Baking has almost become a forgotten art in the context of people with different professions and career improvement. Baking is done with a cake or brownie mix purchased at the local grocery store. Many old fashioned baking recipes are sorrowfully lost in modern days and the skill to bake a wonderful cake is almost extinct. People should steal sometime to make an old fashioned cake recipe.

The source of Old Fashioned Cake Recipe

Older relatives like mothers, grand mothers who had baked cakes in their houses, are the best source. These cake recipes, often, were baked for birthdays and holidays rekindling great memories to be shared with the family members. Grand mother and mother may enjoy to bake the cake with the younger relative. This will help in preserving the family cake recipe and allow for quality sharing time.

Another source for quality old fashioned cake recipe is the house of a senior citizen. Many women in olden days had memorized the recipes and can instantly recall them when required. An old person is cheered by talking about and acquiring these recipes. Some great cooking treasurers can be discovered by people in this way. You can even gather, record and share cake recipes from different people and preserve them for a long time.

Basic Ingredients for Old Fashioned Cakes

Flour is the most basic ingredient for cake. People sifted their own flour to be used in each baking recipe. Pre sifted flour is available but you can make a lighter, airier cake by sifting your own flour.

Sugar, eggs, baking soda, vanilla and the butter or oil are the ingredients required. Baking soda and baking powder should be fresh and not interchangeable for a good rise. Butter, margarine or oil will work well in the place of lard used in olden days. Other ingredients in the making of an old fashioned cake can be known through an elderly relative or friend who will be very helpful.