Low carbohydrates diets like the Atkins diet and other, in spite of detractors, continue to be popular. A number of people have tried these low carb diets and there are varieties of low carb diets to either, lose weight and become slim or to have a change in life style. If you find it difficult to include low carb diets and recipes a few simple and complex ideas are described here.


A proper low carb recipe may not at all look like a real pizza but it gives you the taste of pizza with low carbs to deal with. Put together 4 oz. of cream cheese and 3 eggs till the mixture is smooth and then add 1/3 of a cup of heavy cream along with some oregano and Parmesan to taste. Decant this mixture in to a pan sprayed with non stick spray, top with sauce and pepperoni and bake. This will be closest to a regular pizza without using bread.


The base of many low carb recipes are, Tortillas, if you can adjust a little to the recipe. For every two cups of flour substitute one cup of soya flour cup of almond flour, and cup of vital wheat gluten to lessen the carbohydrates in your tortillas. This can be used for low carb recipes like tortilla chips, for frying or baking pieces of tortilla, for tacos, or even as a bread for a number of home made wraps.

Simple Reductions

There are some tricks for those who want to reduce carbs in daily diet. Think that your plate is divided in to quarters. Mostly, people fill half the plates with carb laden foods like breads as appetizers and other staples. Reduce this in to one quarter and fill the three quarters with meats and vegetables.

Another alternative is to switch over from simple carbs like those in white flour and white rice to complex carbs as in oats, brown rice and whole wheat flour.
All these things contain fiber and other complex carbs which do not digest easily and pass through the system instead of passing in to it. So if you want to take a pizza with out bread or you want to reduce but not eliminate carbs in your diet, there are innumerable ways for the introduction of low carb recipes in to your diet daily.