In this modern digital era when people have become more and more health conscious all the nutrients like vitamins, minerals and proteins play a very important role in their lives. Proper intake of these vitamins and minerals help to curb from frequently falling ill. All the vegetables, fruits, cereals and seeds are not only rich in this vitamins and minerals nut also has a compound called phytochemicals which helps our immune system and prevents us from falling sick. This does not necessarily mean that all non-vegetarians should get converted to vegans instead should learn to cook light recipes in non-vegetarians dishes to stay fit.

Cooking Light Recipes is Easy and Convenient

When one consumes lightly cooked recipes it not only improves but also develops our digestive system. Green vegetables are best and good for our health when eaten raw than when eaten cooked. Whole bread sandwiches, green salad, fresh juices and soups when taken in abundance are extremely nutritive. Soups when prepared in correct combination of vegetable and spices are more sought for as they become tasty. They act as an excellent appetizer. Both tomato and spinach soups are very nutritious with abundant vitamins and minerals.

Medicinal value is found in plenty in spices. When these spices are added to our food it not only makes it nutritive abut also flavor to the food. Adding a bit of spice, ginger and less oil makes the cooking not only light but is also good for our health. A dash of salt and honey when added to fresh salads makes it very tasty and great. One can always try different combination to make the food more attractive. Fresh salads along with pieces of orange and mango seasoned with nuts makes a delicious salad quickly.

One can use pasta and half boiled vegetables which are chopped for a filling meal. It can be seasoned with herbs in olive oil. A nutritive sandwich can be prepared with whole bread and stewed fresh vegetables. A sweet tooth can be replaced with fresh fruits, honey and yoghurt instead of candy and ice-cream. Carrots, cabbage, cucumber and raw mange can be used to sweeten and decorate sauces. Top them with yoghurt and a dash of salt. Fresh seasonal fruits can be used to make desserts.

To make custard add cold milk to custard powder and boil it for some minutes. Cool it and then add sliced apples, bananas, plums, and pears. Delicious fresh fruit custard is ready. People today opt for light non-vegetarian dishes like the light chicken recipes. Cooking light recipes are very easy provided you have the interest and desire topped up with some creativity. You need not have to slog for the entire day in the kitchen and can also have nutritive food. So remain healthy one has to concentrate on a particular dish and how to make it light and nutritive with appropriate combinations.