Todays scenario reveals the hard hitting fact that Obesity for teenagers and children are very high than at any other point of time in the worlds longest history. Major contribution is due to the fast food eating habits and also on the low energy society. Sometimes, you feel safe and better if children are at home rather than exploring the outside world. So, the steps we are going to take care for the protection of our children plays a major part in determining their health conditions.

To make the teens and children aware of this problem is to address, educate and activate them by getting them involved in making the right choices about diet, nutrition, fitness and overall health. The teenagers spent most of their time in front of the computer or phone or television and become inactive. So it becomes really difficult for them to get rid of this habit and be active.

Nowadays video games like Play Station 2’s Dance Party Revolution and the new Nintendo Wii gaming system etc have come up in the market and created waves as these games help children to be active instead of sitting back and playing the game in a static posture. Moreover these systems allow for active participation in the adventurous games and make it more enjoyable. Of course it is equally true for adults also when it comes to active participation and they also can have fun and enjoy these games. Nobody would have thought that game play can help in exercising and keeping fit.

Be Active

Only when family members are also involved, teenagers enjoy being a part of it and getting motivated and learning by observing others. However they may not admit it openly. Whatever you do, be a rock wall climbing or mountain climbing or bike riding, when you do it together as a family, it has a wonderful impact on teenagers. Whether it is indoor games or camping outside the result will be amazing. You can enjoy and have fun learning scuba dive without losing your calories. It is better to take up any sport even if it involves less physical activity than spending the entire time sitting and watching television programs

There are so many sports activities for teenagers to join. It can be of any recreational sports team. Even those with no skills can join and learn to play in some of the leagues which are less competitive. To spend time together as a family and involve in softball game, soccer game and even volleyball game can lead to great participation by all and an opportunity for teenagers to be active.

When you look other activities to engage teenagers, lawn work can also be considered. The whole idea behind it is to make them burn more calories than what they can consume. To achieve this, the foremost task is to spend time with them and get to know their interest of work. The next step is to fill their time and keep them engaged in such activities that give them satisfaction instead of torturing them with boring activities

Teenagers should be encouraged to eat healthy foods for keeping fit. They should drink plenty of water every day. All calories loaded sods, fruit juices and energy drinks should not be stored in the pantry shelves and they should be made to understand the harmful effects of the packed food items. Do not give any packed food items or munches as the teens may eat the whole in one sitting. On the other hand they should be given plenty of vegetables; fresh juices etc for glow of the skin, etc. It is better to train them while preparing meals and also on cleaning up process as this will make them
understand the work load and the basic manners of eating and cleaning up the place afterwards.