When it comes to cooking light chicken recipes you have umpteen numbers of options to cook the chicken. You also have many options with what you wish to cook the chicken with. Chicken recipes match with any other cuisine and with the same ingredients you can prepare millions of unusual but special easy light chicken recipes.

Cooking light Chicken Recipe With Pasta

Light chicken recipes are a hit with pastas. You can simply cook chicken and pasta food varieties be it an Italian, American or Thai savor in it. The major variation is caused due to the variety of spices one can add according to their taste. The type of pasta being used also makes a huge difference to the whole delicacy. Like in Italian dishes tomato sauces and linguini is added where as in American dishes spiral noodles and mayo based chicken recipe is used. On the other hand, Thai dishes have rice noodles and Asian spices added while cooking light chicken recipes.

Cooking Light Chicken Recipes With Soup

Chicken noodle soup is one of the most commonly considered dishes when it comes to cooking light chicken recipe. However, there is a variety available while serving light chicken recipes with soups. Be it good chili recipes, chicken soups or chicken stews one can make a wide range of light chicken dishes with soup if they have a crock-pot because it adds flavor and blends the mixture well.

Baking Light Chicken Recipes

The mere mention of cooking light chicken recipe or baked chicken may not interest people but when the recipe is clearly understood and then prepared the final product will surely be delicious and saporous. Roasting, which is actually the process of baking the full chicken, is a good option. According to the variety of spices you wish to use, you can make many numbers of light baked chicken recipes with the same chicken type. To dampen your recipe you can grill the chicken in a sauce. If you are calorie conscious then you can opt for low calorie sauces.

Did you know that you can grill a chicken in the crock-pot? Those who are busy and cannot spare extra time roasting chicken in the evening can grill chicken in crock-pot to save time and also eat healthy food. As all of us know, chicken is loaded with proteins and low fat. Try using a variety of seasonings and taste for yourself the different types of light chicken recipes you have invented.