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Holiday Party Food Recipes – Gourmet Cook:

It is great fun, during holidays to enjoy the spirit of the season and throw a party. If you resemble me you will surely take rest to enjoy your own party along with your guest and not exhaust yourself throughout the day and join the fun and catch up on the latest chat. At the same time you want to provide a sumptuous party and be proud to serve your guest. Right party food recipes can do both.

Do ahead strategy and planning is the secret of success. Buffet style service makes it easy when the guest can get according to their wish without any inhibition. Sit down dinners can only be a nightmare for the host. Only a few minutes of last minute attention is required to oversee the lovely repast and there will be a lot of time for you to soak in the bath before party time.

It is very easy to find specific party food recipes on time. The rating system of most cooking sites guides you in the choice of a particular recipe over another. Probably you may have your own favorite recipes for a few of our more conventional suggestions. It is not easy, some times, to come up with effective ides rather than recipes. Here are a few mouth watering ides that offer exotic tastes, textures and plenty of varieties.

No doubt, chips and dips are appetizers, have not spoiled party through they are overdone as a party food recipe. I have never attended an informal gathering where this pair was not seen. Almost every deli has spinach and crab dips that are so delicious that you dont even realize you are eating a potato chip.

If you want better appetizers than these party staple you should go outside the box. The best party food recipes are small bites of complex flavors which surprise the palate.

Empanadas, small flaky pastries full of savory mixture of meats and rice are a great fun to make freeze well. Fondue makes a comeback and is easily made with a mix, Swiss cheese and a dash of kirsch. Arrange your fondue pot out a few hours, before your guests arrive. Cube a loaf of French bread in the after noon and store in a zip bag to keep it fresh till the party time.

Antipasto platters received well always. Comb the antipasto party food recipes for your favorite ingredients and arrange them fittingly. There is no set recipe for antipasto Prosciutto, Nicoline or kalmata olives, marinated artichokes and mushrooms which can mix in harmony. Recipes that can be assembled ahead of time and broiled minutes are Bay scallops, or quartered sea scallops, skewered to a square of bacon with a tooth pick. A flavor full addition to your appetizer like up are Bruschetta, containing finely diced Roma tomatoes, sliced black olives, minced garlic, fresh snips of basil and parmesan. In the morning mix your toppings and store in the fridge. Spread the goodies on your bread and boil until the cheese melts. Keep a bread knife in the bread basket and allow people to cut a chunk according to their appetite. Brush larger sized raw shrimp in teriyaki basting sauce and make kabobs alternating shrimp, pineapple, chunks of onion, and whole white mushrooms which broil in just minutes.

The side dishes are baby carrots served in an orange ginger sauce. Pearl onions in a creamy sauce spiked with a touch of nutmeg, steamed fresh snow peas with minced water chest nuts, Au gratins made with Swiss, jack, smoked cheddar, thinly sliced onions and potatoes. Alternately a bowl of white and wild rice pilaf spiffed up with thinly sliced celery and sliced mushrooms.

You are always right in main dish entries. A nice juicy roast, pineapple and clove studded ham or succulent turkey are eligible as centre pieces of your party food recipes. Casserole style dishes have returned in culinary vogue and are cool party food. Recipes like lasagna, manicotti stuffed with rice and chicken in a rich Alfredo sauce are good do ahead dishes that are a hit at the party table. Dolmas the renowned Greek dish of lamb and rice covered up in grape leaves are show arresting dishes to delight your guests.

All these party food recipes can be in a single menu if they are for a hundred guests. Choose those which are most appealing and can be prepared in good time frozen and ready for party.

Regarding the dessert approach what is available at that lovely local French bakery. This best party ever will quench your hunger surely.

Quick And Easy Pumpkin Recipes

When North Americans think of Pumpkin the first image to pop to mind is probably its finishing role in Thanksgiving celebrations – Pumpkin Pie. One could be forgiven for thinking it was an unhealthy vegetable given its close associations with sweet desert but this image could not be further from its true character. Pumpkin is in fact a super food – packed high in fibre, potassium, vitamins and carotenoids with a very low calorie count. This hardly fits its symbolic finishing role in the culinary excesses of Thanksgiving!

Pumpkin is a solid source of fibre. The fibre content of a one cup serving of cooked pumpkin provides 5 grams of fibre which is more than you get from most supermarket cereals. Consuming pumpkins cab is healthy habit if one could eat it without adding the sugar and fat found in Thanksgiving pies. Fortunately there are more than a few ways to consume pumpkin that will not only improve your health but satisfy even the most fickle gourmand.

The first step to expanding your culinary and health horizons in regards to the pumpkin is to master one basic preparation – Roasting a pumpkin. This is the building block for a wider variety of recipes including soups, breads and desserts.

