The Ongoing Weight Loss or OWL is the second phase of the Atkins diet. Following the rapid weight loss of the 2-week Induction phase, the weight loss procedure is slowed down a bit and certain carbohydrates that makes the diet a bit easier is added and the process of weight loss becomes a little slower. But, the weight loss will continue at a steady pace without any difficulty.
The fats are encouraged to burn during the OWL process, though the carbohydrates are added slowly it is still retained as ketosis and the excess fat is used as fuel for the body and the pounds and inches will break off.

You can choose better in the OWL phase and the recipes given are guidelines for OWL which provide knowledge about foods that are nutritious. The new and good choices are good replacement for the poor carbohydrate ones which you trusted earlier.

The amount of carbohydrates to be taken till weight lost is also learnt as this process of OWL is an examination of what your particular body does with the carbs, and the level of carb everyday is increased by 20 than that was followed in the induction stage. A raise of 5 grams is done every week to check what changes takes place. An excess of your personal carb limit is indicated when the loss in weight is slowed down considerably.

A permanent weight management program (called maintenance) is also prepared by OWL. The habits and patterns that you have adapted during OWL helps you in future and a long term achievement. This stage of your diet should be undertaken as the training for the actual test for the diet in your future life.

Most of the carbohydrates are got from the vegetables ( like the Induction phase) during the OWL phase and it is necessary to consume a lot a varied vegetables as they are very good and healthy and help in maintaining a good intestinal health when you are on Atkins diet. You will be allowed to have more of vegetables and slowly nuts and seeds and even berries will be added on slowly. But the diet mainly consists of proteins.

For some reasons, the Induction phase is considered east than the other phases of Atkins as the proper planning in this, benefits well in loss of weight. As you start with the OWL phase you should be very careful about the carbohydrate count and check your weight as the number of choices is more and you may be tempted towards it which could cause a delay in the loss of weight or even cause gain in the weight.

To find out your OWL achievement and counting carbohydrate grams is vital, as otherwise you may consume excess of carbohydrates than recommended and there are a number of handy tools and portable books to check the counting and let you know the grams of carbohydrate in some foods and in the long run you will know the carb count for your favorite foods immediately.

Investigation is done during the OWL phase by counting the carbs which is necessary by which we decide the amount of carbohydrate grams that you can consume day to day to lose weight. About 20 to 25 carbohydrate grams is to be displaced during the first week of OWL and can be replaced with vegetables, like asparagus or cauliflower, the 25 gram level is continued for a week and then made to 30 grams a day.

The weight should be checked properly when there is an increase in the level of the carbohydrate gram and when you see too much of a slowdown, it shows your intake has gone very high and there is total stop of weight loss when the carbohydrate gram level is the maximum, and this means you have touched your limit and to lose weight you have to drop your personal carb count below it.