My grandfather was diabetic and he was recommended to follow a strict diet which he always complained to be nasty no sugar foods. Diabetic foods were available only at pharmacies than in normal supermarkets. But now the lucky generation can benefit from the diabetic cook books which help diabetic patients taste good food despite their restrictions. These diabetic cook books are easily available in the markets and also offer delicious yet healthy recipe. Here, we will discuss on a few diabetic cook books so that you can easily grab hold of one of the copies at the earliest.

Betty Crocker’s Diabetes Cookbook

If you are wondering whether this fictional name, Betty Crocker’s Diabetes Cookbook, is actually linked to the sugar filled dessert and what way is it linked to a diabetic cook book then to tell you the truth they are the same. In fact, General Mills individuals who are also the owners of the Betty Crocker trademark joined hands with the International Diabetes Center and released a 256 page cook book mainly meant for those suffering from diabetic so as to direct them towards a healthy balanced diet that keeps the blood sugar level also under control.

The recipes given in this cook book include all the food groups, even sugar! This is why this cook book is not very popular with those who believe that diabetic people should not have sugar. On the contrary the endocrinologists who have already gone through the book tell that a few types of sugar is important for health and when consumed along with the nutrition guidelines provided in the book will not cause any harm to the diabetic condition. This book is for those who strictly follow the guidelines and spend time in chalking out their meal proportion to stay healthy.

Diabetic Cooking With International Flair

The next bestseller of the diabetic cook books is the Diabetic Cooking with International Flair by Sue Lousley and Ann Watson. This book comprises of diabetic recipes from all around the world – Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, Indian, Mexican and also Middle Eastern. The book totally offers 150 recipes of various international cuisines. You can also get used copies for a very affordable and cheap price.

The authors of th book claim that the recipes featured in the book are from countries where diabetes is a rare phenomenon and the credit goes to the low fat and fibre rich food cooked in these regions. You can also benefit from the food exchanges section where one can learn how to balance their diet.

The 4-Ingredient Diabetic Cookbook

Another famous diabetic cook book is the 4-Ingredient Diabetic Cookbook by Nancy Hughes that has easy to cook recipes. The best part of this cook book is that it uses four or less ingredients in its recipes. However, a few of the classicist criticize Hughes for using pre-prepared products like the onion soup mix and refer it as cheating and on the other hand a layman is fine with it. This book is highly recommended for those who wish to prepare instant but healthy diabetic food.