chicken soup is so effective point out that there is a magic component of fat as an ingredient. Dont run away from utilizing the fat which is good medicine.

The manner of cooking is very significant in preparing a proper healthy chicken recipe. Baking, grilling and poaching require little fat. Though fat makes the recipe delicious, calorie can be avoided. Super market shelves are over flowing with dozens of marinades and glazes. If time permits you can make marinades yourself. Online search shall reveal plenty of recipes for you. Lively herb and spice rubs can more than substitute the forbidden fat. You can use herbs as salt substitutes. The herbal mixtures, though without salt bring out the flavor of the meat.

Chicken, similar to mild flavored fish is the tune with sauces with a good amount of pizzas. Lemon chicken served over rice tastes like gourmet fare and is a dream of the dieter. Though plain boneless broiled chicken breast is a healthy recipe it lacks the flavor worth tasting. Ladle a few table spoon of sweet and sour sauce over that chicken for an elegant dish. Serve on a bed of rice pilaf and garnish with fresh parsley. Your healthy chicken recipe equals the recipe of an up scale restaurant.

At your visit to market check out the aisle with dressings sauces and marinades. Most supermarkets now have chutneys and other exotic vegetable sauce combinations. Capers adorn with their piquant taste make a great seasoning for chicken. So dice or julienne your favorites and mix with a bottled glaze according to your preferred flavor. Healthy chicken recipes cannot afford to be dull. Find a new way to prepare this staple menu by using the freshest and bet ingredients. Dieters can easily lose weight and all are happy too.

Is there something called Low Carb Cooking?

Todays generation is more health conscious than what they were before. Dieting and eating low carbohydrates food help them to lose as much pounds they wish. This method is becoming popular day by day as it gives fast and excellent results. So with low carbohydrates or completely doing away with it not only helps us to shed extra pounds from our body but also gives positive results.

This idea is preferred not only by women to maintain a slim and trim figure but also by men who just meat all through the year. Despite the fact that it sounds simple in reality it is difficult to maintain a low carb diet always. It does create problem at one point or the other.

Yes, if you are keen on losing those extra pounds from your body this low carb diet will be surely of help. It should be maintained even after you get the desired results in weight losing. This low carb diet does not exactly bring about a change in your diet so need not bother much and you also get the results you expect.

This type of diet is becoming day by day so popular that you can get the necessary tips and advice on this subject. Moreover with so much demand there is always a alternate when it comes to this low carb diet. Whole Food and Trader Joes is a store where you get all the necessary low carb dietary foods which replaces chocolate and the bread. The other grocery stores also are taking the cue from the public demand that they have even started to offer low carb foods for their customers.

The local library in your area can provide you with plenty of books related to the low carb diets and also the book stores have cookery books which have abundant recipes for this low carbs. The next source is the internet which can really boost up your morale. These cookbooks and recipes can only help you but the real factor is the determination you have to stick on to this low carb dietary schedule. You should follow it word by word and not doing as your mind says to get the desired results from this low carb diet.

Low carb cooking calls for grilling and you should also use it more often than before. George Foreman grill can be used for the days when the outside grill cannot be used. Gone are those days when snow used to cover the bottom of our grill used outside. Finally it is the determination that is going to work wonders with this low carb diet than any other thing. In case you do not find much change after following this low carb diet, then you need to check your recipes and eating and alter it accordingly to get the desired results.

Health Care Recipes for Kids

Serve healthy recipes for Kids

In this modern age your children may laugh if you suddenly serve them a bowl of granola for breakfast instead of the sweet stuff they are used to eating. It looks incredible for you and you are surprised. You have to be a little creative if you want your little sweeties to be converted into healthy recipes for kids. You have to be a little devious. In the sauce way as Rome was not built in a day pattern of healthy eating takes time to settle. It will take considerable time for you to divert your kids from their accustomed junk food and convert them to healthy recipes for kids program. A few tips are given to help convert them.

Substitute the shocking bowl of granola with a fruit smoothie topped off with a dollop of non dairy whipped cream. Serve granola as a snack. Put some nuts and dried fruits to add sweetness. Include a glass of milk with that. In preparing kids for healthy recipes you should be a little sneaky as it is a noble objective. As an after school snack have some whole grain crackers and spinach dip. This resembles chips and dips.

You make your own chicken strips for kids and do not buy the large frozen bag of salt sugar and additive heavy ones at the super market because of the forbidding cost of conventional foods. Children are not at all bothered about their nutritional values. They are disappointed on your inability to procure because of the forbidding cost. Tell them that you are planning to make a big batch of secret recipe for chicken strips. There is real excitement in the kids on knowing this and a beginning has been made for healthy recipes for kids program. There are plenty of healthy chicken strip recipes on line. It is a real treat for kids when your healthy recipes are transformed by a dash of hot sauce or ranch style dressing.

If your kids are on the look out for a couple of cookies or a small candy bar for their lunch, put some home made oat meal raisin cookies, a blue berry muffin or even a piece of carrot cake. You can make them life long converts by doing it over time. Get the fruits they like afresh twice a eek and let them not be wasted. Include fruits in lunches and make smoothies.

