Healthy Eating Habits – Attitude

Patterns of behavior maintained by repetition are called habits. Preparing coffee in the morning, brushing the teeth and shower has become habitual. Bad habits like smoking and drinking are actions done without giving them a second thought. We choose our foods and beverages follow the same path. Doctors admonishment to develop healthy eating habits to prevent serious health condition falls only on deaf ears. We take it lightly and suffer later. Many people do not know what healthy eating habits are. They just dont know where and how to begin. Let us examine how to change our habits of eating and choose healthy foods.

Habits die hard and it is impossible for people to change their fixed habits of eating suddenly or at once. Our taste in food, develop over a life time and so it is better to bring about changes over time slowly but steadily. Eating junk food or relishing a big container of greasy French fries cannot disappear over night. The body opposes it and your metabolism doesnt cooperate. The result is a feeling of guilt and you go back to your old habit.

The technique required is to wean you from bad food choices. If you want to give up eating French fries, stop doing it for two days in a week at first. In the second week eat just for a day and no more. Cut back on the amount of salt you use to season the fries which can surely help you. Less salt makes them less enjoyable and later less desirable.

While you cut one food from your diet substitute it with another one new healthy eating habit. For example replace your usual sweet with a piece of fruit for your lunch dessert. Dont forget to eat slowly and enjoy every bite. Apples, high in fiber and antioxidants are a great choice, low in calories and surprisingly sumptuous. They also keep the mouth fresh. Use this weaning and replacing strategy to the best of your advantage in building up a healthy eating habit and success.

Do not discontinue this substitution of unhealthy foods with the healthy ones and better choices. Leave buttered mashed potatoes and take a savory pilaf garnished with fresh parsley. Enjoy cold water fish twice a week. While in a hurry make a fruit juice and yogurt smoothie for breakfast.

You will be pleasantly shocked and surprised at the results you have achieved. You will start enjoying the new variety in your diet. There is a feeling in you that you are better and more energetic. Your skin gets a healthier glow. As the new healthier habits develop in you over a long time you will surely like it for what benefits it has bestowed on you.