Significance of Exercise to a Healthy Weight Loss Diet Plan:

Weight loss, for many who diet, has become a constant obsession. Is the diet intended to reduce some unwanted pounds which will soon return in a few months? Dieting always is a discouraging proposition as you have to watch and weigh everything you eat. People lose their enjoyment and satisfaction through this constant diet regimen. A proper combination of a healthy diet for weight loss and a suitable exercise regimen will abundantly benefit those who diet. They should disabuse their minds of thinking that exercise is a kind of punishment added to dieting. Exercise, on the other hand is the secret of your success in the long term. See how healthy weight loss plan admirably dovetails with your exercise regimen.

The crux of the problem being a low intake of calories, your attitude and patience may not allow that easily. Many dieters fail in their attempt because of hunger due to the low calorific intake radically. In a healthy weight loss program there is a gradual loss of weight, one pound a week. Slow loss of weight is the characteristic of successful dieting. Your stomach gradually shrinks to adjust and accommodate you new eating habits. It is perfectly possible when you see that some cakes have 500 calories in a single slice.

Here exercise comes to your rescue. Without any exercise, by reducing 500 calories you lose a pound a week. But an hour of exercising moderately burns on an average 250 calories depending on the activity. On line charts show a number of activities and how many calories they burn. Burning 250 calories through exercise for an hour a day added to reducing 500 calories of intake boosts your healthy weight loss diet plan, besides causing positive metabolic changes, improving circulation, flushing out toxins and energizing you afresh and keeping the stomach happy.

According to recent studies, people who have followed the above combination of exercise and healthy weight loss plan have achieved success. Such people have maintained their weight loss for a year and reduced their intake by 300 to 400 calories.

The point is that exercise causes metabolic changes to which the body adjusts naturally. People have formed new eating habits and continue them even ling after the dieting phase was over.