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Why People Fall in Love with Tasty Fondue Recipes Instantly

Why People Fall in Love with Tasty Fondue Recipes Instantly

Fondue was popular at parties in seventies and in recent decades. Even to day it has not lost its popularity. Fondue pots are available in most stores that sell kitchen items. They are simple to use and some great fondue recipes will become the talk of the town.

The secret of tasty fondue recipes is actually the dipping sauce. Fondue serves multi purposes as an appetizer, snack meal, accompaniment, or a desert. The dipping sauce determines the time and with what the fondue is served. To serve fondue for any meal or party is a great adventure.

Fondue Recipes for Appetizers

Cheese and beer fondue is a great fondue recipe. You can season one can of beer and one pound of sharp cheddar cheese with garlic, butter, mustard, salt and pepper. The chef should saut the garlic in the butter, thicken it with a little flour and then add the beer gradually making a gravy type mixture. Then the cheese can be melted in and the entire thing can be seasoned according to taste. After heating to a boil slightly, it is placed in the fondue pot. This provides a tasty dip for bread, assorted vegetables and even cubed cooked chicken.

If the flavor of beer is not liked or if one wants a higher scale fondue, a recipe with crab and cheese fondue can be made. You can use wine and milk as the liquid. Any kind of cheese can be used and the crab can be fresh, frozen or canned. Canned crab is better as it will be consistent. It will be nice to season with a little parsley or other fresh herb. French bread would be excellent choice to have with this fondue.

Fondue Recipes for Dessert

Chocolate or butter scotch dipping sauce makes tasty fondue recipes for dessert. None can resist dipping fresh straw berries in a chocolate sauce. It is so equally with other fresh fruit and makes an exotic dessert for a party. Vanilla wagers and angle food cake are best dipped in chocolate or butter scotch.

Another fondue recipe for dessert would be a cream sauce with cream de menthe or an orange liqueur. It would be delightful to dip bits of cakes or cookies in the sauce at the end of an entertaining meal. Fondue is not only easy to make but with some creativity will become a unique and tasty method to entertain.

Cooking for Children Variety is the Best Policy

While cooking for the young ones one should take extra care to meet their necessary requirements. You should see to it that the food cooked is healthy and nutritive and at the same time see to it that you can them consume it. Children are fussy about food and do not go by their nutritive value. Everyone knows about the food pyramid and the amount of calcium, proteins, fruits, grains and vegetables necessary for a child. But it is really a tough task when it comes to make children eat these nutritive foods.
It is not necessary that you induce all the healthy food at dinner time. It can be given in between as a snack. Raw cucumbers can be thinly sliced sprinkled with salt and given to children as a healthy snack instead of potato chips during snack time. This way you are adding a vegetable in their food. The same snack can be prepared with melon and cantaloupes. These are fruits which are rich in nutrition and very necessary for any growing child.

One cannot always eat only macaroni and cheese be it elders or children. You can always try new simple recipes for children mixing up different things provided they are filled with nutrition and is like by the children. Their food should constitute cereals, proteins, calcium and vegetables throughout the day in some form of food intake at any time of the day. Nowadays there are many pre packed whole grain food available in the market which are easy to prepare without much strain and can also meet the demand of the child.

Providing good and nutritive food for the children is very nowadays as fresh fruits and vegetables are available in abundance as canned in the supermarkets. Fresh fruits and vegetables are the best when it comes to nutrition but can be substituted once in a while with canned fruits than a frozen one. Frozen food has more of add-ons to make the food better which may not be good for a childs health.

Online websites are of great help when it comes to finding out easy, simple and cost friendly recipes for children. Calcium necessary for children can be got from the dairy products and milk included in their diet and also a piece of cheese melted over their favorite vegetable in their meal. The other calcium rich diet includes ice cream, pudding, and yoghurt when given with control.

Try new recipes for you children instead of the same dishes given to them which can enhance their liking for food. There are advantageous when you try to cook new. The person cooking will not get bored cooking the same dish daily. The second advantage is that the child gets to taste new flavors and textures in food. With variety of food they come to know the food they relish and the ones they dislike.

