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A Sweet Potato Recipe for Those who Dislike It

Though sweet potatoes are am American institution at the holiday table it is not everyone that likes it. It is a vegetable with cloying sweetness and there is something wrong even when it I covered with marsh mallows. I avoid this dish as a plague when I was a child after tasting it first.

As an adult I observe that many agree with me in spite of the apparent popularity of this side dish. However there is a sweet potato recipe if you dislike this nutritious vegetable. People who have tasted this orange vegetable recipe prepared as usual have given rave reviews about this delightful variation. This sweet potato recipe strikes the liner as a gourmet upscale take on the plain dish.

Orange juice and orange zest are two additional secret ingredients though the basic preparation is similar to the traditional sweet potato recipe.

As usual mash and cook sweet potatoes smoothly. Add one cup of orange juice and a table spoon of orange zest for serving eight people after the mashing is over. Mix thoroughly, add marsh mallows and pop it in the oven for the usual time when the result will be delicious.

Orange juice should be fresh squeezed not the pulp variety sold in the carton. A significant gourmet taste is added on to the sweet potato recipe thus. If you use frozen orange juice dont dilute it as per the directions given. Peel your zest from the orange freshly for the best taste. Only the zest should e used not the white pith of the skin which will give a bitter taste to the finished dish.

In another variation sweet potato recipe uses a tea spoon full of freshly grated ginger thrown into a mix along with orange juice and zest. This makes it more piquant and mysterious. This addition transforms the recipe completely. The taste transcends a bare sweet potato flavor, which is the aim of one like myself.

When you plan a holiday menu next time give a try to this sweet potato recipe. You may give it a new name also. Sweet potato a la orange with more imagination.

Some Valuable Shopping Tips on Atkins

You are introducing yourself to a new world of eating when you start with the Atkins diet, and it is more evident when you are in a supermarket and foods like macaroni, cheese, pasta and bread are not included in your shopping list and feel totally strange when you are shopping first time. But in the long run and practice you feel as easy as you used to when you shopped with the previous lists of things.

Your actual shopping begins when you look out for help from the internet and Atkins books. A list of the recipes for the week deciding each meal, is to be prepared before you reach the store and be sure to buy low-carb snacks for the break time between the meals

Also keep in mind the changes to be made in the meals for the other members in your family as it is not an easy task to prepare two different meals for you and others always. So the best way is to prepare a main meat dish for the meal for the whole family and add with a side dish of carbohydrate for the others. Like if you plan to eat meatloaf you can make an addition of half a potato for the other members.

So, when the plan for the whole week is chalked off you visit the store and purchase your protein foods first, although it may sound easy and makes you feel that it is not going to create a difference, it will surely and once the basket is filled with the acceptable foods you will not find space for more.

Have a good idea of where meat can be purchased in family sized packs to avoid spending more and buy them in large quantities as they can also be cooked fully so that it is available readily when you require it. Foods like ground beef, chicken pieces, small steaks and also seafood can be purchased in lot.

If you can resist Cheese, it can also be taken in bulk like large bricks, but be sure to go through the labels before you pick them up. But be careful to have some fiber diet (salad or raw vegetables) too along with cheese. A quick snack between meals is to have large blocks of your favorite cheeses.

It is a good idea to keep walking on the outer edges of the store as they have the fresh foods, if you recollect the grocery shop in your neighborhood the deli, the meat are mostly on the sides of the store and the packaged items in the passage and this is a very important aspect if you are in the beginning phase of the Atkins diet as in the induction phase you have to avoid all packaged foods even if they are the low carb ones. You can try with the low-carb foods when you start adding more carbohydrate grams to your limit each day.

The next important aspect is to inspect the labels clearly as it may have hidden sugars though it states low carb. It is better to have a good research work done at the store to avoid carrying home foods that may lead to weight gain.

It takes some time to get used to Atkins diet as you will going through the sections of the shop with which you are not acquainted and buying stuffs that you have never tried or cooked earlier. But slowly with good planning and commitment your shopping becomes easy and especially if you have a prepared list in hand and shop on the outer aisles of the store you will find that you have become a skilled low carb shopper.

How to brew tasty and healthy lasagna



Method of Preparation

Fry onions, garlic, mushrooms, carrots and peppers until it is soft. Add tomatoes, parsley, basil, oregano, chilli powder, rosemary and pepper to it. Cook on low flame for about 15 minutes. Mix the 3 cheeses together. Starting with sauce, Layer them with 8 cooked lasagne noodles and cheese in an 8×12 inch casserole. Bake them at 375 degrees for about 30 minutes. Tasty lasagne is ready to serve. Makes about 4 servings.

