There is no end to creative shrimp recipes as any one who has watched the movie Forrest Gump and listened to Bubba s lines in that story knows. Though humorous in the story, it is true that shrimps can be converted in to many wonderful and creative recipes delightful to the chef and those who eat it shrimp recipes can be made in to very tasty and fancy or very simple home cooked meals.

Types of Shrimp

Shrimp recipes require a familiarity with many types of shrimp. Cold water shrimp is used for canned shrimp and salad shrimp. Small in size they are harvested from the northern oceans.
Most people are familiar with the typical warm water white shrimp. This includes brown, pink, tiger and rock shrimp harvested or farmed in warmer waters like the Gulf of Mexico or Asian waters. There is in them a variation in size from the very small to the colossal. These are often used as prawns.

The third type is the fresh water shrimp, actually a different species capable of growing very large and often seen in display tanks. They can be used in cooking and are famous for a mild taste and soft texture.

Warm Water Shrimp Recipes

Ordinarily people are most familiar with the white and pink shrimp {excluding the bay and salad shrimp}. This type is great for many shrimp recipes. One favorite way to cook these shrimp is to marinade and grill them. It can be placed on skewers or a fish grill rack to keep them from falling in to the grill. It can be cooked very quickly and care should be taken not to over cook. A combination of cilantro, garlic, lime juice, olive oil to taste, will be a nice marinade for grilled shrimp. These flavors will blend nicely and compliment the shrimp.

Mexican and Spanish shrimp recipes are very pleasing. Shrimp enchiladas is, one such popular shrimp recipe. The shrimp substitute the meat or cheese traditionally wrapped in tortillas. Along with a Mexican cheese a seasoned white sauce is used. Shrimp can also be used in tacos or fajitas successfully. A more creative chef may desire and try to make a shrimp tortilla soup. What ever the recipe, a little creativity and its use will convert the shrimp in to a wonderful meal.