While cooking for the young ones one should take extra care to meet their necessary requirements. You should see to it that the food cooked is healthy and nutritive and at the same time see to it that you can them consume it. Children are fussy about food and do not go by their nutritive value. Everyone knows about the food pyramid and the amount of calcium, proteins, fruits, grains and vegetables necessary for a child. But it is really a tough task when it comes to make children eat these nutritive foods.
It is not necessary that you induce all the healthy food at dinner time. It can be given in between as a snack. Raw cucumbers can be thinly sliced sprinkled with salt and given to children as a healthy snack instead of potato chips during snack time. This way you are adding a vegetable in their food. The same snack can be prepared with melon and cantaloupes. These are fruits which are rich in nutrition and very necessary for any growing child.

One cannot always eat only macaroni and cheese be it elders or children. You can always try new simple recipes for children mixing up different things provided they are filled with nutrition and is like by the children. Their food should constitute cereals, proteins, calcium and vegetables throughout the day in some form of food intake at any time of the day. Nowadays there are many pre packed whole grain food available in the market which are easy to prepare without much strain and can also meet the demand of the child.

Providing good and nutritive food for the children is very nowadays as fresh fruits and vegetables are available in abundance as canned in the supermarkets. Fresh fruits and vegetables are the best when it comes to nutrition but can be substituted once in a while with canned fruits than a frozen one. Frozen food has more of add-ons to make the food better which may not be good for a childs health.

Online websites are of great help when it comes to finding out easy, simple and cost friendly recipes for children. Calcium necessary for children can be got from the dairy products and milk included in their diet and also a piece of cheese melted over their favorite vegetable in their meal. The other calcium rich diet includes ice cream, pudding, and yoghurt when given with control.

Try new recipes for you children instead of the same dishes given to them which can enhance their liking for food. There are advantageous when you try to cook new. The person cooking will not get bored cooking the same dish daily. The second advantage is that the child gets to taste new flavors and textures in food. With variety of food they come to know the food they relish and the ones they dislike.

Children are also human beings and they too have likes and dislikes like all other people and will also differ with time. After so much effort put in for preparing the meal for the child it is really annoying when the child does not eat it or even taste it. Children love to help their parents when the food is prepared although it may be a tough time but it is advisable to make the child help you while you cook for them as they prefer to eat food prepared by them.

Children learn to appreciate and eat properly when you give them a chance to help you prepare dinner which can be a boon in disguise. I was rewarded when I opted for this approach while preparing food for my little one and hope that the same method will also bring a runaway success in your family also.