Cut the pumpkins in half with a knife that has a strong blade. Using a large metal spoon, scrape the seeds and stringy interior out. Season the insides of the pumpkin half with brown sugar or maple syrup along with a large knob of butter. Alight sprinkling of sea salt will assist in the roasting as well as helping define the flavor.

Roast with the cut side on silicon mats or parchment paper. Roasting at lower temperatures (325F 165C) allows the pumpkin to roast fully with out adding too much caramel colour meaning your pumpkin desserts will be more orange than brown . The pumpkin in fully roasted when light pressing reveals a soft interior . Allow to cool completely before scooping the cooked interior away from the skin, This can be done will in advance and frozen until ready to use. Continue according to individual healthy pumpkin recipes.

To learn more about healthy cooking with beautiful fruits and vegetable, visit AppleWasabi Cooking Blog today!

Healthy Pumpkin Recipes

Healthy Dinner Recipes From The Nordic Kitchen

In this modern world where lifestyle diseases continue to claim many lives and actually more than some other disease, people are increasingly becoming aware what they let into their bodies. Because of this, a lot of people are searching for healthful dinner ideas and tend to shy from the junk diets. The good news is the fact that there are plenty of such for those that consider the Nordic Diets. For decades now, the Nordic diets have gained acceptance in many regions of the world because of their many health benefits and their purity.

For the ardent fans of Nordic cuisines, you’ll agree that there have been constant advancements on the diets. It therefore makes it almost impossible to pinpoint a specific dish that is only related to the new Nordic cuisine. On the other hand, there are a few principal essential guidelines regarding the new Nordic cuisines. All the healthy dinner ideas with regards to Nordic cuisines must adhere to the following:

Fewer calories and more vegetables

The Nordic ideas has a new aim at reducing the quantity of proteins and increase the consumption of proteins obtained from meat. This is really because meat is among the main reasons people get eating disorders. If you want to avoid meat, you should try out the healthy dinner recipes from the Nordic countries.

Eating more foods from seas and the lakes

A number of the most healthful dinner thoughts revolve around foods from the oceans and the lakes. There are not any questions regarding sea foods’ nutritional value and it’s obvious in their effectiveness in the treatment of heart disorders.

Obtaining more food from the wild countryside

Foods from the countryside typically have better health potential than those, which are grown around the urban areas. They have high contents of components including vitamins, antioxidants etc. Due to these, lots of Nordic healthful dinner notions demand the use of such foods.

healthy desert recipes

Making of tasty and healthy aloha seafood dish


aloha seafood dish

Method of Preparation

Put fish in single layer in shallow baking dish. Mix the remaining ingredients and drop them over fish. Keep aside for about 30 minutes. Turn once. Remove fish. Keep the remaining sauce for basting. Place fish on pam sprayed broiler pan. Broil them for about 4 minutes by brushing with sauce. Broil both sides by turning carefully and brush with sauce. Cook until fish flakes are tender. Garnish with lime wedges or pineapple if desired. Tasty aloha seafood dish is ready to serve.

Christmas Gift Food – Always Great Fun

There is none who does not enjoy the topic of Christmas gift food which is a great fun to give and receive. A few ideas for themed Christmas gift food baskets you can make for family and friends are given here. You can have one for yourself.

It is a thoughtful message of love and care to personalize your Christmas food basket which is appreciated. A Christmas food basket for your grandmother is entirely different from that of child or your boss. As elders have food restrictions dont offer a basket full of truffles to your grandmother if chocolate does not agree with her. She may like fresh fruit, fine cheese, and bread. Take care of the likes and dislikes of people who receive Christmas gift food baskets.

For the finest choice of baskets visit a crafts store choose handles baskets for kids as they love to swing the basket with a body of candy and carry it to the room. For home made muffins, breads, cookies and jams big shallow rectangular or oval baskets are the perfect containers.

To embellish your baskets, craft stores have ribbons and laces, dried flowers and cute faux bird ornaments. Tissue wrapping is available at party stores in abundance and choices galore. You can find a suitable one for every choice of yours in the test. For a festive lining for your basket cell phone wraps and confetti products are other options.

Favorite foods could be one theme. If your sister loves Cajun line her basket in red hot allophone and fill it with assorted hot sauces, Cajun seasonings, some boxed jambalaya or dirty rice mixtures. Recipes can be attached to the hot sauces for blackened cat fish or jumbo for an exemplary Christmas gift.

World travelers will be happy to receive a variety of exotic imported foods. Get some extraordinary cheeses add some ethnic foods like German sausages, Italian Pesto, French champagne and Indian condiments.

