Rock lobster salad
Potato chips  Ripe olives
Pickles Hot rolls
Fruit compote Coffee or tea

Crabmeat Newburg (Chafing dish)
Toast points California salad
Hot muffins
Pineapple ice
Sand tarts
Iced coffee or tea

Creamed oysters with celery
(Chafing dish) Wild rice with herbs
Salad bowl
Angel food
Chocolate sauce Coffee or tea

Creamed frizzled beef
(Chafing dish)
Hot biscuits
Lettuce with tomato dressing
French pastry
Iced coffee or tea

Grapefruit and avocado salad
Watercress sandwiches
Cottage cheese Coffee jelly
Coffee or tea

Cold cuts Potatoes au gratin
Peas Parisienne
(with lettuce and onion)
Melon ball salad
Peaches Jubilee
Coffee or tea