All of us are aware about the foods we consume to improve our health, though how we prepare it, is more important. The number of oils and butter products available in the
market each one claiming about their quality it is very confusing which ones to buy and the ones to be prevented.

1. Canola Oil

Canola oil is a famous oil and many doctors advise that it can reduce the risk of heart disease. This oil has low saturated fat and high monounsaturated fat and gives the best fatty acid composition than other oils.

This oil can be used for frying, and marinating in stir frying on low flame. It is flavorless and goes well with spicy foods and does not alter the taste of the food too.

2. Olive oil

Olive has a clear flavor with lot of ingredients to have a healthy heart. It has lots of monosaturated fat to prevent low cholesterol levels and prevent cancer. It has a long storage and rich n antioxidants too.

Although this oil is used in cooking it is very unhealthy. When used raw in a salad or dipping sauce. It should be cooked in low heat in a medium temperature and never in a high flame.

3. Butter

Butter is a favorite food of the many for a long time. It tastes very good and is a source of Vitamin A and the other fat soluble vitamins like E, K and D. It is prepared in not chemically or artificially processed and prepared from natural ingredients.

Butter is used in cooking baking and also as a spread. It can also be used with creamy sauces, marinades, baked dishes and bread.

4. Margarine

Margarine was first used to replace butter with high fat. When it was first brought out it was filled with trans fat, an element that we are aware and increases the blood cholesterol.

When used in cooking it tastes good and has a low content of fat than oil and butter. It is available in a number of products, very rich in Vitamin E and also a good spread.

When we talk about cooking oil there are a number of them than mentioned above, to eat healthy means cooking healthy food and this largely depends on the oil we use.