Why People Fall in Love with Tasty Fondue Recipes Instantly

Fondue was popular at parties in seventies and in recent decades. Even to day it has not lost its popularity. Fondue pots are available in most stores that sell kitchen items. They are simple to use and some great fondue recipes will become the talk of the town.

The secret of tasty fondue recipes is actually the dipping sauce. Fondue serves multi purposes as an appetizer, snack meal, accompaniment, or a desert. The dipping sauce determines the time and with what the fondue is served. To serve fondue for any meal or party is a great adventure.

Fondue Recipes for Appetizers

Cheese and beer fondue is a great fondue recipe. You can season one can of beer and one pound of sharp cheddar cheese with garlic, butter, mustard, salt and pepper. The chef should saut the garlic in the butter, thicken it with a little flour and then add the beer gradually making a gravy type mixture. Then the cheese can be melted in and the entire thing can be seasoned according to taste. After heating to a boil slightly, it is placed in the fondue pot. This provides a tasty dip for bread, assorted vegetables and even cubed cooked chicken.

If the flavor of beer is not liked or if one wants a higher scale fondue, a recipe with crab and cheese fondue can be made. You can use wine and milk as the liquid. Any kind of cheese can be used and the crab can be fresh, frozen or canned. Canned crab is better as it will be consistent. It will be nice to season with a little parsley or other fresh herb. French bread would be excellent choice to have with this fondue.

Fondue Recipes for Dessert

Chocolate or butter scotch dipping sauce makes tasty fondue recipes for dessert. None can resist dipping fresh straw berries in a chocolate sauce. It is so equally with other fresh fruit and makes an exotic dessert for a party. Vanilla wagers and angle food cake are best dipped in chocolate or butter scotch.

Another fondue recipe for dessert would be a cream sauce with cream de menthe or an orange liqueur. It would be delightful to dip bits of cakes or cookies in the sauce at the end of an entertaining meal. Fondue is not only easy to make but with some creativity will become a unique and tasty method to entertain.