The grapefruit juice diet is a good option for those of you who are looking into losing some of those extra pounds. Since this is similar to the Atkins diet, it is low on carbohydrates and high on proteins. Nevertheless, there is no such group till now that claims that the grapefruit juice diet is used for weight loss. For a matter of fact, it seems like most of the weight loss lies in the water weight rather than in the fat loss. So, after the person goes off this diet, he or she tends to put on weight again.

The Ingredients of the Grapefruit Juice Plan

The grapefruit juice diet plan consists of meals that are low on calories but rich in proteins. The grapefruit juice diet also consists of having a grapefruit or at least eight ounces of grapefruit juice everyday.

Doctors and researchers claim that the grapefruit juice diet has become efficient as the grapefruit reduces your insulin levels thus making the person feel stomach full faster and not allowing him or her to over eat. Added to the above factors, the diet is very low on calories so the person would naturally lose weight because of such a low calorie intake than what they would normally intake.

In the grapefruit juice diet plan you start your day with a protein rich heavy breakfast, most commonly being two eggs and bacon. Your lunch plan would include salads with some meat to each persons taste, and dinner is similar to lunch except that there is a mix of red and green vegetables that has not much starch in them and meat or fish of individual choice.

Along with each meal a grapefruit is eaten and a lot of water must be consumed throughout the day. The reason why people like these meals is because they can have as much as butter and salad dressing as they wish to and they can cook in whatever style they choose to, which includes frying also.