Set a good example to draw kids into your collection of healthy recipes. Eat what they eat, serve lean meats and lots of fish and chicken breasts. If children dislike vegetables serve only a small portion and make them eat by cajoling that it is a small quantity and he can eat it for his mom.

Finally, it is all a matter of habit. You need not be a spoil sport regarding food choices. Let your healthy recipes for kids be tempting treats through fair or foul means.

Ingredients for Coconut Cake Supreme

2 3/4 cups sifted cake flour
4 tsp. baking powder
3/4 tsp. salt
3/4 cup butter or shortening
1 1/2 cups sugar
4 egg whites, at room temperature
1 tsp. vanilla extract
1 tsp. almond extract
1 cup milk or coconut milk

Take the aforesaid quantity of flour, baking powder and salt. Mix them together and sieve them three times. Make a cream of the shortening and one cup sugar. Beat egg whites well till flossy and slowly add the left over sugar and keep beating the white till it becomes stiff. Add milk and flour alternatively to the creamed mixture. Mix well. Now fold slowly the stiff egg white to the mixture. Add vanilla essence. Mix it well with the batter. Take three 8 inches pans well greased and floured. Pour the batter into them. Bake the cake for at least half an hour at a degree of 350. Cool it.

Useful tip: The liquid made from the coconut pulp and water is called the Coconut milk. It is a common ingredient used in the Asian dishes. Coconut milk and the cream of the coconut is not the same thing. Never replace one thing for the other. Buy unsweetened coconut milk from the shop for your use.

White Frosting:

2 cups sugar
1 cup water
1/8 tsp. salt
1 tsp. white vinegar
3 egg whites
1/2 tsp. vanilla
1/2 lb. fresh or frozen coconut

To prepare the white frosting mix sugar, salt water and vinegar in a thick bottomed pan. Stir and cook continuously over medium flame till the mixture becomes transparent. Cook till you get a single thread consistency when dropped. Beat the egg whites stiff and add this syrup and beat it continuously. Keep beating till the mixture becomes stiff and holds shape. Now add vanilla essence. Spread between the layers evenly topping it with fresh or frozen coconut. Now cover the top and sides of the cake with the froth. Finally pile it with fresh grated coconut.

Serve: 8-10 people.

One cup of unsweetened grated coconut gives 280 calories and 25 grams of fat. So health conscious people restrict yourself when taking coconut.

An empty stomach is not a good political advisor.
Albert Einstein

Grapefruit Juice Diet Review – Is it Yet Another Craze?

Grapefruit juice diet Review – Is it Yet Another Craze?

The pink grapefruit juice diet has been around for quite sometime unlike the other diets that come in every month. The grapefruit juice diet reviews are mixed with regards to the sustainability it has, however, it is proven that it does cause weight loss at least for a short term.

There is no proof so as to whether this magical fruit called grapefruit actually causes weight loss. Anyhow the grapefruit juice diet reviews have found out that grapefruit is rich in vitamin C and fiber, and it also lower your insulin levels when the person eats causing them to feel less hungry. Although in this way the grapefruit diet plan seems to be a success in the weight loss program, it is not very effective in various other ends.

Details on the Plan

The grapefruit juice diet reviews have found out that most of he plans are low on calorie and carbohydrates and high on protein. The low caloric value is the main cause for weight loss. Anyhow, when this plan is not clubbed with an exercise regimen you will put on weight once you stop dieting.

Also, the grapefruit juice diet review has found out that one half of grapefruit must be intaken along with each meal during the day. The grapefruit can be replaced by eight ounces of unsweetened grapefruit juice. For breakfast, you can take in two eggs and slices of bacon. For lunch, you can have salad dressings and meat prepared in your style. Coffee is also allowable after breakfast. For dinner, the plan is similar to lunch except that you have to add in vegetables that are rich in starch.

Ingredient for Peanut Brittle Deluxe

2 cup sugar
1 cup dark corn syrup
1/4 cup water
1 1/2 cup salted peanuts
2 tbsp. butter
1 tsp. vanilla
2 tsp. soda

Take a three quart saucepan. Mix sugar corn syrup and water in it. Cook the mixture in a medium heat till sugar melts and to prevent it from burning check the heat in a candy thermometer if the heat is 285 degrees. Add peanuts and butter and keep cooking at 295 degrees. Take the help of the candy thermometer. Take out from the heat and then add vanilla essence and soda while continuously mixing it. The process should be done quickly. Now pour the contents on a well oiled cookie sheet. Spread it out as thin as you can. As it begins to set, loosen it and set it upside down. Pull the brittle as thinner as you can. Once cool break it into pieces.

Serve: 2 pounds pf brittle.

Useful tip: Candy thermometers should be used with utmost care. Never dip a candy thermometer right away in the boiling water. Instead place the thermometer in a pan of water and wait till the water boils. You can use the thermometer which has reached the boiling in its measure to check the heat of your candy.

Facts: Peanuts originally were cultivated in South America by the Indians there for the past 2000 years. The slave traders of the Spain and Portugal brought them to Africa and Europe. They also started it in American South and it is one of the major crops even today.

“Food for thought is no substitute for the real thing.”
Walt Kelly

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