Many people are of the opinion that dieting is a big punishment on them for not maintaining a perfect body shape. They cannot digest the fact that enjoying food is bad for their health which is the truth. The real truth hidden behind dieting is not sacrificing any foods or flavor but adding new ones and who love food and an adventure too to try it out.

There are a number of spices available that can make even a simple fat food taste good
Fish and meat are famous as diet foods because they are lean meats, but an addition of small quantities of blackening seasoning is a good method to add a little more taste to your food and avoid covering it with calories of dressing of marinades or allowing it to soak it in butter before you broil it. Italian seasoning also adds a good flavor to your dishes without raising your calories which you want to avoid.

There are a number of other seasoning that go well along with chicken , salads wraps etc to have a more healthier lunch. Grains are very effective when you totally rely on them, as they are good storehouse of fiber in the diet and as essential as water. In any case spices add taste to the same kind of lunch we have and it makes us enjoy our food well.

Sometimes you are not able to enjoy the treat which you have occasionally when you are on diet even in small amounts. So the success to diet is done when you have correct portions and small intakes. You can consume low calorie candy also but always remember the calories especially in the case of candy as you may unconsciously end up adding more. Hence you should be very cautious when ever you put something into your mouth.

What I would like to stress is that you need not sacrifice flavor while dieting and can avoid butter and use other substitutes available in the market. Seasonings are a new way to add flavor and a small effort made. Desserts are also good and you can find out man dips and sauces with fat free or low fat mayonnaise or sour cream to burn calories when you are dieting.

Vegetables go well with these dips and sauces which are good substitutes for chips and dips which we like much and regret avoiding them when dieting. Crunchy foods like cucumbers, green, red, yellow peppers, broccoli and carrot sticks all are good low fat dips that can cure your temptations instead of chips that are greasy and is a must to be avoided while dieting.

When you look at the calories carefully when you eat you will be happy to find that there are a number of snack treats that are packed in 100 calorie packs for your use, which means that you can have them occasionally without sacrificing all your dieting process. These snack packets have become very popular after the launching of diet colas. All of us want to lose weight and if it is attained through a simple method we all would be thin. But consuming these hundred calorie packs of snack all along when you desire makes a big difference to your goal of weight loss. There is no doubt a lot of difference in the primitive methods of dieting and the modern ways without sacrificing flavor.