The worst thing to do would be to pay money and go to dine at your favorite restaurant and order for a meal that is not healthy, but you just cannot stop yourself from eating it. All of you are victims to tasty food be it an oily burger or a cheesy and saucy pasta. On the brighter side there are ways by which you can make your favorite dishes into proper healthy restaurant recipes.

When at a restaurant you can request them to make it healthier. Although at most restaurants certain requests are not granted usually and instead the cook comes up with something entirely different. So, the best possible way to make those recipes healthy is to lookup your favorite recipe online and make it into a healthy dish that reduce the caloric and cholesterol intake.

The first step to making your meal healthy is to broil the fish or meat instead of grilling it and having dripping grease blood. Added to broiling you must also avoid adding extra butter, although a little butter would do no harm, but too much is not goo.

When having baked or mashed potato added to your dish, you can give it a healthy touch by adding toppings yourself instead of having butter, cream, or cheese. You can add low calorie sour cream or margarine. Although being healthy means small sacrifices, it need not mean tasteless food.

All of you would love the sauces you get at restaurants; however, these sauces are very unhealthy. So, you need not cut down these sauces but can reduce the quantity. So, you can add the gravies and sauces at the side instead of pouring it into your dish.

Keep in mind that healthy restaurant recipes do not come with highly fatty dressing on your salad. Although salads are very healthy, adding fatty toppings will do no good. When the meal is made at home, however, you can create toppings that are low on fat like vinegar, little oil, or squeezed lime.

The last thing while preparing such food is to avoid bread or frying. You can indulge in good food once in three to four weeks if you have eaten healthy all through.

Always remember when you cook at home, you can make a normal restaurant recipe into a healthy restaurant recipe by making necessary changes. So, eat at home and enjoy the meal in a healthy manner.