The easiest way to lose weight is to adopt the Atkins diet though the books gives a detailed description of the rules to be followed there are some wrong ideas which occur in the mind of the dieters. This may lead to a big change in weight loss and the effect of the diet altogether. So to be sure that you are not making any common errors by increasing your weight suddenly after weeks of proper dieting and Atkins is not working for you.

You should be patient during the process of your weight loss and if there is a loss of 8lbs each week during the Induction phase then you should slow down your current weight loss phase, and it is quite normal. The amount of carbohydrate grams that are recommended during the Induction phase of the diet is not necessary during the other dieting phases as Induction is undergone to allow your carbohydrate cravings to lessen and remove the sugar in you body. With the next phase you may begin to take small amounts of carbohydrate grams per week and this leads a slow in the weight reduction from it was when you were in the Induction phase, but there is nothing to worry about it as it is a normal process.

People are of different nature and react differently to the diet. Some may lose weight suddenly while some more undergo it gradually. The stability can persist for some weeks and then to your surprise you may have lost five pounds in just a matter of few days.

Be sure to keep away from caffeine in any form and aspartame which is an artificial sweetener as both of these chemicals can affect the blood sugar levels in a destructive form. Search for caffeine in coffee and diet sodas and see the aspartame in diet sodas and sugar-free gelatin which can cause cravings for sugar and drain your body out of ketosis in just one intake.

Be careful about the consumption of cheese although it is recommended in the food list, as it contains small quantity of carbohydrates and can be restricted to about 4 oz per day and have a little more on particular opportunity and should be used a support for the protein. Meats, eggs and tofu can be included as they do not have carbohydrate grams.

Keep in mind to stress on vegetable intake during the Induction and later and the carbohydrate grams should be mainly got from the green leafy vegetables and other recommended vegetables you can choose as they do not alter your blood sugar levels and provide the necessary fiber and nutrients which helps you lose your weight and total health. After the induction phase, 3-4 cups of salad and 1 cup of cooked vegetables each day is recommended, and be sure that the vegetables you consume are on the list of foods you are to have. If vegetables are avoided from your diet it may slow down the process of metabolism and cause a delay or halt in your weight loss.

Regular consumption is also an important factor when you are on the Atkins plan and never starve for more than five hours when you are awake without having a mixed snack of protein and fats. When you skip a meal your blood sugar level drops and you develop a feeling to consume carbohydrates like bread and sugar. Long time starving will also lessen your metabolism and prevent weight loss. Another important factor is to drink sufficient water every day as it has numerous benefits for everyone whether they are on Atkins diet or not as thirst can be marked as hunger and being well hydrated will allow you to keep away from temptations to eat foods restricted and water also helps to avoid constipation which is always found with the Atkins diet. The toxin from your system is well flushed with the intake of 8 eight ounce glasses of water each day.

So, some of the common errors make people feel upset with the Atkins diet which they need not at all. So be well prepared to avoid these mistakes when you are starting on the diet and if you are have already started with it be sure to judge your consumptions and follow the program properly.