One of the advent of this modern and fast age is switching to vegetarianism along with exercises and workouts which was looked upon as a diet preferred only by eccentric and crazy people. So with rising demand not only can one see ready made vegetarian foods in the supermarket in their area but also can find many a vegetarian recipes in the menu cards of hotels and eat outs. The markets are full with abundant of cook books with vegetarian recipes to cater to the need of the people. One can find the online stores like Amazon with 2000 titles of cookbooks. You can find below three vegetarian cook books which are very popular and are in demand.

Vegetarian Pleasures

The American Diabetic Association has published a vegetarian cook book named Vegetarian Pleasures. This spiral bound book has plenty of easy recipes which can be cooked in variety for a month. It provides around 20,000 various combinations by mix and match with the recipes which is again very easy as every single page is divided into three parts.

It is clearly noted that each and every recipe has the requisite nutrients and the necessary carbohydrates count remaining the same for a balanced diet. For example For breakfast one needs 4560 gms of carbs, lunch should include 6075 gms and dinner should have 7085 gms of carbs. Some of the vegetarian recipes are Stuffed Zucchini, Vegetable Lasanga, Eggplant Italian, Eggplant Caviar and the Red Pepper Dip.

How to Cook Everything Vegetarian

Mark Bittman has a version of vegetarian recipes with the name How to Cook Everything Vegetarian which has plenty of recipes without meat as an ingredient. His book contains around 2000 simple recipes apart from the easy methods and tips by which even a beginner can cook good vegetarian food. Just like his previous cook book How to Cook Everything this book is also a runaway success with all vegetarian recipes completely devoid of fish , meat and poultry.

Despite the fact that Mark Bittman is a non-vegetarian but feel that the amount of meat consumed by the people in the west is neither good for the health nor for the environment. He wishes to bring about a change in meat eaters through his cook book which has plenty of simple vegetarian recipes that can cut down their meat intake if not for a drastic change to a vegetarian. Bothe the books of Bittman will be of great help for both Catholics and Orthodox Christians during their fasting and meat free diets.


Veganomicon is another vegetarian cook book by Terry Hope Romero and Isa Chandra Moskowitz. Unlike the cook books of Bittman this book covers the basic procedures in the appendix of the book itself. But the common factor of the books is that both provide you with ample vegetarian recipes which are easy to cook along with the mishmash of vegetables, tofu, grains, and beans. This book can be an excellent choice to prepare vegan food unlike the ones which emphasizes mostly on pasta and tofu.

The Veganomicon Book as become so popular that it has got excellent reviews from the customers in The Amazon. A few good comments on the book are that it is The Joy of Cooking for vegans”, the other one says “Forget all the stereotypes you may have heard about vegan food being, bland, funky textured, and boring. This book will shatter them forever…really”. Thus the comments are really very good regarding the book and most of them are 5 star rating. The reader can have a good idea about vegetarian cooking with this book and also try easy and simple recipes.