Children are also human beings and they too have likes and dislikes like all other people and will also differ with time. After so much effort put in for preparing the meal for the child it is really annoying when the child does not eat it or even taste it. Children love to help their parents when the food is prepared although it may be a tough time but it is advisable to make the child help you while you cook for them as they prefer to eat food prepared by them.

Children learn to appreciate and eat properly when you give them a chance to help you prepare dinner which can be a boon in disguise. I was rewarded when I opted for this approach while preparing food for my little one and hope that the same method will also bring a runaway success in your family also.

Cooking Classes for the Masses Learn Cooking in Groups

cooking classes for the Masses Learn Cooking in Groups

Cooking classes is a must for one and all whether you are an expert or a beginner to enhance and improvise your culinary skills. So look out for some in your area. Only a few are able to make it to the cookery classes and make the best of prospect available to them.

If you have decided to join a cookery class look out for some in you locality as some group of people provide them in your neighborhood itself for a very reasonable charge. If you are a working person these cooking classes are available either in the night or at weekends for your convenience. These classes start with basics which can help a beginner to learn a few easy and healthy recipes which can be use for them to serve their families. Your library or people in your vicinity can be of great help to give you the necessary information regarding such classes and other details.

In case you have small children and have to take them along with you while go to your class then enquire for the necessary details in your area. Some food shops conduct cookery classes where the parents can take their children with them. This acts as a great binding factor between the parent and the child when they learn a new recipe together. You will be amazed at the cooperation and interest shown by your child and you can as well learn a lot from them.

If you are very particular in learning a certain type of cooking then you may have to do a bit more research to find the exact cookery classes you are looking for in your area. You can always find one on keen search but classes like the Thai cooking are more available in the larger cities than in the towns and smaller areas all through the country. To learn some unusual or foreign dishes you should plan your cookery during your vacation when you plan to visit the place. Even if you are short of time or tied up with other things you can always try to attend one basic class and at least learn some recipes which you can take home to relish. Such trips can make you carry a recipe as memento which can make you and your family happy and also make it a unforgettable.

If you have an amorous approach to your cooking classes you can join couples cooking classes. Such cookery classes are available in big and small cities. Such classes are much in vogue during the Valentines Day as special offers. These classes bring about a healthy relationship between the couples when they share the task of cooking.

Cooking classes can bring about only positive approach to cooking no matter what the motive behind your joining them was. You find cooking easy and comfortable and also bring pleasure and satisfaction to the family. In case you have never joined a cooking class you can join them right away as there is nothing wrong in learning new recipes in spite of being a good cook.

How to make Buttercream Frosting like an expert


Butter-flavoured or Golden Crisco (solid vegetable shortening) 1 cup
Sugar (powdered) 4 cups
Salt teaspoon
Vanilla extract 1 teaspoon
Heavy cream 3 fluid ounces
Food colouring (gel or paste) – optional

Method of Preparation

Add shortening to a bowl and cream until fluffy. Add powdered sugar to the shortening and continue creaming until well blended. Now add salt, vanilla, and cream. Blend well with low speed until moistened.

For achieving the right consistency, you can add one teaspoonful of additional cream at a time and mix well. To get a fluffy frosting beat at high speeds and if necessary you can break the frosting into several small portions in small bowls and beat. Add food colouring to create variations of buttercream frosting.

To get more variations, use clear vanilla and white shortening for a white frosting. For a more whiter frosting, use real butter holds up well at room temperature and use cup white shortening along with cup unsalted butter.

Heres a Quick Guide on Food Substitutes that make Recipes

Heres a Quick Guide on Food Substitutes that make Recipes Healthy

It is rather difficult, to take the right and healthy food because you have to sacrifice your favourite food and flavor. Actually it requires little change in life style to maintain a healthy life style to a greater effect. One method of making a little change in life while cooking is to substitute Ingredients to create healthy recipes that dont sacrifice flavor for health.

