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Preparing healthy cabbage salad


cabbage salad

Method of Preparation

Add salt with cabbage. Let it stand for about 45 minutes. Wash and dry thoroughly. Drain to let the water squeeze out. Mix with other ingredients and toss for sometime. Moisten with low-cal dressing. Healthy cabbage salad is ready to serve.

Atkins Diet – Coping with the Plateaus and Stalls

Individuals that follow the Atkins diet may have their own ups and downs during the dieting process. There may be even times when an individual may experience a plateau point. A plateau is nothing but a long span of time where the individual experiences no change in his/her weight and no change in their shape. One must note down their weight before starting a weight loss program.

The main aim of the Atkins diet is to reinstate fat into muscles that are dense and heavy. Actually, a person will gain more weight as the muscles replace the fat. The final outcome will be an increase in weight but a considerable decrease in inches or shape. This is a good way to tone your body, the body weight remaining the same.

People before taking on the diet should make it a point to measure their chest, waist, hips, upper arms, thighs and calves muscles. This helps in detecting where the fat has been burnt and where the fat has been converted to stronger muscles. Typically, the body is toned and gets realigned or readjusted to the changes happening inside the body. You will have to check your body weight and other measurements only once in a week so as to track the progress of this dieting program.

One should be prepared to wait for 3-4 weeks before looking for weight differences. Keeping a track on the shape and the weight can help one understand whether the body is gaining weight or burning the excess fat. Every weight loss program has its own strategy to help one lose weight and those who have adopted the Atkins diet will for sure experience the stall time.

Stalling may be regular if the individual is 5 to 10 pounds away from the ideal weight. A low-carb and high-protein diet helps in building strong muscles. The muscle-to-fat ratio becomes more than before, reducing the ability to lose fat. Always listen to your body as it indicates anything that does not suit its functioning.

Besides all these, there are a few other causes for stalls and plateau when following a weight loss program. If you find that even after four weeks of rigorous dieting neither your weight nor your scale has reduced, here are a few tips that you can follow to succeed your goal. Check you carbohydrates level first. The weight stalls when a person has more than necessary carbohydrate content. Check the label of all the packed food you buy, and also get to know the amount of carbohydrates present in dressings and sauces to keep a check on this nutrition level.

Measure the amount of water you drink everyday. If the body dries up, the water taken will only retain mimicking a plateau state. Drinking sufficient amount of water will help you flush older ketones, making space for new fat burning ketones.

Eating lesser than recommended also leads to condition like weight loss plateaus. Do not let your stomach starve. Eat smaller quantities of food but maintain a regular interval between two meals. Just keep in mind that you are only on a carbohydrate-restricted diet and not on a calorie-restricted diet. Include protein in all your meals and do not keep your stomach empty for more than 5 hours. People often misinterpret their diet and stop eating calories or try to drastically reduce the calorie intake. Cutting down calories suddenly will often lead to fatigue related problems finally forcing you to give up on the diet program.

Exercising should be a must and one should regularly follow an exercise regime also. Make sure to increase the exertion and vigor after some time because our body muscles easily get used to the daily exercise. Include 2-3 new exercise to your regular schedule or increase weight by performing resistance training.

Do not panic if you happen to notice a stall or plateau in your weight. Follow these tips to get back on your weight loss program. Remember, maintaining a health body is in an individuals hand and not in any dieting program.

Viking 12-Cup Coffee Maker

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Make fresh coffee or tea at home with this Viking coffee maker, which comes with the following features:

Programmable clock for easy brewing from four to 12 cups

Thermal stainless steel carafe that keeps coffee piping hot for hours

Removable water reservoir and a mesh tea basket

Stainless steel permanent coffee filter and tea accessories

Priced at $174.99 this coffee maker has the capacity of 12 cups and comes with a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

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Easy way of making cabbage rolls


cabbage rolls

Method of Preparation

Boil cabbage leaves in salt water for about 5 minutes. Keep aside. Mix ground chuck, onion, salt, pepper, egg and bread together. Spread cabbage leaf carefully. Make small roll of beef mixture. Secure with toothpick. Keep rolls in boiler. Pour over tomato sauce plus a can of water over. Simmer for about 45 minutes. Healthy cabbage rolls are ready to serve.

Atkins Can Cause Intestinal Problems

One of the most common concerns for those who have adopted the Atkins diet is the intestinal problems. This problem is linked to the drop in the carbohydrate intake. The intestinal problems can cause diarrhea and constipation. Though these symptoms occur very commonly in people, people following low carbohydrate diet tend to develop these health concerns.

In most cases, individuals who follow Atkins diet suffer from diarrhea in the initial stage of induction. The main cause for this health concern is the body reaction to eliminate the extra carbohydrates. Diarrhea is a symptom to indicate the development of acetonemia process. This is why it is fine to experience diarrhea in the initial stage of dieting. This is an indication that the individual is on the right path and can burn the excess fat quickly.

As all of us know, constipation indicates the deficiency of fiber in the body. The main sources of fiber are whole grains, fruit, and legumes; but these are some of the food items one has to curb in the beginning stages of the Atkins diet.

Nevertheless, one should not take these symptoms and low-carb lifestyle very seriously. With so many options available, one can avoid and also cope up with these symptoms efficiently. The individual can also continue with their regular Atkins dietary pattern.

First of all, include the right quantity of low-carb veggies in the diet. In the beginning, an individual can consume maximum of 20 grams of carbohydrates in a day, which is approximately equal to 3 cups of vegetable salad. A few people are attracted to cheese or artificially sweetened soda for their regular carbohydrate intake. One can maintain a healthy intestine while on Atkins diet by consuming the right type of vegetable. People often forget to keep their body hydrated. One should drink at least 8 glasses of water every day to soothe the intestinal problem. Regular exercising also helps to get rid of intestinal problems.

