There are many people who are fervently against the lemon juice diet recipe, and there are some who have good things to say about the lemon juice cleansing diet. Most of the nutritionists and dieticians feel that the lemon juice diet recipe is not a detoxing agent and is hazardous to our body while some others proclaim it to be the master of all the cleansing diet.

The fact that exists is that this master cleansing diet has stayed on for years together, and the other fact is that the lemon juice diet recipe has helped many to reduce significant amounts of weight. Juice fasts in general are used to detox the body and revitalize it, and people from different cultures and nationalities believe this. Most of the people who are juice fasters claim that it is useful.

The best form of advice to those who wish to go on a lemon juice diet recipe is to get to know all its effects. For this purpose you can use the Internet and several books to gain knowledge. When you get the necessary information, you can then make a decision of you need to follow the lemon juice diet recipe or not.

An Explanation on the Recipe

The ingredients in a lemon juice diet recipe are water, fresh limejuice, cayenne pepper, and organic grade B maple syrup. All the above ingredients are necessary in this recipe. Water is the most important as it plays an important role in the cleansing procedure.

The lemon or limejuice is used to supple vitamin C as well as nutrients to our body. Lemon juice is very commonly used as a cleansing agent for many years together now. The cayenne pepper is rich in capsaicin that helps in cleansing, digestion, and providing a curbing effect on the appetite.

Maple syrup is rich in calories and vitamin B, and it also used to give the sweetness and add to the taste of the lemon juice diet recipe. Those who have used the lemon juice diet recipe on a regular basis claim to lose large amounts of weight, acquiring a healthy body, acquiring more energy, as well as acquiring better sleep.

In order to get better benefits, certain people add this recipe to decaffeinated green tea and mint tea. The two sides of the debate for and against lemon juice diet recipe will never end and so each person has to make a personal choice whether or not to go about such a diet.