Secret Healthy way to Lose Weight:

Specific times of the year, like the New Years Day, have become popular for weight less program when New Year resolutions are made. The second special time to resolve is Valentines Day. During summer, when you wear to swim suit diet up is essential. In the fall Halloween cause a diet alert. During the holidays a healthy way to lose weight without torture is absolutely essential.

Change of diet often, membership of some club, buying portioned meals, buying a book of magic recipes has become a common thing. You spend lot of money but you may not like the portioned meals and the book recipes may require careful measuring and weighing for success. Here are a few secret ways to lose weight in a healthy way and forget dieting.

Dieting objectives fail to succeed people depressed and do not like the foods that are prescribed. People who like their food feel that they are not deprived. If you want to lose weight substantially, eat at least one for bidden food once a week to maintain your personal plan and the healthy way to lose weight.

Count your calories without fail. If your plan is for 1200 calories per day and 400 calories are spent on a piece of chocolate cake, adjust the intake for the rest of the day. This may not look sensible but the gratification from the cake will more than compensate for the sugar rush and the possible head ache that may come soon.

Change youre eating habits gradually but no radically and this is the hall mark of any healthy way of lose weight program. A sudden change from your normal intake is not accepted by your body. Eat small and have a few mini meals. The stomach will then readjust to reduced intake. Have low fat milk or yogurt with a fruit smoothie. Your calories are reduced and your stomach is filled. This will stand up to 10 AM. Have a cup of soup and a half a dozen crackers for noon a banana and a muffin is quite enough. Five small meals of healthy filling foods will satisfy and fire your stomach.

Your sugar level should be taken care of by your personal lose weight program. A popular soda can has 200 calories and a lot of caffeine. Eliminate refined sugar for quick results both in weight loss, improved mood and sleep.

Eat as many vegetables as you can. Do it gradually it you are adverse to it. Let it not be a radical change.

As incentives maintain a food diary and note down every thing you eat. Write down your weight once a week. It shows your honesty, what is effective and what is not. Thus you can stick on to your healthy way of lose weight plan.