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Carbohydrate Alternates for Atkins Dieters

When you have a sufficient supply of variety of proteins and vegetables on your recommended list of foods it is easy to cut down on carbohydrates in the Atkins plan, although it consumes time to get adjusted to the novel way of eating. Many of the American diet focus on complex carbohydrates which include breads and pastas, snack foods filled with sugar and refined carbohydrates. This new method of eating is demanding when compared to your old ways and the carbohydrate substitutes will overcome it.

The sugar substitutes are some of the most famous alternate and can do good or bad regarding how you react to them. There is a difference in reaction from person to person to artificial sweeteners like aspartame and Splenda which help in baking low-carbohydrate foods and gives a sweet taste without causing any risk to its use. There are a number of people who feel that using these artificial sweeteners make them desire for sugar more and If you develop this feeling of want of more sweet after drinking a diet soda or having a snack prepared with Splenda it is better to stop them totally from your diet.

The first demand to be met for Atkins dieters is when they are asked to avoid Bread as it is a staple food for most of them and to avoid it is really difficult. Individuals can consume low-carb breads but one has to check for the hidden carbohydrates and other ingredients that may not be recommended. You can also prepare your own bread prepared of almond flour or other non-traditional ones.

People love to eat pasta and hardly have it plain and the toppings are the best part of it. The toppings (meat, cheese, and vegetables) are to be substituted with something else and this is an easy solution. People who are on Atkins diet have seen that squash is a good pasta substitute. Spaghetti squash is natural and can be prepared at home as a meat sauce. Yet another good substitute for pasta is Zucchini which can be grated to fine pieces to make a base for sauces. Lasagna is made with pieces of eggplant as a substitute for noodles easily and there is not much to worry about the meat and cheese used in it as they are low-carb.

Yet another familiar problem for the Atkins dieters is to find out a replacement for rice and one solution to this is to consume cauliflower. The florettes pf the cauliflower are placed in a food processor and chopped until they become rice sized pieces and these pieces are to be placed in the microwave without adding water. The pieces which look soft can be used readily in casseroles or as a side dish.

The famous substitute for potato is the Cauliflower for those who are on Atkins diet, The cauliflower is to be made into a puree until it is smooth and creamy and just looks like mashed potatoes and to this can be added favorite low-carb toppings like bacon, sour cream and cheese.

The favorite food for many of them is Pizza , there are many Atkins friendly methods for homemade pizzas that taste the same and can be prepared using low-carb tortillas as toppings and the same can be used with large Portobello mushrooms too.
If you feel this new choices do not suit you, you can try pizza casseroles with ingredients that are also used in a casserole dish.

These replacements will help you to keep yourself off from treating with high-carb favorites when you are on the Atkins diet.

Easy way to make a healthy carrot and orange salad.

Easy way to make a healthy carrot and orange salad.


carrot and orange salad.

Method of Preparation

Mix gelatine in cup of cold water to soften it. Combine salt, sweetener with 1 cups hot water. Mix until dissolved and add orange, lemon juice together. Keep aside to stiffen slightly. Mix raw carrots to gelatine and put into mold. Make sure mold has been rinsed in cold water until chill. Unmold on lettuce leaves. Tasty carrot and orange salad is ready to serve.

Best Pizza in Ottawa

Pizza is an oven-baked, flat round bread typically topped with a tomato sauce, cheese and various toppings. This has become very popular around the world during the latter half of the 20th century. “Gabriel pizza” is a Canadian pizza founded in Orleans, Ontario by Michael Hanna and now the service have been expanded to 30 locations throughout eastern Ontario and Quebec with the majority of their locations in the Ottawa – Gatineau region.

In a recent poll conducted by CTV Ottawa, Out of 5 nominees, Gabriel Pizza voted as “The Best Pizza in Ottawa” as it has grabbed around 41% total votes and the remaining 59% votes being shared by the other 4 nominees. This was not possible without the support of our loyal customers. The reason for being voted best pizza in Ottawa lies in the good fresh ingredients that we use every day and the fresh sauce and dough that we make every day to ensure the finest quality and great taste.

Pizza is a strong indication of a lifestyle and food habits, in simple words it is the Italian version of a Mediterranean diet. A traditional Mediterranean diet is rich in olive oil, fiber, vegetables, fruit, flour and freshly cooked food. You can see all these health factors in this “Gabriel Pizza”, so it has spread very fast in many parts of the world in a very short period. Being voted as “Best Pizza in Ottawa” is not an easy feat; this success comes with a lot of hard work and friendly atmosphere and of course the fresh ingredients.

Irrespective of where you live in the region, if you are looking for a tasty pizza at affordable price, there’s Gabriel’s Pizza for easy pick up, fast delivery and casual dining. Enjoy Ottawa’s best pizza for their quality, value and freshness.

Can Children be Encouraged for Dieting

Child obesity has become one of the most hazardous health concerns through out the world. Over weight is obviously a great challenge to young kids as this disorder can lead to various other diseases and also stop the active life that a child would like to live. However, these children can adopt dieting as a solace because a normal and a healthy body can help them lead a healthy childhood and will also boost their morale.

