How to prepare easy healthy recipes quickly, cheaply at home:

Until recently the average house wife had a number of options for feeding the members of the family and over worked herself. But today economic troubles and recession hang heavily on the family cook. We save money of late, for our daily expenses also. People now do not eat out at restaurants as they used to. People feel that their future is very uncertain.

The new house maker is ready with a new spending strategy which excludes a number of budgetary frills. A few suggestions for fast and healthy recipes at home are made here. Most of these recipes do not take much time to prepare like stopping by the pizza place or fast food drive through.

You may have wondered at the super mom types in the past who could feed family of four on $400 a month. All day long they would have baked home made bread and clipping coupons while a reality for the majority now is a reduced budget. Let us examine how you can avoid the hectic schedule and save money without over work and exhaustion.

Organization is the central core of money saving food plan. A good edge is given by menu planning, utilizing weekly super market sales, and clipping coupons. When you are short of time you should have a source of easy healthy recipes to derive the maximum of your food dollars.

Change your shopping habits according to menu planning. Dont buy more than you use in a week. Dont waste and serve foods on sale this week. Stock up canned foods that dont spoil and offer ready ingredients for a quick instant meal based on your pantry contents.

Easy, healthy recipes begin with fresh or frozen top quality foods. Local farmers market offers you better prices, fresh produce and organically grown foods. Dont bank upon the cook book. Easy and healthy recipes can come through your imagination.

Nutritious meals can be served with whole grain pastas meat or fish and a few vegetables. They will be delicious and cheap and enjoyable by the family in about half an hour or less.

The first guideline for such easy healthy recipes without the cook book is to choose simple combinations. Rice and pasta are the basis for many delectable spices. Add any type of meat toast or fish that is good. Useless chicken in a pasta based dish than in fried chicken dinner. Put in a mixture of colorful vegetables and dinner is ready. For an extra filling meal add a can of cream of chicken or mush room soup.

Casseroles save electricity and preparation time without a stingy result. Modified meat loaf is truly a fast easy healthy recipe without the cook book. Make it as usual; pack it in 9 x 9 inch baking pan. Put on its top a layer of Spanish style corn, seasoned with taco spices. Top it off with a couple of cups of mashed potatoes and bake. Ten minutes before it is over sprinkle well grated pepper jack or cheddar. The easy healthy recipe offers all the nutritional requirements and serves up six generous portions.

Instead of making one meat loaf you can as well do two? There is one effort and one set of dishes to clean up on less dinner preparation. Freeze it and save.

For cold falls and winter nights home made soups are great dinners. They easily cook themselves and offer great artistic license to the cook. Simmer slowly a whole chicken in the stock pot, remove the meat and strip of fat and bones. Add onion, a few stalks of celery, carrot, corn or bell pepper to have an original easy healthy recipe. Place your chicken back in the pot before you serve. It will be a very tasty dinner and inexpensive with salad and a loaf of bread.

Subways, always favorites can bring savings and family appeal. Made with whole grain breads, Kaiser Rolls or pita bread is cheap and nutritious. Pack these with a bunch of greens, or sprouts. Jalapenos, bell peppers etc. Not much meat is needed. Add some calcium a few slices of cheese. Dress the sandwich with your favorite dressing and you have happy campers at the dinner table because of easy healthy recipes at and your imagination.

Eat more vegetables and less protein. Have salads with plenty of greens and vegetables you like with a small mound of shrimps, chicken, tuna or what ever strikes youre fancy.

Clearly we have to sharpen our skills and imagination for producing nutritious easy healthy recipes affordable for our budget. You can still get kick back time. As you save time and money you can enjoy restaurant quality meals on a shoestring.