How to use Food Calories List

Dieting includes a number of complex strategies and it is impossible to manage all immediately. I have attempted to use diets with food points, food portion size guidelines, food pyramid charts and others but got confused in the long run. I dont watch and exercise my eating habits and with so many different criteria to keep track of I do not fare better and remain in the same position as before. At length I found a solution though after a long time in the form of a food calories left.

On a particular day, browsing the web for dieting advice I stumbled on an online alphabetical lit of calories in food. With this list of calories in food you have to just keep track of one factor viz. how many calories you consume every day. We know that we should diet by reducing fat; increasing fiber, take in the right amount of protein but very of us have the time and urge to do so according to the food calories list. In a way, you need not do that at all. Irrespective of what you eat, if you restrict and cut your calories you will lose weight 1200 calories of pure fat will bring down your weight while 2500 calories of vegetables every day will add to your weight. So the significant factor is how many calories you consume everyday.

Food calorie lists are not as simple as they are made out to be. The number cannot be applied as it is. A little bit of simple mathematics is involved. A food calories list depends on portion size. A quarter pound of chicken costs more calories than an ounce. So it is how much you eat that matters. By using the list for some time you can measure by seeing the quantity of food. Though you are not exact to the point of count, you can come close enough. There will be a huge difference in your dieting even when use the food calories list casually. Try it yourself and be impressed with the results as it happened to me.