About Snack Choices in Atkins

The traditional three square meals a day are all no more in practice and people have become biters eating at their desks, with a snack in the noon and a late night meal and so on. Most of these snacks are full of sugar and carbohydrate and this creates a problem for those who are trying to adopt Atkins plan. To keep the blood sugar normal snacking is necessary but most of the packed snack foods are restricted according to the plan.

Snacks that are sweet are rich in calories, with no carbohydrates and give no nutritional value although being popular. According to the Snack Food Association that surveys the sale of packaged snack food it is found out that Americans consume 3.1 billion pounds of chocolate and this has raised more than a third since 1988, the selling of the snacks foods crosses over $30 billion per year.

If you are a junk food eater you should realize that you have become addicted to eat carbohydrate of the worst kind as they are prepared from highly refined carbohydrate like white flour, white sugar, corn meal and corn syrup which are rich in trans-fats (and lead to blocked arteries) and you are making the most worst choice of your food by consuming them.

There is still hope if you can suppress yourself from eating them and have Atkins-friendly snack choices instead. But be sure to gain knowledge by reading about the dangerous effects of trans fats and the ingredients used from the label in your favorite snack food. You may be horrified to know about the artificial flavors and preservatives added to them.

The next step is to clear all the snack foods stored in the house as you tend to eat it only if it there as these foods are unhealthy and for all the members in the family and so considering this factor to maintain a healthy family you need not pay any attention to the complaints they make.

These snack foods can be replaced with some other good choice. Avoiding snack foods does not mean avoiding snacks totally as they are a part of our eating habits and prevents us from being terribly hungry and involves high carbohydrate intake.

Snacks like string cheese sticks or small cheese balls and snacks made out of meat like jerky strips and other products of meat, are easy to be stored in the refrigerator and are low in carbohydrate and simple foods too that can be stored for a long time. The labels are to be read well when you purchase cheese or meat sticks to see if there are any hidden carbs.

When you have the temptations to have anything hot you can go for the low carb instant soups which can be prepared easily also. The crunchy crave can be satisfied with low carb soy chips and celery with a spread of butter or cream cheese on it to add more protein to it. A handful of nuts is also a high-protein fast snack.

The above mentioned snacks are the ones that can be consumed only in the initial stages of the Atkins diet and later. But, if you are beyond the induction phase you can include berries with cream as a snack. The best snacks during the pre-maintenance phase are the recommended fruits.

Making of spicy and tasty grilled turkey tenderloin


grilled turkey tenderloin

Method of Preparation

Take a shallow pan, Blend all the dressing ingredients together. Add turkey turning to coat both sides. Cover them and soak for several hours or overnight in refrigerator turning occasionally. Grill the tenderloins over hot coals for about 8 to 10 minutes per side, depending on the thickness. Tenderloins are done when there is no pink in the centre. Do not overcook. Serve in inch thick slices in toasted buns. Spicy grilled turkey tenderloin is ready to taste. Yields about 4 servings.

Smuckers Cranberry Juice Diet – A Pure Cranberry Juice

For losing weight and to cleanse the body systems, mot of us would look out for a cranberry juice diet plan. Such plans normally look out for pure cranberry juices that are not mixed with sugars and other juices.

The juice must only consist of cranberry juice with purified water, and this is very expensive, however, you will not be consuming large amounts of cranberry juice to bear the fruit of it. The Smuckers brand prepares cranberry juice that is pure. Smuckers cranberry juice for diet can be purchased in a bulk so that it is inexpensive and saves time in going and finding a grocery store that has pure cranberry juice.

A Briefing on the Diet

The Smuckers cranberry juice diet involves a person drinking elixir made up of cranberry juice and some other contents in the morning on an empty stomach so that you can absorb all the nutrients present in the cranberry juice.

The Smuckers cranberry juice diet elixir is made up of cranberry juice, a cup of water, and one teaspoon of green powder. The green powder may be chlorophylle powder or superood powder. In stores you will find green powders such as wheatgrass, Barley Green powder, Chlorella, or Spirullina. All these contents are mixed together and then intaken.

The suckers cranberry juice diet requires you to have cranberry juice along with water throughout the day to flush out all the unwanted material from your body. The other food groups that are included in the Smuckers cranberry juice diet include food groups in appropriate quantity. Exercising is also required so that the weight loss is sustained.

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