Heres a Quick Guide on Food Substitutes that make Recipes Healthy

It is rather difficult, to take the right and healthy food because you have to sacrifice your favourite food and flavor. Actually it requires little change in life style to maintain a healthy life style to a greater effect. One method of making a little change in life while cooking is to substitute Ingredients to create healthy recipes that dont sacrifice flavor for health.

Use Less of the Greasy Stuff

Many recipes have some kind of grease like butter or oil useful for binding ingredients and help in heat transfer while cooking. As these are very essential they cannot be substituted totally. Even fats are good in moderation and you can replace a portion of the ingredients while cooking with healthy recipes. For butter or oil in a recipe substitute half of the amount with apple sauce. When using only butter or oil to lubricate a pan use some non stick cooking spary instead.

Egg Substitutions

Eggs are nutritious and healthy and useful for binding foods and creating emulsions. But egg yolks contain lot of cholesterol avoidable for health reasons by many. For healthy recipes substitute two egg whites for one full egg which will be very good.

Yoghurt Works Well

Ordinary yoghurt can be used in many recipes for cream or to substitute mayonnaise in salad dressings. Yoghurt is healthy, low fat adding plenty of great smoothness and texture in recipes. For healthy recipes mayonnaise or cream can be substituted for yoghurt in equal amounts. As yoghurt curdles when it is boiled, a sauce with yoghurt should not be over heated.

Lowering Salt Content

Lowering salt content in a dish is rather ricky. Though it seasons food well it is better to reduce salt in healthy recipes and at the dinner table. An herb mixture can be tried to season in the place of salt or create your own with garlic, onion and celery. The substances have a kick and flavor your dishes without the use of salt. Though you cannot remove the salt completely from the dishes, a little change and reduction will be good for your health in general and that exactly is the aim of using substances for healthy recipes.