Dried medjool dates (large sized with pits removed) 6 numbers
Dried figs (large sized with small stem removed) 6 numbers
Dried apricots 6 numbers
Golden raisins cup
Pecans (toasted and chopped) cup
Pumpkin pie spice teaspoon
Cardamom teaspoon
Grand Mariner liqueur or orange juice 2 tablespoons
Sugar (for rolling) cup

Method of Preparation

Take a large food processor and add all the ingredients except sugar. On high speed, start beating for about 1 minute till you get a large ball of mixture. Crush the ball into smaller pieces and put back into the food processor, and pulse again until the formation of ball once again.

Take small portion of the mixture of fruit paste equivalent to the size of a large marble and roll lightly within your hand. Then roll in the sugar and keep over waxed paper. Continue and complete with all the remaining fruit paste mixture.

Store in an airtight container. You can make out around 40 such bites and the number may vary according to the size of the balls.

Servings: 40