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Maintain Healthy Eating Habits Even During Vacations

It is always easy to let go of your healthy habits but very difficult to develop good habits, especially on vacations. Even though people try their best to stick to their healthy routine, they tend to change it when they are lured by ice creams and pastries. However, there are many good ways to keep up on your healthy habits, even on vacations.

Now that we can request for a low fat or a vegetarian food when traveling in an airplane, it is easier to stick on to healthy meals. It is much better than traveling by roads because people often tend to drive into a restaurant to have food after a long journey.

Instead of depending on oily and fatty outdoor foods take nutritional rich food. You can also store your meals in a cooler with ice packs. Fruits, vegetables, crackers, yogurt, and sandwiches are some of the calorie free and nutritionally good foods that will keep you going while traveling.

The next thing is to turn down the minibar key of your hotel so that you will not get attracted to food and beverages stored in it. If the hotel provides a continental breakfast, have loads of fruits, cereals, and protein rich food. If you are lucky and have a stove or microwave in your room, try making your own food simple but healthy dishes.

Make it a point to eat outside food only if it is really necessary. Restaurants serve a huge portion that can complete take you off from your healthy diet. However, if you happen to over eat during a meal time, make sure to cut some calorie rich food in the next meal.

It is always better to have smaller quantities of food after every two or three hours, instead of stuffing oneself with food only with three square meals. This way you help your body get energy with regular eating. Make sure to stay away from appetizers, if you happen to eat out and never miss any of the meal planned for the day.

Try to avoid heavy meals at night because when the body is tired and requires sleep, it functions in a slow speed which means the excess fat and calories take a lot of time to burn down. You should also stay away from butter at night and also avoid eating bread at night time. Fish and poultry can be good alternatives with vegetables making a great side dish.

Despite the fact that it is easy to maintain healthy eating habits during vacation, people fail to follow it. All you need is determination and discipline to have healthy food and to stay away from oily calorie filled food. This will help you lead a healthy and a quality lifestyle.

So, remember all these tips during your next vacation and try to maintain a healthy eating habit. You can treat yourself with outside food once in a while but make sure you compensate for the extra calorie intake by cutting down one portion of your next meal and also exercise even when on vacation.

Tips to Cook Light Pasta Recipes Correctly

Pasta recipes can be cooked excellently whether it is light or heavy but with great flavor with little care and knowledge. By learning the know-how and basics of the pasta recipes one can cook from baked lasagna, a pasta salad or a plateful of pasta and pesto incredibly and also with ease. The starch which is coated on the pasta puffs up and rises as they swell when put in a pan of hot water. The excess starch that is given away temporarily coats the pasta which makes it pasty. As it cools down this starch turns into a soft solid on the exterior of the pasta.

Tips to Prevent Pasta from Sticking

Whenever you cook pasta make it sure that u have enough water for the pasta to soak. If the water is less it the pasta sticks to the pot. Always be sure that there is more liquid that can keep the pasta soft and enough space to swell. It is best to boil 4-6 quarts of water for every pound of dry pasta.

Boil the water till it flutters and become wavy. This boiling action cannot be stopped even if it stirred. Add the dry pasta to such boiling water.

Note the time duration after adding pasta to the water and also when the water boils along with the pasta.

Never use oil while cooking pasta. There is a misconception that when oil is added to the cooking pasta it does not stick. But it is not so. The flavor of the pasta is diminished when you add oil to the boiling water.

Keep stirring the pasta lightly while cooking so that the strands do not crowd together. As the starch in the pasta starts puffing up, this shoving helps the pasta from sticking together. A dash of salt to the cooking pasta adds flavor to the dish.

The Matching Duo the Right Pasta and the Right Sauce

Fine and brittle pastas which are very delicate and which can be easily broken go with light and thin sauces whereas thick pastas like the fettuccine taste good with heavier sauces like al fredo. Pastas with folds and cracks like mostaccioli or radiatore go well with thick sauces.

Starters like pasta can be relished only when cooked with good interest and knowledge. With so many varieties of pasta available in todays market one can have a certain kind of pasta of his/her choice. And this choice can be turned enjoyable when cooked properly and following the light pasta recipe perfectly.

How to prepare healthy and delicious salmon


delicious salmon

Method of Preparation

Mix all the first 5 ingredients well and divide into thirds. Spread on 3 slices of toast. Add 1 ounce cheese and two slices of tomato. Cook under broiler until cheese bubbles. Healthy and delicious salmon is ready.