However, when one suffers from constipation, he or she can rely on the variety of options available as relief. One should remember that while switching from a processed and refined sugar rich diet to the Atkins diet, the body takes its own time to regulate the change. Atkins diet never stops people from consuming the right vegetable and fruit and this makes it easier for those suffering from constipation. Please note that certain fruits are acceptable one the individual has crossed the beginner stage. One can try a Metamucil as a fiber supplement which is also sugar-free.

One should ensure adequate intake of fats and oils. Very little fat can also trigger constipation in many individuals. The best way to add oil to the food is to add a tablespoon full of olive or flax oil in salads or vegetables. Dieters should include a variety of vegetable everyday in their salad. Instead of using the fiber-less pale iceberg lettuce, one can add dark green lettuce or a serving of dark green steamed vegetables like broccoli, asparagus and spinach.

If one is not convinced of these food tips, they can cut salt from their diet list for a while. The salt intakes like pickle, mustard, bacon, diet soda, bottled salad dressing and ham should be curbed. This way one can reduce the fluid retention and this also aids in smoother and easier bowel movements.

After the first week of the Atkins induction, people often stop complaining about diarrhea. Only a few Atkins dieters experience it for a longer time. In such cases, one must first examine their diet. If the diet includes low-carb protein bars or sugar-free food items, individuals are recommended to remove them out of their diet list. Sweeteners like glycerine, sorbitol, and malitol normally cause diarrhea and gas. One should also curb the intake of homemade low carb foods like desserts.

People who eat raw vegetables daily never complain about diarrhea. One should accept the fact that the body will ready accept raw veggies and immediately stop intestinal problems. Chewing is an integral part of digestion and this is why through chewing of raw veggies can help you cope up with unnecessary health issues like intestine problem. People who do not like eating raw vegetables can partially steam their vegetables for their satisfaction.

However, intestinal problems are just transitional concerns and that such health issues will vanish after the induction period. Individuals who have these problems for a long time should look into the tips discussed earlier to be relieved of their health concerns permanently.

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All About Atkins and Exercise

The Atkins diet program gives more stress on the diet and cooking. One should know that the food that we include in our daily diet does make a difference. However, most of the people do not emphasis on regular exercising. The latest Atkins food pyramid illustrates why exercise is important to every individual. The more active one is the broader is the range of food items one can consume. This is why the Atkins diet includes exercise and helps people realize the importance of working out for ones health in general.

Exercise is an important activity that is useful to a persons body, mind and soul. Regular exercising burns the excess fat content, enhances the metabolism rate and improves ones blood circulation also. Individuals who perform exercises stay healthy as the workouts help their body to remove toxins from the body via the sweat glands and lymph systems. Exercise is highly recommended in all low-carb weight loss programs as it helps in controlling the blood sugar levels.

Exercise is a crucial process for all those undertaking Atkins diet to get the maximum benefit out of this diet plan. Exercising is a smart way to process excess carbohydrates. According to studies, people with an inactive lifestyle are at a great risk of developing high blood sugar levels. So, exercising helps one shed their extra pounds and also helps in maintaining a healthy body. With regular exercise, one can consume extra amount of carbohydrates in the long run as the body would have learnt to utilize it well.

Aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise are the two most fundamental forms of exercise and can be clubbed with any diet program to achieve the best of best results.

The main objective of any aerobic exercise is to pump up the heart rate. This way the body takes in more oxygen to replenish each and every cell in ones body. People who lead a sedentary or deskbound life have unhealthy cells as they are deprived from fresh air. Aerobic exercise not only rejuvenates these deprived cells but also replenishes them with energy after an exercise routine.

However, individuals who have lead a deskbound lifestyle for long may need time to adapt to the aerobic exercise. One should make sure to consult their doctor or a professional aerobics instructor to understand your body requirements. Individuals that have started with their aerobics exercises should be careful for their body make take its time to get accustomed to the new exercise. One should know how to perform the stretch and warm up exercises appropriately so as to avoid muscle strain. Walking, dancing, tennis and golf are a few good to start aerobic activities as these are not strenuous and at the same time pump the heart rate up. One should not push themselves when starting with this new activity; so one should set smaller goals. Say, if an individual is starting to walk he/she can start by walking for fifteen minutes. Then, one should slowly increase the duration to thirty minutes and so on. Human body is meant for an active life and thus it will surely cooperate and feel relaxed to any form of exercise.

Most of the anaerobic exercises are strictly not aerobic. These exercises only help in building muscle mass. Some of the most popular anaerobic exercises are weightlifting and strength training. One should know that workouts are an integral part of any weight loss program. Exercises help in burning our fat content in the body and thus these will have to be replaced by muscles to stay fit and lean. Individuals should understand the importance of work outs because most of us still consider weightlifting and strength training exercises only for bodybuilding. On the contrary, weight bearing exercises such as isometrics and resistance training helps one develop a good bone density, improve posture and burn the excess fat.

An exercise regime is an integral part of a weight loss program through which one can reap more benefits than just following a prescribed diet. Individuals should make a resolution to exercise regularly to stay fit and also ward off harmful diseases to lead a quality and a healthy life.

Recipe of cabbage relish


cabbage relish

Method of Preparation

Grate or chop cabbage and pimento. Mix the remaining ingredients and boil the mixture. When it comes to rolling boil, cool. Pour over cabbage mixture. Store in covered jars or container in refrigerator. Taste better after it sets for a day. Yummy cabbage relish is ready.

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