A detox diet is a diet that is natural done in order to provide your body with the suitable conditions and time to heal and rejuvenate. The number of routine alternatives that you have is herbal detox, water fasting, births, as well as juice detox diet among various others. When it comes to the juice based detox diet, it gets rid of the toxins and provides the necessary nutrients for your body to feel much more healthier.

The Vegetables and Fruits Used for Juice Detox Diet

There are a number of fruits and vegetables that can be used to make the juice detox diet. They are apples, grapes, pineapples, grapefruit, plums, cherries, melons, apricots and limes.

You must be very careful when preparing a juice detox diet. Make sure you use only fresh organic fruits and vegetables because the processed juices are very often made from fruits that are infected, spoils, or those that are of poor quality. If you are taking in processed juices for your juice detox diet, then make sure you pasteurize it.

A juice detox diet can be prepared using a mixture of fruits. Even a mixture of vegetables can be used to make the juice. If you choose to mix fruits and vegetables in the juice even that can be done. You must keep in mind that when you mix certain fruits and vegetables, the juice may not be that sweet.

A juice detox diet comprises of carrots and apples are sweet and any vegetable mixed with apples will have a sweet taste. There are no restrictions and you can make a juice detox diet with any combination of fruits and vegetables.

Since fruits and vegetables or a combination of both can be very strong, water is added to dilute the juice. AS oxidization takes place within 12 hours after preparing the juice, you must prepare juice only in small amounts.

You can use a juicer or a blender for making juice for a juice detox diet. A recipe book that gives different combinations of juices will also come in handy, and such books do not restrict any kind of combination. The popular detox juice recipes include celery-carrot juice, pineapple-carrot juice, vegetable green drink, as well as melon cocktail.