Im sure you would have watched or at least heard about the comedy soap “Married with Children” that was a hit on television screen a decade ago and is still being telecasted in many parts of the world. This serialization had many brilliant approaches which were flawlessly performed by a dysfunctional family leaving the audience spill into laughter every moment. This is the same story while cooking with children.

Once you start with it you will find it for yourself how much fun it is to cook with children as you may have a chance to view the world from a different perspective the childs perspective. Many love this session as they feel relaxed and try to have fun with their children in the kitchen. But if you are one of those who like to keep everything under control then you will have to do a little homework on it. This is because cooking with children means that you will have to pay your attention on your cooking as well as your children!

However, you should realize the fact that learning to cook is a vital phase in every childs life as it is the need for his/her survival. The first and foremost thing you will have to do before you even think of cooking with children is to chalk out a neat plan that is you will have to be ready and well equipped with all the required ingredients. Since you will already need a lot of patience to deal with children in the kitchen it is advised you have everything set before hand instead of running to the nearest store to get the missing ingredients that will also increase the stress.

If you are planning to cook with your children for the first time then just remember the most important rule KISS. Well Im not asking you to kiss them but it is an acronym of Keep It Simple Silly. This is a wonderful tip you will love and cherish. You should also understand that all children have a shorter attention span when compared to the adults which means they get easily distracted and bored. So dont be surprised if your kid stops paying attention to you while you are giving him/her an elaborate description of the dish. No one likes lectures, especially kids. So to begin with, prepare simple dishes. This way you can boost the confidence level of your kid when it comes to cooking.

Another great tip to you will love in the long run is to clean every time your kitchen turns messy. I know that you may want to moan on the very first mention of cleaning especially while cooking with children, trust me you will be very happy to reap the fruits as the time goes on. Frequent cleaning will leave you with a cleaner workplace and this habit will also teach you child the importance of cleanliness. You can also ask your kid to give you a helping hand while scavenging. Make them realize that cleaning is a part of cooking.

Finally, cooking with children can be a true way to have fun, but only if you be liberal with them for a day. Probably you can keep your kitchen rules for another day and enjoy the presence of your child while cooking. Believe it or not it will turn out to be one of the most cherished days in yours and your childs life.