Most of the food items we intake have sugar in one form or the other. For example, even the whole grain breads we consume have at least one form of sugar in them. All carbohydrates contain sugar, sometimes in a hidden form also. When you are undergoing Atkins diet your desire to take lot of sweets even if you normally do not take much sweet is very high.

Blood Sugar is an essential element that gives energy to the beings and it has to be within a range so as to have a normal life. The sugar gives us energy thereby maintaining proper health. Too much of indulgence in sweets increases the blood sugar level beyond acceptable limits and the pancreas in our system will do overtime to produce more of insulin to reduce the sugar level. But giving too much of work to pancreas frequently makes it less effective as it loses it insulin producing capacity to the required level, after some time and the individual gets diabetic.

Atkins diet plan is the friend in need in such a situation. It however cannot stop ones desire to have sugar.

A planned approach to have a balanced food helps to keep the sugar level within the desirable limits. One has to keep taking some snacks between meals so that the time gap is not too long. This may put a stop to have sugar cravings.

The craving one has for sugar is an indication of nutritional deficiency. One has to take food items that contain minerals and vitamins. These also form part of a balanced diet. When you start taking a balanced diet the cravings normally dies down.

Proper brushing of the teeth can reduce your cravings. Or Listerine breadth strips can do the trick. Drinking of water when you have craving can also help you arrest the cravings. When the stomach is not empty you dont develop the desire to eat something.

Keep your selves engaged mentally and this distraction from developing the desire to eat can be a good support to you. Or keep engaged yourself with a friend so that your mind is diverted into other activities can help you.

Select such items that do not contain too much of carbohydrates. Many items are available in the market-place that are sweet by taste but do not contain high degree of sugar. These can satisfy your taste buds but at the same time can help your sugar levels to be kept at a controlled level.

By adhering to Atkins diet plan sugar cravings may not subside, but following the Atkins plans one can overcome the ill-effects of sugar.