With plenty of ingredients and flavourful dishes Mexican recipes have become very popular in the United States. Mexican cuisine plays to the heritage of the natives of North America and has spread to the north becoming almost the staple food.

Mexican food is available in many places as fast food and stylish restaurants also sell them. There are also imitation Mexican recipes available in the super markets. Mexican recipes are better that tacos and burritos. If you want to innovate you can add to your stock of Mexican recipes and float over it among your friends and relatives.


Horchata, s sweet dring comes from a blend of Spanish traditions and the changes made by the natives. It will be wonderful if you combine your Mexican recipes with traditional Mexican beverages also. This non alcoholic drink takes time to prepare but has a unique kind of taste.
Powder six table spoons of rice in your blender, add six ounces of blanched almonds, one inch of cinnamon stick, and a little lime zest. Let them remain overnight for the flavours to mingle and mix. Next day blend it with two cups of water and strain the mixture. Add sugar to taste and you have got the drink sweet with flavor. This can be one of the Mexican recipes that can be hit with both adults and children.

Chorizo Con Huevos

This is a spicy Mexican sausage with eggs and a great breakfast of tradition. This is one of the easiest of recipes to prepare and full of flavor. Chop and fry the Chorizo until it is browned add some diced onions and diced pepper, beat some eggs similar to a scrambled egg dish and add to the mixture cook like scrambled eggs. These are simple Mexican Omelets with spicy Latin American flavor. Serve with avocado wrapped in tortillas for an authentic breakfast burrito.

Pollo Poblano

A main dish for dinner with plenty of flavor is Pollo Poblano. It is mainly chicken sauted and baked with cheese and a cream sauce made from poblano peppers. Blend seeded and chopped peppers with milk to prepare a puree. Add a mixture of melted butter and flour. Add the puree and stir the ingredients until smooth.

Add one cup of heavy cream to make a sauce. When ready to bake the chicken pour the sauce all over the chicken in a baking dish, sprinkle cheese on the top and bake till the cheese is golden and bubbly. Similar to other Mexican recipes, Pollo Poblano helps create authentic Mexican dishes simple to create.