It is the responsibility of the parents to keep a track of their childs weight gain and if the child falls under the overweight category, one must take the right step to help the child cope up with obesity symptoms. But the first action should be to seek for medical attention to take feasible actions that would protect the child from further health concerns.

On the other hand, if parents ignore the fact that their child is obese it will only put the childs health into greater threat. When parents are very careful about their children playing in the rains, or handling sharp tools on their own, then why should they not be concerns about their obese childs future? Here are a few tips on dieting to all those parents who wish to help their obese child cope up with their excess weight.

Firstly, parents should not use food as a medium to punish or reward a child. Every child should be taught to treat food as a part of life. They should also be made familiar to healthy options. People should avoid storing junk at home and should discourage their kids from buying outdoor lunch. The elders of the family should make it a point to pack lunch for their kids. Parents who do not give children access to junk food, can be assured that their kids will not get attracted to junk foods even when away from home.

As a responsible individual and parent you should include healthy snacks in your familys diet program. Fresh fruits and vegetable, buts, yoghurt, milkshakes are some of the healthy food items that are recommended for kids. However, it is always better to consult your childs physician to know what is good for your childs health. Make sure to give your child a balanced diet and at the same time avoiding junk foods and high calorie sweets.

Another thing that will help your child is to remove juices and sodas from their diet list. This practice may be a little tough to follow but in the long run you and your child along with other family members will prefer water than any thing else to hydrate your body. Water will not only keep your childs body hydrated and detoxicated but also fill his or her tummy instead of filling in some junk food.

Every child should be kept occupied with vigorous activities like dancing and sports. Make it a practice to have a morning or evening walk or jog with your child. These physical activities will burn the childs unnecessary fat and also replenish his or her whole body system. It is far better than having them fall addicted to television, computer or video games.

Make a note of your childs behavior and confidence level as he or she will grow out of their inhibitions when the extra pounds are shed. The child will not only gain self confidence, you will notice that his/her participation in all activities is growing for good.

Parents often feel helpless as soon as they discover that their child is overweigh or obese. However, now there are specialized camps whose main purpose is to guide parent and children fighting obesity. These camps take up weight issues and also help children and teenagers build self-confidence.

One main thing which ever parent should remember is that children simply learn from their parents. If parents say no to junk food and say yes to an active life, children tend to follow their footsteps. So, be your childs role model and help them lead a healthy life.

Atkins Foods for Dieters – Does it Work?

Atkins foods have a number of choices when it comes to food. It is easy to locate and available almost everywhere, you can decide to buy a prepackaged low-carb diet food or prepare your own choice of meal, there is a alternative for all the Atkins plan when you choose it for dieting.

You have to remember to Atkins food pyramid when you choose your food as it very different from the USDA Food Guide Pyramid, which comprises of protein rich foods like eggs, fish, beef, chicken, and tofu which should be mainly included in your day to day diet. The second tier consists of vegetables which affect the blood sugar levels like salad greens, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus and spinach.

Berries and avocado are in the third tier. Fruits should be consumed occasionally after the primary stages of the Atkins diet. Little and correct portions of vegetable and seed oils, cheese and dairy products nuts and legumes should only be consumed. The Atkins pyramid replaces its diet with whole grain foods to be consumed once in a while and not the main diet, when compared to the FDA which has oils and fats at the top peak

When you begin with the Atkins plan you should be sure and realize which foods are the best for your stage of the program as the most restriction is imposed on the Induction phase which lasts only for two weeks.

Your success in dieting is solely dependant on your ability to stay within the limits of the foods listed and the best way is to adopt the Atkins menu plans that are given in the New Diet Revolution book. You can also refer to Atkins cookbooks and other books that equipped with low carb diets which help to invent your own meal plan of the day.

The best way is to chart out the foods which you can consume or you need to avoid so that when you are away from home and feel hungry you can check the list as to what foods you should consume or avoid eating out. You can also carry a pack a small meal or snack along when you are on the move as the label which tell you the foods are low carb cannot be relied always .Manufacturers try to popularize their products to attract Atkins dieters from when they have become crazy to have low carb diet, they do not keep in mind our health conditions when trying to sell them and so it is better to rely on our self prepared list always.

The best source for knowing the proper Atkins foods is also done by accessing on the online diet program which are numerous, and some are free of cost while some are charged on a monthly basis, for which you should register yourself and they in turn help you out with personal weekly menu plans according to your needs and the carbohydrate level in gram. There are also printed shopping lists which helps you find the proper Atkins diet foods you need from the grocery shop easily and quickly.

One can easily access the Atkins diet food when you are on the outlook for one from the books, the food pyramid the internet which provides more sources to make your choice and be on diet throughout.

How to make a tasty cabbage surprise


cabbage surprise

Method of Preparation

Burn cabbage in direct heat until it is tender. Drain the liquid and save. Put beef in Pam sprayed skillet and cook. Drain meat on paper towels. Mix the both ingredients together and cook on low flame for about 30 to 35 minutes. If you need more soup, then add liquid from cabbage. Tasty cabbage surprise is ready to serve.

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