Low Carb Cooking – Some Benefits

Low carb fat diets are very healthy for several people. In the healthiest diets potatoes are totally eliminated and refined carbohydrates balance any carbs gained from vegetable with low carb recipes for these diets. Dozen of them are available with vegan, vegetarian or mostly vegetarian cookbook. Low carb diet merits for few more extreme weight loss plains like Atkins diet, or south beach diet are cannot be easily obtained. No doubt, these menus will reduce your weight drastically but not before causing too much of strain to your body and causing unhappiness by damaging and altering your taste buds.

Low carb cooking looks different for different people based on whether they want to stick to a healthy life style or merely lose much weight quickly. For the former low carb cooking is very simple and easy. In fact, a change over to a less processed food and more vegetable intensive diet makes you go after carbohydrates. After you pass this stage you will surely enjoy the varied and delectable taste of fruits and vegetables. Low carb food diets and cooking poses a great challenge. It is extremely difficult to identify some thing which will not clog the arteries. It is also not easy to make recipes which will not cause nausea after few weeks once the carbohydrates are totally removed.

Many people on Atkins diet give up low carb cooking because of this reason. A low carb breakfast includes fatty meats, omelets with a few vegetables and the like. In a low carb exciting dinner you may have a steak only after eating only meat for a couple of weeks. This makes you go mad after the sight of a formerly delicious meal. My recommendation to my clients is to give up the lose weight fast diets and concentrate on some traditional low carb cooking. In a low carb delicious meal there is just brown rice, vegetables, and a little bit of lean meat which are all you need. Though you dont lose weight suddenly as in Atkins diet you perceive you drop pounds steadily.

Tips to Cook Light Chicken Recipes

When it comes to cooking light chicken recipes you have umpteen numbers of options to cook the chicken. You also have many options with what you wish to cook the chicken with. Chicken recipes match with any other cuisine and with the same ingredients you can prepare millions of unusual but special easy light chicken recipes.

Cooking light Chicken Recipe With Pasta

Light chicken recipes are a hit with pastas. You can simply cook chicken and pasta food varieties be it an Italian, American or Thai savor in it. The major variation is caused due to the variety of spices one can add according to their taste. The type of pasta being used also makes a huge difference to the whole delicacy. Like in Italian dishes tomato sauces and linguini is added where as in American dishes spiral noodles and mayo based chicken recipe is used. On the other hand, Thai dishes have rice noodles and Asian spices added while cooking light chicken recipes.

Cooking Light Chicken Recipes With Soup

Chicken noodle soup is one of the most commonly considered dishes when it comes to cooking light chicken recipe. However, there is a variety available while serving light chicken recipes with soups. Be it good chili recipes, chicken soups or chicken stews one can make a wide range of light chicken dishes with soup if they have a crock-pot because it adds flavor and blends the mixture well.

Baking Light Chicken Recipes

The mere mention of cooking light chicken recipe or baked chicken may not interest people but when the recipe is clearly understood and then prepared the final product will surely be delicious and saporous. Roasting, which is actually the process of baking the full chicken, is a good option. According to the variety of spices you wish to use, you can make many numbers of light baked chicken recipes with the same chicken type. To dampen your recipe you can grill the chicken in a sauce. If you are calorie conscious then you can opt for low calorie sauces.

Did you know that you can grill a chicken in the crock-pot? Those who are busy and cannot spare extra time roasting chicken in the evening can grill chicken in crock-pot to save time and also eat healthy food. As all of us know, chicken is loaded with proteins and low fat. Try using a variety of seasonings and taste for yourself the different types of light chicken recipes you have invented.

Delicious making of crunchy hamburgers


crunchy hamburgers

Method of Preparation

Mix all the ingredients. Divide the mixture into 4 equal portions. Broil them on rack until it is cooled. Crunchy hamburgers is ready to taste.

Lemon Juice Maple Syrup Diet – Removing Body Toxins

Stanley Burroughs who was a very famous naturopath introduced the lemon juice maple syrup diet around thirty years ago, so it is very old. Beyonce Knowles, a famous pop star admitted to the fact that she went on a complete lemon juice cayenne pepper diet that made news all over. From then on there has been a debate about the lemon juice maple syrup diet.

Many to remove all the toxins from their body generally use a fruit juice diet. However, since a celebrity admitted to losing weight through a juice diet, people are either taking sides for or against a juice diet. Certain dieticians are fervently against the lemon juice maple syrup diet as they criticize it to be extremely hazardous and not worthy.

Some claim that there is no necessity to have a detoxing agent like these juices as that is what a liver and kidney functions for. Nevertheless, many people have gone on certain water diets for spiritual reasons for more than 40 days and nothing has happened to them. Thus, it is up to each one of us to make a decision on how we are going to lose fat. Prior to going on a lemon juice maple syrup diet you must consult with a doctor.