Use Less of the Greasy Stuff

Many recipes have some kind of grease like butter or oil useful for binding ingredients and help in heat transfer while cooking. As these are very essential they cannot be substituted totally. Even fats are good in moderation and you can replace a portion of the ingredients while cooking with healthy recipes. For butter or oil in a recipe substitute half of the amount with apple sauce. When using only butter or oil to lubricate a pan use some non stick cooking spary instead.

Egg Substitutions

Eggs are nutritious and healthy and useful for binding foods and creating emulsions. But egg yolks contain lot of cholesterol avoidable for health reasons by many. For healthy recipes substitute two egg whites for one full egg which will be very good.

Yoghurt Works Well

Ordinary yoghurt can be used in many recipes for cream or to substitute mayonnaise in salad dressings. Yoghurt is healthy, low fat adding plenty of great smoothness and texture in recipes. For healthy recipes mayonnaise or cream can be substituted for yoghurt in equal amounts. As yoghurt curdles when it is boiled, a sauce with yoghurt should not be over heated.

Lowering Salt Content

Lowering salt content in a dish is rather ricky. Though it seasons food well it is better to reduce salt in healthy recipes and at the dinner table. An herb mixture can be tried to season in the place of salt or create your own with garlic, onion and celery. The substances have a kick and flavor your dishes without the use of salt. Though you cannot remove the salt completely from the dishes, a little change and reduction will be good for your health in general and that exactly is the aim of using substances for healthy recipes.

Cooking Basics for Beginners A Good Foundation To Master

Cooking Basics for Beginners A Good Foundation To Master Cooking

Every one has to start at some point or the other, be it understanding the latest technology or learning the age old cooking techniques. No one is born with cooking skills and starts excelling the field without prior experience. Like any other field, one has to do a lot of research and learning so as to become a master in cooking and not to forget the fact that there is always a lot to learn and improvise on. An individual who has excelled in the field of cooking and trying to learn a new international cuisine has to start all over again just like a beginner.

So, this indicates that you are not the only person trying to learn cooking but there are many other just like you, better or worse cooks trying to explore the various cooking techniques. Always remember that every great cook have their own good and bad days while cooking. Different people cook for different causes. Most of them cook to eat for their survival and a few cook because they love to cook different dishes; a few cook when they are emotionally disturbed and the rest cooks to ward of boredom. Be it out of interest or sheer necessity one should always start to learn cooking with the basics meant for beginners.

Firstly, a person who is ready to learn basics for beginners should first understand the different terminology to know their usages in various recipes. Many common recipes have new and at times strange sounding jargons due to which many people fail to complete their favorite dish with the fear of spoiling the taste of the dish. This is why you should look for cookbooks that have a well descriptive glossary of cooking terminology. Like if you dont know what a glaze means while baking a cake then you may be left with only a half done recipe.

A great tip for beginners is to start with simpler and easier recipes and then slowly advancing for the more sophisticated recipes. Generally, most cookbooks mention the level of difficulty. The best thing you can do is to read through the recipe before starting, to find out in what interests you in the recipe or which element makes you convinced about the cooking recipe. Be mentally prepared of the time it is going to take to prepare your own list of recipes to plan your meal rotation.

However, once you learn the technique to cook a particular cuisine you dont have to learn them again and again while trying other dishes of the same cuisine. At the same time, you will should continually refresh your culinary skills and develop your talent. The more you practice and cook you will realize the essence of cooking with raw materials instead of depending on the pre-packed or tinned food items.

Dont be amazed as your creativity goes higher with the level of experience and confidence increasing with every dish you prepare as you learn to tailor the recipe according to your taste and preferences. You simply have to alter the amount of spice, salt or any other ingredient just the way you want as you master your cooking skills. So in short, you create your own recipes! So the basic cooking for beginners gives you the foundation to create your own dishes at a later stage. Even though these advanced techniques are not a part of the basic cooking these basic for beginners gives a person the platform to explore cooking.

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