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Criticisms on Atkins Diet – Some Thoughts

In spite of its popularity, Atkins diet is also criticized a lot. There are different opinions about Atkins diet. Health experts, doctors and diet specialists view differently when it comes to Atkins diet and any other low carbohydrate diets. While some are in favor and agree that it is healthy way for reducing, few opines that it is effective for a short-term basis only. Some are of the opinion that it is a dangerous method to follow.

But the success of Atkins diet is measurable with thousands of individuals who have adopted. The success of Atkins diet can be attributed to those individuals who share their personal experience and how effectively they could reduce their weight with the help of Atkins diet process. All these are recorded as testimonials and show the benefit of living healthier with low carbohydrate way of living.

The foremost criticism of Atkins diet is it has high fat calories. Sometimes people have the misconception that diet means it should not contain any oil, butter and fatty meaty products and they are treated as too high in fat. But if you follow Atkins dieting programs and guidelines, the main focus is on good fats only. The emphasis is mainly on some extra virgin olive oil and other important fats only. The right quantity and proper usage of these oils is vital for brain functioning and mood management

Another criticism is, Atkins diet does not give importance to exercise. Its main focus is on food only. But this is not correct and Atkins book clearly emphasizes the need for exercising. Aerobic and anaerobic exercises are recommended for weight loss. Food choices are given as they form an integral part and more attention on eating different forms of food is given for dieters than what normally people eat.

Many Atkins critics are of the view that it is impossible to keep diet for a long term. They admit that Atkins diet is effective on short term basis only for reducing weight. As life style changes, it is hard to maintain it. On the other hand, people who have followed Atkins diet and are successful claim that it is the easiest diet to follow. The Atkins plan suggests rich and healthy food while dieting which is not allowed in other dieting programs. It also has appetite suppressing effects. With the quick reduction of weight loss Atkins is easy to follow for a long term as it motivates many people.

Atkins critic have also pointed that constipation and bad breadth are the side effects. However, they seldom happen and even if they occur, they happen only during the first phase of the diet. To avoid this problem, dieters should take plenty of drinking water.

Any diets have pros and cons. People who do not prefer meat can not adopt Atkins diet. One has to go beyond all criticism and understand the exact pattern of Atkins diet for consideration and follow up.

Easy way to cook baked chicken dinner


baked chicken dinner

Method of Preparation

Mix all the above ingredients thoroughly. Bake at 350 degrees for about 45 minutes or until it is done. Serve the tasty baked chicken dinner.

Cravings for Carbohydrate while on Atkins Diet

The desire to have carbohydrate is very difficult to handle specially when your attempt is to maintain a low carbohydrate diet and it is not just a matter of self control. Dr. Atkins has mentioned in his book that carbohydrates give rise to a flow of insulin and a rise in the blood sugar levels and these results in the activation of carbohydrates cravings physically within us and that is why we develop a high-carbohydrate and a low protein system of eating.

We experience this carbohydrate craving in many physical signs and feel a forcing hunger to have carbohydrate rich foods. In the long run your craving grows for the requirement of starches, snack foods and sweets and you also gain weight by consuming carbohydrate act-a-likes which includes sugar substitutes and alcohol.

The cravings are difficult to overcome as high carbohydrate foods are found everywhere like the high-sugar, refined starch foods which create a feeling like drug habit. High levels of carbohydrates create high levels of the brain chemical seratonin, which is the chemical seen in Prozac and other anti-depressants. Hence, consuming high levels of carbohydrates is self medicating and people with lower levels of serotonin tend to use carbohydrates like a drug.

Carbohydrate-rich foods are also consumed largely during Tension and stress as the adrenal gland secretes more cortisol when we are tensed and this is a hormone that causes the production of a brain chemical which give rise to carbohydrate cravings and also arouses insulin, which leads to drops in blood sugar level and storage of fat.

Taking into account all these factors it may feel difficult to survive on low-carbohydrate diet, But when the Atkins plan is followed it is one of the best methods to change the cycle of carbohydrate addictions and take care of your life and health. The Atkins plan not only controls the carbohydrate cravings but also helps in preventing the damage caused by consuming excess of carbohydrates.

During the initial phases of Atkins diet you may feel some carbohydrate cravings every now and then. But this will diminish as your body becomes more used to eating a protein based diet. But, to keep your cravings under control consume small meals or snacks that have protein within a span of few hours which keeps your blood sugar level under control and prevent the crash when you feel when you are hungry. Avoiding your meals will drop the blood sugar levels and make you sweet craving.

The main focus of the Atkins plan comprise of Protein and fat, which gives extra energy to you , be sure you have enough levels of required fats and an Omega 3 fish oil will add on and help to furnish with the carbohydrate cravings.

Dehydration can be also the cause for craving for foods. So, it is a good habit to drink a glass of water before having any kind of snack as thirst sometimes masks as hunger and if the body is well hydrated it will work more properly and your desire will slow down.

The physical addiction to carbohydrates should be stopped and there is nothing to worry even if you have the desire for carbs when you start with your plan as it is natural because your body has been working on a diet filled with sugar and carbohydrates and it takes some time for the new changes and lasts only for about two-week induction period. If you follow this new method of eating with dedication will reach your goals faster.

How to Make healthy cherry banana dessert


cherry banana dessert

Method of Preparation

Scatter gelatine over 1 cup beverage. Boil the remaining beverage. Mix with the gelatine mixture. Dissolve gelatine by stirring continuously. Refrigerate until it is thick. Add bananas and cool until it is firm. After cooling serve the delightful cherry banana dessert.

Cranberry Juice Fat Flush Diet – Get Rid of Unwanted

Cranberry Juice Fat Flush Diet – Get Rid of Unwanted Fat Fast

When you go on a diet your prior concern is weight loss rather than the nutrient intake. Some diets allow you to eat proteins during all the time. Some other diets are richer in carbohydrates and others contain no meats. Although these plans are good when it comes to short-term weight loss, it is not good in the long run and they will put on weight again.

A different plan that includes having cranberry juice is a healthy diet plan. The cranberry juice fat flush diet ensures that you are cleansed off toxins and extra fats as well as you are eating healthy. Unlike the other diets that tell you what to eat, the cranberry juice fat flush diet give you ideas so as to what are the healthy foods that you can consume and the quantity of it thus getting you to eat in a good food pattern.

The Positive Aspects of a Cranberry Juice Fat Flush Diet

The cranberry juice fat flush diet is rich in vitamins such as C, K, and A. They are also rich in minerals like manganese and potassium. They are also rich in fiber that helps the digestion process take place in a better manner. They are rich in antioxidants that flush out the toxins. The other extra benefit in the cranberry juice fat flush diet is that cranberries have a property namely adhesive property towards bacteria so that the body is free of bacteria.

The cranberry juice fat flush diet helps in neutralizing waste products like toxins that can get stuck on the body cells, and it also removes the old fat in the lymphatic system, and the kidneys are also cleansed with the cranberry juice fat flush diet.

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