Extremely popular now are herbal seasonings and natural remedies. Get a book of seasoning recipes and buy your selected ingredients. Buy from the party store charming small bags or spice jars, label the containers with a short description of suitable dishes like excellent with potato salad omelets or salads. Herbs like rosemary and garlic are good for heart. Thyme is a natural antibiotic and antiseptic. Take notes and find out which selected herb has medicinal value. This idea of Xmas gift food basket is a good choice for a cook or one who is health conscious.

Let imagination run riot and make an elegant Xmas gift food basket for all in your list. Dont forget it is Christmas and pass the truffles.

5 Star Secret Recipes – You Can Become a Great Chef Today

All of you have a secret desire to become a great chef. By the end of it all, all of you want to eat very good food and love food in great restaurants. 5 star secret recipes helps you make this desire of yours come true so that you can cook the best dishes at a low cost.

If you think this is a book that you would get at a local bookstore then you are wrong. 5 star recipes has done several programs and conducted various researches to get the best dishes from all around the world so that you will be able to prepare meals that are from restaurants in Venice, Hong Kong, New York, London, and Australia.

The best feeling is to enjoy a steak from Texas and pasta from Italy. So, now with 5 star recipes you need not wait for any special day to come up and waste a lot of cash at a restaurant having it, you can make it in your very own kitchen.

The best part of this book is it looks into helping the common man and looks into the fact that a common man cannot actually spend lots of cash making fancy trips to have good food. Finally, you can enjoy a great meal without spending loads of cash for a meal.You need not bother about having prior training to cook these meals. You need not be trained to achieve your dream of becoming a great chef.

You can save cash as well as better the quality of your food with 5 star recipes. You can spend just a few cents on the food and no restaurant will give you great food at this price not even McDonalds. There are certain free bonuses that can come to your advantage in this book like learning to make wine, decorating cakes, planting certain herbs, making certain gourmet meals, etc.

You have a variety of choice when it comes to cookbooks; however, the best meals come with 5 star secret recipes that make you achieve all that you have always dreamt of within the boundaries of just a book. Click here for more information

Recipe Secrets Book – Prepare Your Favorite Restaurant Menus Easily

Recipe Secrets Book – Prepare Your Favorite Restaurant Menus Easily

All of you wish to be able to cook that dish that you just loved at a restaurant. Recipe Secrets helps this dream to come true and contains recipes from restaurants like The Cheesecake Factory, the Olive Garden, and Red Lobster.

Going to a restaurant to have delicious food everyday does not make sense at all as it is very expensive and you may not be comfortable to eat in front of many people everyday. Recipe Secrets contain all the steps that help you prepare dishes from your favorite restaurants.

You can save so much of time by using this guide instead of making new dishes and recreating dishes that are available on other cookbooks. Instead of making a start all over prepare the exact same dishes that are so closely similar to the ones at your favorite restaurants.

With the kind of money one earns, you cannot afford to waste it at a restaurant that is getting very expensive and would cost you so much to go out and eat for about two to three times in week, and on an average scale Americans eat about two to three times in a week at restaurants. With Recipe Secretes you save up on a lot of cash.

You will discover that this book contains specific instructions you have to follow to prepare a meal making it very easy and simple. Every meal comes with the exact amount of ingredients that is o be used that saves you the time on guessing.

The package that you order contains two volumes of Recipe Secrets and seven bonus gifts that you can use to your advantage. One of the bonuses includes getting all the updates of the new dishes that are included in Recipe Secrets, and the others include preparation of sauces, etc. Sometimes a dish does not taste the same if the sauce is not prepared correctly.

Because of the confidence in this product the manufacturer has a money back guarantee with this book where you get all your money refund if you are not satisfied.

Anyhow, the products that come out of these dishes are amazingly great and you will be astonished with the results as it would have the same taste like your favorite restaurant. So, enjoy food from your home instead of wasting cash at fancy restaurants. You can find more information here.

Why People Fall in Love with Tasty Fondue Recipes Instantly

Why People Fall in Love with Tasty Fondue Recipes Instantly

Fondue was popular at parties in seventies and in recent decades. Even to day it has not lost its popularity. Fondue pots are available in most stores that sell kitchen items. They are simple to use and some great fondue recipes will become the talk of the town.

The secret of tasty fondue recipes is actually the dipping sauce. Fondue serves multi purposes as an appetizer, snack meal, accompaniment, or a desert. The dipping sauce determines the time and with what the fondue is served. To serve fondue for any meal or party is a great adventure.

Fondue Recipes for Appetizers

Cheese and beer fondue is a great fondue recipe. You can season one can of beer and one pound of sharp cheddar cheese with garlic, butter, mustard, salt and pepper. The chef should saut the garlic in the butter, thicken it with a little flour and then add the beer gradually making a gravy type mixture. Then the cheese can be melted in and the entire thing can be seasoned according to taste. After heating to a boil slightly, it is placed in the fondue pot. This provides a tasty dip for bread, assorted vegetables and even cubed cooked chicken.

