Obesity has become one of the major health concerns for young and old. Obesity or over weight often leads to other hazardous detriments. Recent studies state that obese women will have to face problems while trying to conceive a baby. Fertility problems are growing in numbers and now one the most common reason is obesity.

People often look down at woman who cannot conceive due to obesity; but according to researchers obese men can also be the cause for infertility. Obesity can also control the sperm count in a man, thus affecting the fertility efforts and developments.

The way the human body functions is highly fascinating to understand. Each part of the body functions individual but also help another part to function smoothly. Till date there arent many machines or technologies that can work as good as humans themselves. Even after so many years of research and experimentation scientists are still not able to conclude many theories about the human body. Our body is made to do perform certain tasks but many of us eat, drink and abuse our body in a pattern that is not designes for our body. Despite this our body gets used to the new toxins and helps us to survive.

It is truly amazing to find out how the human body functions. It has to suffer through many changes but finally leads to permanent and irreparable damages to our health. But the best part of the whole functioning is that human body tends to heal the issue by itself if it is not further abused. This theory works even for those trying to conceive despite being obese.

Couples that are obese or over weight can adopt a dieting and exercise program to shed the unnecessary kilos and live an active, healthier life. A woman trying to conceive should lead an active life and should also continue to be active throughout her pregnancy that is very helpful during the labor and delivery process.

Couples that are trying to have a baby and have failed for more than an years attempt should immediately look into the matter and seek for medical advice. They can visit a fertility specialist to check for the possibilities and also take their advice. While adopting a healthy lifestyle one can also visit their doctor and take up a recommended diet pattern or a weight loss program. This way you can reduce the risk of infertility caused by obesity. This works for individual that have put on a lot of weight in a short period of time.

Obesity is not only a problem for those trying to conceive but is also poses problem to pregnant women. There have been many reports of miscarriages due to obesity. Obesity in pregnant women can lead to gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia, and in a few instance lead to still birth or birth defects. This disorder acts as a big obstacle to a healthy pregnancy and so should be eliminated before even thinking to conceive.

Obesity is a health problem that can also hinder the progress of fertility treatments. This way one has to undergo a longer and costlier treatment that may or may not be effective. Things may go hay wire if the fetus has started to grow creating a high risk of abortion.

Men and women with BMI more than 30 should visit the fertility clinics that are ready to help you fight the obesity problem. They should also join some weigh loss program and make some lifestyle changes to make their fertility program effective and healthy.