The Much Talked About Lemon Juice Maple Syrup Diet

The ingredients of a lemon juice maple syrup diet are fresh lemon juice, two tablespoons of Madal Bal Natural Tree syrup, and a pinch of cayenne pepper or ginger to it.

All of this is added to around half a pint of cold or hot water and drunk, and this can be drunk in any amounts for a day. When you start with any juice fasting diet you will tend to have headaches, stomach cramps, be fatigued, and irritable, as these are the usual symptoms of any detoxing process.

There are many variations to a lemon juice maple syrup diet. You can either go full term and keep up this diet for a whole ten days or keep it up once in a week. Some others do the lemon juice maple syrup diet on a partial basis by substituting either one or two meals a day by it.

There are a few of you who would like to go the hard core way by performing a multi-day detox twice a year along with keeping up the lemon juice maple syrup diet once a week. Those of you who are loyal believers of the lemon juice maple syrup diet claim that it is very effective. At the end of it all, it is you who have to decide what suit you the best and if you would choose to follow such a detoxing procedure.

The Finest Slow Cooking Recipes and Techniques

Generally slow cooking is done in slow cookers. The slow cookers or the electric cookers are the best used by working mothers who do not have time to prepare those lengthy and relishing recipes like their mothers. Put some roast with some sliced vegetables added with some seasoning and broth in an electric cooker in the morning and leave it cook throughout the day. The meal is ready whiffing a delicious smell by evening. The family sits together to enjoy the hot food sharing their stories of the day. These slow cookers and crock pots can be used to make sauces and soups which taste better when cooked on slow heat.

Slow Cooking Recipes For Dynamic Living

Slow cooking recipes improve the flavor of all the ingredients added making it a delicious dish. The Italian dishes are all slow cooked recipes. The sauces and soup when cooked in slow fire mix well to form a relishing dish. All traditional family recipe books will have plenty of recipes which can be cooked in slow fire. The library in your area and also cookery websites can provide with may recipes which can be slow cooked. The recipes we had relished in our childhood can be passed over to our younger generation. This way we can keep our family traditions and history on the ball.

If you are a person who mostly had eat-outs then it is time you began some cooking at home. Choose a simple and easy recipe and collect whatever is necessary to prepare it at home. You will really feel happy when your family is full of praises for the dish you have made. Such praises are worth it when the recipe is done in slow cooking.

There can be times when you can show your cookery skill in your neighborhood. Choose a slow cooking recipe and earn the name and credit you are worthy of. Make a trade mark recipe and also encourage your children to learn their favorites. In todays fast pace and the in the rat race you can cannot slow down anything as you will be left behind but you always amaze people with your cooking skill in slow cooking.

Lemon Juice Diet – Stay Fit and Fine

Every common person is aware that a lemon juice diet is a well-known diet and a detox agent, and it is a very old way of dieting and most of the people in Hollywood have tried out this. Most of the famous stars on Hollywood have tried out this diet and have only got very good remarks about it.

Nevertheless, what we must keep in mind is that most of the Hollywood starts would go to any extent to stay fit and healthy to match the latest trends. So the question that arises now is that How can you be sure of trying out the lemon juice diet and know if it is safe for you or not?

Losing Weight Through Lemons Can be a Good Idea

There are several variations of diets such as the lemon juice diet as well as the maple syrup diet. The first point to be noted is that there are no artificial or harmful chemicals that are added in the lemon juice diet. The only ingredients used are lemon juice and water. So, until and unless you are allergic to lemons, then it is definitely safe.

Nevertheless, it is best to consult with a doctor before trying out any diet. You must do so to see if you are capable enough to tolerate the stress caused by such a diet. The other recommendation is that you must try out any fruit juice diet at least for more than two weeks. Most of you will bear fruit from a bi-annual detoxing. By going on such a diet for at least twice a year, you are removing all the toxins that were accumulated in your body, and this would help you in your weight management and will keep you healthy.

All of you who are fit and healthy can also try out this diet twice a year to improve your good health and remove all the toxins. The lemon juice diet is rich in vitamins, minerals, as well as antioxidants. Antioxidants basically act as agents in your body to remove all the toxins and harmful chemicals.

We develop chemicals and toxins in our body through the air that we take in, the food that we intake, as well as the drinks that we have. So, you must remove them every now and then. Vitamins and minerals are boosting agents that improve your immunity and health.

If you are one who is looking for a quick weight loss program then a lemon juice diet is not ideal as it might activate your metabolism or at times slow it down. Of course you will lose a little weight, but you will gain back that weight when you stop this diet. So, rather concentrate on the detoxing abilities that it offers.

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