If the flavor of beer is not liked or if one wants a higher scale fondue, a recipe with crab and cheese fondue can be made. You can use wine and milk as the liquid. Any kind of cheese can be used and the crab can be fresh, frozen or canned. Canned crab is better as it will be consistent. It will be nice to season with a little parsley or other fresh herb. French bread would be excellent choice to have with this fondue.

Fondue Recipes for Dessert

Chocolate or butter scotch dipping sauce makes tasty fondue recipes for dessert. None can resist dipping fresh straw berries in a chocolate sauce. It is so equally with other fresh fruit and makes an exotic dessert for a party. Vanilla wagers and angle food cake are best dipped in chocolate or butter scotch.

Another fondue recipe for dessert would be a cream sauce with cream de menthe or an orange liqueur. It would be delightful to dip bits of cakes or cookies in the sauce at the end of an entertaining meal. Fondue is not only easy to make but with some creativity will become a unique and tasty method to entertain.

The Secret of making a Rich Party Inexpensive with Rachel

The Secret of making a Rich Party Inexpensive with Rachel Ray Recipes

Rachel Ray recipes and the person responsible for the recipes have become very popular and famous respectively. They are the product of the woman of the same name who started on T.V. with simple recipes that could be prepared easily and quickly. These recipes are still the topic on the daily television programme hosted by Rachel Ray. She conducts several programmes on the cable TV demonstrating the preparation of Rachel Ray recipes. Rachel Ray recipes are inexpensive, quick meals for those with strict budget.

A few of Rachel Rays recipes are the result of her long association and experience in the restaurant business with her parents who ran them in New York for many years. It is also due to her experience in the food section of a large department store with ordinary cooks. Telecasting of Rachel Rays recipes was dedicated to meals that could be prepared in thirty minutes or less. The first TV show was extremely popular and her recipes were used by those who just were learning to cook.

Inexpensive Treats

Many books of Rachel Ray focus on various types of meals, preparation and the time taken and the costs. She has a magazine also with information on life style and cooking. Each issue of the magazine contains some of her recipes. Subscribers thus get new menus with new recipes. There are diverse meals which require only a short time for preparation.

Rachel Rays recipes have many different ingredients some are exclusively for vegetarians but many other recipes included beef, fork and poultry. She has many recipes for main courses but she has also recipes for ethnic cuisine including Italian and Mexican recipes.

She has also some wonderful recipes for desserts. She is popular because of the guidance she gives to her fans. She has ready made menu and party planners for those who cannot plan for daily or special events. Rachel Ray answers a number of questions from her viewers. She is vey skilful in working with her viewers and this is the reason for the popularity of her shows.

How You can Make Your Day Great with Easy Recipes

Cooking is not universally liked some like it while others hate it. Many who don t like to cook do not find the right recipe. Some recipes are easy to make and nu fuss is made for a delicious meal where as others use complicated terms and unheard of ingredients making the total experience less than enjoyable.

Choosing a Recipe

Selecting the recipe to try is significant the choice of a difficult recipe may result in a disaster. A simply meal for an inexperienced chef is the best Rachel Ray and Saundra Lee have many easy and terrific options using every day ingredients and variety of options to suit anyone s taste.

Don t start any dish which you have not tasted before. It is difficult to see it has come out properly and you are unsure how it is supposed to taste. Trying to cook a favourite dish is always good. Sandra Lee has great ideas for meals like corned beef hash and she also makes lots of other fun party foods.

Following the recipe

Finding good food to eat and cook is not really difficult. A person should cook what he likes. After finding a recipe that does not over whelm them, cooks should follow the steps which is very important. Go through the whole recipe at least a day before you try to cook and again before preparing the dish.

Gather all the ingredients necessary to cook and see that every thing is close at hand so that you need not leave the stove unattended. Follow the recipe step by step and ensure you don t miss any part of the process.

When cooking pasta some terminology will be confusing. The package says to cook al dente meaning to tooth . It means that the pasta should be cooked till it is soft enough to bite but still have density and texture.

Each person should cook Pasta according to his desired doneness. The only way to test pasta is to taste it to see if it is properly cooked.

Other common terms in cooking are saut , simmer, brown, brail, braise and many more. Practical meaning can be understood by research. Alton Brown is the best chef to explain these terms through a terrible show called Good Eats and many more things the viewer wants.
New cooks should get their hands dirty, try to cook watch some cooking shows, get inspiration and be impressed with themselves at their level of achievement and how cooking is so simple with a good recipe.

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