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How to Maintain Atkins And Be Healthy

The last step in Atkins diet plan is to maintain your health throughout your life and at this juncture you continue to have a new plan about your eating habits and maintain a level to obtain your desired weight. The changes in your lifestyle will slowly become your permanent habit and while going through the third and pre-maintenance phase we get an idea as to how much of carbohydrates our body can withstand in grams and still you maintain your physique. In this particular phase this is exercise and we develop ourselves to live with correct proportion of carb count required on a day to day basis.

While undergoing the lifetime maintenance phase your food selections may continue to expand and tend to consume more carbohydrate grams than you used to eat earlier. You can also have some of your favorite foods that you love to have before you started with the weight losing program according to your specific metabolic requirements. In such cases it is good to have it in controlled and small amounts.

It is good to maintain the levels of the carb count according to the specified carb count required for the loss of weight although your weight may keep changing from two to three pounds every now and them , but this is due to the hormonal changes that occurs in the body and absolutely normal.

You also get a chance to conquer all your earlier bad habits during this maintenance program and this means a you are doing a wonderful job by both losing your weight as well as coping with realities of life. You also develop within you a control over stress eating, emotional eating and holiday eating and make out plans to deal eating out. The maintenance phase are numerous and demanding but all of them can be overcome in the long run.

The Atkins diet plan when followed continuously helps you to know the amount the carbohydrate you need and you also get an idea of the carbohydrate foods that leads to weight gain and how to cope up during the OWL course and pre-maintenance phase that you may need to do all along your life.

You should determine that you will never weigh as you were earlier to be ready for a lifetime maintenance, and to swear it you can donate all your big sized clothes. By this even if you gain more than five pounds you can realize that you have to lose some weight and eat properly. A list or a journal can be maintained to mention the advantages of being new and thin and how good and healthy you feel which creates a great and good feeling in your mind as well as your heart.

An acceptable weight according to your choice can be made for a lifetime maintenance weight goal range. That is if your initial aim is to be 165 lbs, your lifetime maintenance goal is to be 160 to 170 pounds, when your weight starts to advance towards 170 pounds, then you should realize that you are consuming more of carbohydrate grams and be sure that you weight never varies more than 3 to 5 pounds in both the directions.

A regular checking of the weight weekly once reveals how far successfully you are following the maintenance program and based on that you can plan your eating habits for the week that follows. Besides, this you should also practice your exercising as the metabolism rate counts on the exercise you do as both eating habits and exercise have to be done together

Hence, by adopting these programs you can lead a simple and easy life all along.

Online Cook Book Can Be of Great Help!

Do you want an online cook book? If yes, then decide the type of cookery book you need. If you area vegan you will need a vegetarian cook book for you reference. Again there are different types of food in vegetarian cooking. If you have a sweet tooth and like to prepare sweets and desserts then you should look out for a cookery book that gives plenty of recipes on desserts.

There are many choices available when you select a cook book online. The other advantage of using an internet cook book is that it incurs no cost for the recipes you choose.


Online-Cookbook is the website you to look for the recipes you wish to cook. As the name denotes this websites furnish you not only with plenty of recipes but also gives abundance of tips and knowledge in cooking.

Visit the website regularly so that you get the updated information from time to time. The recipes they provide can be used both by an expert and also by a novice. So depending on your choice you can select recipe according to your cookery skill.


The other website where you can get a good cook book is the ichef. You can find a great variety of recipe irrespective of your choice and flavor. This website is so supportive that they make a novice into an expert through their guidance and encouragement. You can open your own cooking classes and firm by becoming a professional.

It depends on your interest to learn cooking that will enable you to search for the maximum information and knowledge possible. You can decide on what you want to look for, dinner for special occasions or for simple and easy cooking. These websites have games which can sharpen your ideas in cooking when you play them.

These are the two main websites wherein you get cookery books online which can be the source of knowledge for you provided you use them well. You can also surf for more online cook books at your own interest.

How to Lose Weight With a Grapefruit Juice Diet?

The grapefruit juice diet is a good option for those of you who are looking into losing some of those extra pounds. Since this is similar to the Atkins diet, it is low on carbohydrates and high on proteins. Nevertheless, there is no such group till now that claims that the grapefruit juice diet is used for weight loss. For a matter of fact, it seems like most of the weight loss lies in the water weight rather than in the fat loss. So, after the person goes off this diet, he or she tends to put on weight again.

The Ingredients of the Grapefruit Juice Plan

The grapefruit juice diet plan consists of meals that are low on calories but rich in proteins. The grapefruit juice diet also consists of having a grapefruit or at least eight ounces of grapefruit juice everyday.

Doctors and researchers claim that the grapefruit juice diet has become efficient as the grapefruit reduces your insulin levels thus making the person feel stomach full faster and not allowing him or her to over eat. Added to the above factors, the diet is very low on calories so the person would naturally lose weight because of such a low calorie intake than what they would normally intake.

In the grapefruit juice diet plan you start your day with a protein rich heavy breakfast, most commonly being two eggs and bacon. Your lunch plan would include salads with some meat to each persons taste, and dinner is similar to lunch except that there is a mix of red and green vegetables that has not much starch in them and meat or fish of individual choice.

