The savory cocktail spreads may all be used on canapes of bread cut in rounds or fancy shapes. Another suggestion is the use of softened butter flavored with minced chives, minced watercress with onion juice or with minced pimiento. The spread canapes may be garnished with sliced, stuffed or ripe olives, slivers of green pepper, pimiento or pickles. Sieved hard-cooked egg yolk and strips of hard-cooked egg white may be used. Small sardines or strips of smoked salmon or sturgeon may be arranged on mustard-spread ringer lengths of bread. Sliced, partially peeled cucumber may be placed on rounds of buttered bread and topped with mayonnaise. For a special occasion, rounds of toast may be thickly spread with sour cream in the center of which black caviar topped with finely minced onion may be arranged.