Along with each meal a grapefruit is eaten and a lot of water must be consumed throughout the day. The reason why people like these meals is because they can have as much as butter and salad dressing as they wish to and they can cook in whatever style they choose to, which includes frying also.

Mocha-Fudge Pie Quick Tasty Recipe

Coffee and chocolate makes an excellent and irresistible pie. Given below is how to make a mocha-fudge pie.

1 pkg. chocolate fudge mix
3 lge. eggs
1 tbsp. instant coffee
1/2 cup water
1/4 cup melted butter or margarine
3/4 cup chopped pecans
1 9-in. unbaked pie shell
1 cup heavy cream, whipped

Mix chocolate fudge in a bowl along with coffee, eggs, water and butter. Beat the mixture well with a rotary beater. Add pecans. Pour the mixture into a 9 inches unbaked pie shell. Bake the pie for 40 minutes at 375 degrees or till done. Cool the pie and serve it with whipped cream.

Serve: 8-10 people.

Facts: Baking was managed by a group of society and was a controlled profession in 1700 and 1800s in Europe. One had to complete years of apprenticeship before becoming a professional Baker. But today anyone is free to bake anything in their kitchen premises.

“When we no longer have good cooking in the world, we will have no literature, nor high and sharp intelligence, nor friendly gathering, nor social harmony.”
Marie-Antoine Careme

How to Formulate a Juice Detox Diet Plan?

A juice detox diet plan can be followed to reduce your weight as well as to rejuvenate yourself. This juice detox diet plan consists of organic fruits and vegetables as the genetically modified fruit or vegetable will contain chemicals that prove to be harmful for your body. The other important point to be noted here is that if you are under medications then do not follow the juice detox diet plan since the medications injects chemicals into your body.

A Briefing on the Plan

A juice detox diet plan can be easily obtained and there are many books and recipes that offer help. You can purchase these recipe books from a store near you. Depending on your taste you can make a juice of your choice that can either be a fruit juice or a vegetable juice. Your recipe can either be made up vegetables, fruits, or a combination of both. Since apples sweeten the juice, they are mostly added to the juice detox diet plan.

When you come up with a juice detox diet plan, you must look into the nutrient factor and check on the nutrient content in the fruits and vegetables that matches your body requirements. Some of you might be hard core meat lovers and having fruits and vegetables might be very difficult, so you must look into having some fruit or vegetable like the Soya meat that will satisfy your longing for meat.

The other things you have to look into are the weather conditions since it gets difficult to have cold juices in cold climates. For such cases your juice detox diet plan includes vegetables broths. Your focus with regards to juice detox diet plan should be detoxification and make your choice of fruits and vegetables accordingly.

The Ways of Handling Symptoms

You are likely going to experience a few side effects after starting this diet. However, the juice detox diet plan suggests you do not try anything new for these symptoms and you can take pain relievers for headaches, but avoid medicating these symptoms since they spoil the purpose of the diet.

Microwave Cooking is the Wave of GenerationX

There are many gadgets available to make cooking an easy process which are really useful. Microwave is the most common used device in every kitchen. But sad to say most of the people restrict their activity to only a few of the functions whereas this gadget can be used for excellent food preparation. People just use it as a popcorn popper, coffee warmer and also as a meat defroster.

This microwave available in the market is available in different variations. One really needs to understand well before buying a microwave. Every microwave differs in watts. The quality of the microwave depends on the watts of the gadget. An ordinary microwave which is cheap cannot prepare a full meal whereas it is good for many a side dishes. A full sized Thanksgiving turkey can be baked and made brown with the help of a good microwave.

People who only follow the traditional cooking and are never ready for a new process are not fit to go for microwave cooking. It is totally made up of figures and science. The temperatures and the cooking time have to be adjusted according to the watts of the microwave and also according to the recipe. To start with it will be a trial and error method but in due course you can also learn this process of cooking with little interest and effort. The recipe book that comes along with the microwave will be of great help and guidance in using the microwave.

People who are using microwaves efficiently today have had their turn of mistakes and so one need not panic from the start. Although microwave cooking is a great boon for large families it is an easy way for person cooking for one. This way they save a lot of money and time and effort. The process is so simple once you learn it that college students can use it to make healthy food for themselves while cutting their expenses also.

The next advantage of using a microwave oven for cooking is that the kitchen gets less messed up. Whatever is spilled or scattered it confines to the interior of the oven. This can be curtailed by using a removable plate in the microwave which can be later washed in the dishwasher. You can also cover the food cooked in the microwave to avoid the spill and splatter. Moreover most of the food is cooked inside or on the top so there is no much clutter in the kitchen.

Although microwave is still not used as interpreted by the inventors but still it is becoming popular day by day as an efficient gadget for cooking. So to meet more of public demand the products makers are updating these microwaves and making it user friendly. The process of cooking has become so easy that one can make from omelet to cooking bacon in this microwave.

In case you are using the microwave in the kitchen just to warm pizzas or to melt butter it means you are not making the proper use of the microwave. Learn recipes from books or from the websites which can be cooked in the microwave easily which are also different from your regular dishes making your family happy with the new delicacies. They may be full of praises for toiling in the kitchen the whole day whereas you would have cooked it easily in your microwave.

Tomorrow is going to be a microwave cooking generation. So get set to load yourself with plenty of recipes to do with microwave cooking. This will be helping you to be among the microwave cooking people than to be the odd person out.

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